doTERRA slim and sassy results will blow your weight away!

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Looking and feeling fit and sexy is something that most of us desire so next time you consider trying to lose weight choose doTERRA slim and sassy oil as a part of your diet plan.

All of us like to see ourselves well-groomed and fit. However, this should not be seen as a vain act even though the physical benefits are seen by all. The health benefits are more important for a sound mind and body.


So, what is a healthy diet?

This is going to be an argument that will continue for some time, because some will argue that a vegan diet is the best and others will say a keto diet is the best.

Finally, I believe that the diet you choose should be the one that allows you to lose weight and feel healthier for it. 

On a personal note, after much research I decided to change my whole life by cutting all the sugar and carbs out of my diet. I only realized later during my research into the fastest way to lose weight that I was on a Keto diet.

At the same time as using slim and sassy supplements I embark on a Keto diet with massive success. I lost over 48 lbs or 20 kg in 6 months. The best thing was that I didn’t feel hungry or craved anything sweet apart from the first week.

For more details about getting a custom keto diet plan click on the button below.  


For some people the dilemma of being overweight starts first in the mind:

I personally believe that nobody really wants to be overweight. What most overweight people really want is to eat what they want and still be slim and sexy.

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is not possible. Some of us, especially women, but also men find it very difficult to lose weight as they get older. This is because our metabolism slows down and instead of reducing the amount of food we eat and being more active. We carry on eating the same way we did when we were younger.

Some of us put on a few pounds while others become very overweight and unhealthy. This is the point in time when a decision needs to be made before it’s too late.

Like anything important in life, action needs to be taken. This action is not just physical, it is also psychological.

This means: 

  • Once the mind is healthy, the slimmer body will automatically follow.
  • Once we start making the right choices regarding food we are empowered to take further action. 

doTERRA slim and sassy results

Why are essential oils important in your weight loss journey?

As already mentioned, a healthier mind will create a body. So, to help and support the journey towards a slimmer you essential oils will help fight stress and lift your mood.

The connection between smell and emotion are thought to be extremely close. Taking a deep breath of pleasant smells triggers positive reactions in the brain, resulting in a sense of well-being and goodness.

We are all very unique.

If the slim and sassy weight loss program works well for one person it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on the next person. The way the oils are used could also make a difference; one person might benefit more by using slim and sassy oil in the bath, rather than inhalation, massage or burning the oils.

However, the belief that you will lose weight by just using essential oils is not a good way of thinking. Without controlling the food you eat and the activities you are doing, essential oil does little if anything.

What does doTERRA slim and sassy oil do to help someone lose weight?

Slim and sassy main role is to help and support you during your weight loss journey. If you opt for us Slim and Sassy Softgels as apart of your diet program the main benefits are:

  • Promotes healthy metabolism
  • Helps manage hunger cravings
  • Calms your stomach and lifts your mood

As for slim and sassy oil, its main role is to help lift your mood, because we all know that losing weight can be tough.

doTERRA slim and sassy oil


Nobody believes it until it happens , but the more weight we lose the better we feel

The more you feel good, the more you will feel physical well-being. Regularly participating in the slim and sassy weight loss program may help you achieve your weight loss goals. It will also increase your sense of well-being and relaxation knowing that others are going through the same issues.


doTERRA slim and sassy oil review

doTERRA slim and sassy Metabolic Blend is a proprietary formula of test grade essential oils designed to help manage appetite between meals.

Slim and Sassy includes a blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils. Just add 8 drops to 16 oz. of water (regular size bottle of water) and drink between your healthy meals throughout the day to help manage hunger, calm your stomach, and lift your mood. For aromatic, topical, and internal use.

  • doTERRA slim and sassy, our proprietary metabolic blend, combines powerful essential oils known to promote a healthy metabolism in a natural way.
  • The flavorful blend of Slim & Sassy helps manage hunger throughout the day while boosting metabolism and promoting a positive mood.
  • doTERRA slim and sassy contains Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon. When taken with a healthy eating and exercise plan
  • doTERRA slim and sassy Metabolic Blend can help you reach your weight management goals.

To get more information about doTERRA slim and sassy results  and join the weight loss program in the future click on the “Learn More” below. For you to be able to purchase any doTERRA oil including slim and sassy weight loss program you need to have a doTERRA membership.


Join our podcast about MLM with Steve Jackson and Shari Soelberg

The mindset and motivation podcast concept came about after a long conversation about the influence of podcasts discussed in a Gary Vaynerchuk book “Crushing it!”

This was the beginning of the highly successful Do essential Chat with Steve and Shari which started in May 2018. It begun as a simply idea of helping and supporting our teams by discussing methods and ideas to help them become successful . We realized quite fast that it was going to become more than that. We were not only developing others in our downline, but also it became one of the best success podcasts ourselves.

Podcast about MLM

What is Do Essential Chat?

Do Essential Chat is a weekly podcast about MLM set up by Steve Jackson who resides in Europe and Shari Soelberg who is in the US. Do Essential Chat is one of the most inspirational podcasts in the network marketing genre. The goal of the podcast is to help and support anyone who wants to be more than they are in and outside the MLM industry.

Original there was a weekly round table discussion about various topics ranging from running a network marketing business, goal setting, working online and sharing the products. However, over time our format has developed and changed with new and exiting motivational podcasts segments such as “Motivation Minute” “MLM insider interview” and coming soon “Motivating mentor”

In addition,   we will have guest speakers within and outside the industry given their views on becoming successful in the MLM and network marketing industry as well as a wellness issues in relation to essential oils.


In 2019 our podcast became the top 15 network marketing podcasts you must follow, this made us one of the best professional development podcasts in the MLM industry. Find out more:  Click here

We are live on multiply podcast platforms including Spotify and iTunes to name a few, but if you really want to find us on a alternative platform, just search “Do essential Chat”.

The mindset and motivation podcast

Who is Steven Jackson and Shari Soelberg?

They are both well experienced network marketers. Their reasons for joining the industry vary, but they both agree that the freedom is most important element.

Who is Shari Soelberg?

Shari’s life passion to share her knowledge of the power of essential oils and natural products to help others live a healthy, fulfilling life through education and mentorship.

As a podcaster her has a natural and intelligent persona that relaxes the guest allowing them to feel they are simply chatting with a friend.

Who is Steve Jackson?

Steven has been an entrepreneur, network marketer, online marketer, eBook author and podcaster for many years, because he feels it ticks all the boxes for him and gives him the financial freedom and the global independence he has always desired, which means he can choose where and how he lives and works.

Steven Jackson eBook podcast interview

In addition to all the other things he is doing, he recently published his latest eBook, “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”.  His motivation for developing such a book came from his experience in regards to many new network marketers struggling to recruit in your MLM business.

Even though everyone knows how important online prospecting is for their network marketing business, but it is difficult for many to know where to start from to be successful. His eBook resolved this issue is an interesting way.

Such as:

  • This eBook was created to help beginners struggling with their MLM businesses to work online
  • The eBooks tried and tested marketing system is tailored for the network marketer wanting to move their business online
  • The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks so the reader can take action and easily reach their goals
  • This eBook gives the beginner a solid plan allowing you to take action and achievable tasks that you can be done everyday

The final goal of the eBook is to empower someone new to the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.

For those interested, there is a podcast interview with Steven Jackson, where he discusses his eBook and how online marketing methods will change the industry forever.

Inspirational podcasts

Where can I listen to Do Essential Chats inspirational podcasts about network marketing?

We update this page every time we produce a new podcast about MLM, so returning to this page should be enough. However, below you will find some of our links that will take you directly to the source.


If these podcasts interest you and you would like to know more about what we are doing or would like to be a guest on one of our podcasts do not hesitate to get back to us. However, so everyone is clear we record our podcasts and then edit later so do not believe you can pitch your product or company.

For more information about our inspirational podcasts add your name, email address and short message on the form below and someone will get back to you asap.


How to become a doTERRA distributor?

Become a doTERRA distributor!

I’m Steve Jackson and when I became a doTERRA distributor a few years ago I had a plan to make some extra money and try to pursue a healthier lifestyle

My journey with doTERRA has been one of the most important times in my life since my daughter was born and I gained my degree. The main reason is that it has created a sense of meaning and substance in my life as well as a redirection and a belief in a better, more financially sustainable future for me and my family.

As an Entrepreneur, network marketer and online marketer for the last 25 years, doTERRA ticks all the boxes for me and gives me the financial freedom and the global independence I have always desired, which allows me to choose where and how I live.

I am happy to say that both of my planned goals have been achieved and much more. I have a globally developing team of existing leaders and distributors in the US, Europe and Australia, who are on the journey of a lifetime, sharing the oils and building a sustainable business. This has become the most exciting time of my life and I cannot believe that I am so lucky to have found doTERRA.

Why doTERRA?

  • doTERRA is a well-respected company that began in 2008 with the goal of sharing their life-enhancing benefits to the world
  • doTERRA Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today
  • The doTERRA business opportunity is robust and growing
  • The essential oils growth is growing much faster than the health and wellness industry which gives doTERRA the power to ride with the growth

What support will I get from doTERRA?

Since I have been with them I have struggled to find a dark side of doTERRA, not to say that everything is perfect because nothing is, but as I told my friend, “Everything works”. Everything is upfront and legitimate, the essential oils are loved by the customers and distributors alike. However, if there are any problems, doTERRA support does the utmost to resolve the issue in a friendly and professional manner. In the early days I called almost daily asking the silliest questions and they were always polite and informative.

In addition, the support you should get from your Enroller or Sponsor is vital for the new distributors’ success. I personally reach out to new members within 3 days offering help and support from overview of the doTERRA business and membership, to running classes and even online marketing methods for those who are interested.

What is the most popular doTERRA oils?

Wild orange: Wild orange is cold pressed from the peel and has become one of the most popular doTERRA oils and best-selling essential oils. Wild orange has an energizing aroma and many health and wellness benefits. Diffusing Wild Orange will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying the air as well as enhancing any essential oil blend with a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma.

Peppermint: doTERRA peppermint oil has a high menthol content which sets it apart from others when it comes to quality, making it one of the best-selling doTERRA oil. Frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral hygiene, Peppermint also helps alleviate occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function.

Lavender: doTERRA Lavender oil has been used and cherished for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and myriad benefits. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a perfume. Today, it is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities which continues to be Lavender’s most notable qualities.


Why do customers buy doTERRA products directly from a doTERRA wellness advocates?

A good question, because I am often asked, “Can you buy doTERRA in stores?” and the simple answer is “NO!”

How about on Amazon or eBay?

If you see doTERRA products offered on Amazon or eBay the likelihood is that they are not doTERRA oils. In fact, it could be dangerous to purchase so called doTERRA oils from Amazon or eBay because they may be filled with unwanted fillers and toxic elements.

The bottles may look the same as a doTERRA bottle and the liquid may seem the same as a doTERRA oil, but they are just a cheap essential oil or worse. The other issue is, if someone buys from Amazon or eBay, doTERRA has no responsible for the oils or any illness caused by the oils.

To purchase doTERRA high quality therapeutic grade essential oils you need to order directly from a doTERRA by using their affiliate link which will redirect you to their, doTERRA online shop. The link can be found below


Has doTERRA negative reviews?

Of course, some people have found things not to like about doTERRA, but it mainly comes from competitors who feel it’s their job to criticizes doTERRA whenever possible. I personal do not believe is being so crass because at the end of the day the customer needs to decide for themselves.

Is doTERRA a scam?

Simple NO! doTERRA is a legitimate home based business and if you work hard it is possible to make a good living from selling doTERRA oils and building a doTERRA business.

Does doTERRA work?

Yes, doTERRA products work, however because of the FDA ruling on the claims that doTERRA distributors can make doTERRA has created a doTERRAapproved claims list.

What are the benefits of becoming a doTERRA Distributor?

I guess it depends on what someone new to doTERRA considers as benefits, but for 35$ / 20€ / £20 a new distributor gets a doTERRA business with no monthly fee with the real possibility of changing their life forever. I believe starting any business for 35$ / 20€ / £20 is very affordable considering what someone would pay to start a traditional business.

If we put the payment of 35$ into perspective it means we could purchase:

  • 8 Starbucks Lattes
  • 10 Boxes of Oreos
  • 17 Toothbrushes
  • 3 Simple Green Juice Press Drinks
  • 1 Set Of Skullcandy Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones
  • Or 3 Yankee Candle Small Jar Candles

Unfortunately, none of these will give you a monthly income or offer you a better future, but you will get some instant gratification.

What does a new doTERRA Consultant get for their 35$ / 20€ / £20?

A new doTERRA distributor gets a free doTERRA online shop, which can be simply personalized by changing the URL address, the image and the text to tailor it to the new distributors needs. In addition to the doTERRA shop online, the new distributor gets a back office to administrate and monitor their business.

In addition, they will get free online training and ongoing support by an experienced Distributors, who will take them throw the business step by step.

At the bottom of this page I have created a FAQ section for people who are looking for more details.

How to become a doTERRA Distributor

  1. Click here (Technical advice: Mobile devices can have glitches, for best results use the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer)
  2. Choose your language and country
  3. Choose your kit (When you purchase a product enrollment the enrollment fee is waived)
    • To purchase the 35$ enrollment, click on the “Individual Products” button and then click on the Bag button on the top right hand side of the page.
  4. Review your order and proceed to checkout
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Choose Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer
  7. Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  8. All Wellness Advocate packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  9. Fill in your Shipping details
  10. Pay for your order

Within a short while you will receive an email from doTERRA confirming your enrollment and then in about 3 days you will receive another email from your Enroller welcoming you to doTERRA.

Note: For Countries outside the United States you will be asked to select either “Wellness Advocate or Wholesale customer” before continuing to fill in your details

If you have any question about doTERRA products or becoming a doTERRA Distributor email me and I will get back to you asap…..

100% Free doTERRA sales Guide!

The doTERRA sales guide is more than just a catalog


Read Your Free ‘doTERRA sales guide’ and Quickly Learn How to become a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer. The doTERRA sales guide will give you an A to Z about doTERRA essential oils and there uses for a healthier more positive future.


How to find the world best opportunity in network marketing?

World best opportunity in network marketing

There are hundreds of the top network marketing companies searching for new distributor everyday, however the question is do you have the right mindset to be one of the top MLM earners?

We are unique!

That is what a network marketing friend said to me before I had even decided to join an MLM business fro the first time. After asking what my chances were of being successful in network marketing.

He said, “If you are the connection forming kind of character and one who would freely leave the guarantee of an 8 hour/day job and a constant income.” You may just make it.

Yes, it does take a lot of confidence to say yes to network marketing. The reality is that you are only being offered your own schedule and paid from your own efforts and aptitudes. 

Yes, it is a tough sale!


What are the top network marketing companies for this year?

In my opinion, no such a thing exists. However, there are some companies that could be considered as well respected MLM business opportunities, which will give you the opportunity to make money from home.

These companies help you to be the best you can be and this is the kind of organization you should be seeking.

So if anybody gives you the “MY company is the only one” speech, don’t let yourself be drawn in. There are many good opportunities available out there, it just depends on what you are looking for and what product or service attracts you.

There are things that your success depends on which normally mean that they are the best MLM to join. Let’s take a quick look over the questions you should be asking yourself before signing up to any MLM business opportunity.

  • Is there a need for their product?
  • Are there millions of possible buyers?
  • Are the products value for money?
  • Is it too expensive? (People wouldn’t buy expensive beauty products in times of crisis).
  • Are the products consumable? (This means recurring orders from clients).
  • And, essentially, does it have a monthly auto-ship program to make it work?

All network marketing businesses that are authentic and authorized will have some type of monthly product shipment and / or membership plan.


The best MLM companies to join will have a good compensation plan

When reviewing all the top network marketing companies, the compensation plan should be the second thing you should be considering. I understand that many may even look at the comp plan coming first when considering sustainability and endurance.

So firstly ponder these question:

  • Do you understand the compensation plan?
  • What are the conditions for getting paid?
  • Do you have retail commissions?
  • Does it contain residual income?
  • Do you receive commissions for training and supporting new distributors?
  • Is there an override income on your team’s sales?

If you dislike risks, then it is possible that you have a preference for the Get-Paid-Today model, but generally this type of model is only used with tech services / products.

Top network marketing companies

Why is the company you are research regarded as the world best opportunity in network marketing?

Again ponder these question before committing yourself to a network marketing company:

  • Does the company have good leadership with past experience and achievements in MLM?
  • Has the company had a long enough history and is financially stable?
  • What is the retention rate?
  • How often do people buy products?
  • Are the products of high quality?
  • Are the products unique?

The product should be something that is unique and even better, has zero competition. If it is not exclusive, it should be above the others. I also think that if you are considering getting involved with a “me too” product, one that is not exclusive, then you should only get involved if the organization has at least 3 years market experience. If it does, then it should have shown some advance already; go ask good old Google, for example – what does the internet know about the company?

One of the top network marketing companies to join this year

Best MLM to join  is one with a good retention rate (over 50 % up to 70% is better). A good retention is something to look at and even a low startup cost and no monthly fee is good sign. However, most valuable of all, you need to consider the support system. In the absence of it, you could be making no income, no matter how competent the company, the product and the compensation plan are.

So, ask more questions and get the answers before committing to anything.

  • Does your upline in the company assist you?
  • What is the company’s MLM rankings?
  • Do they react to your inquiries punctually and successfully?
  • Can they teach you internet network marketing skills?
  • Can they help you put together your own website?
  • Most significantly, drive traffic to it?
  • Can they show you how to use online social networks to market your products?

Joining one of the top network marketing companies does not guarantee success 

Talking to your family and friends isn’t going to be enough to sustain your business long-term. You need the potential of the internet to connect with people all over the country and around the earth in order to form a stable, lasting team.

A good internet marketing strategy can give you the power to get to a 3 or 4 figure income within months. If you haven’t encountered a skilled leader, you had better look for one, irrespective if the company is the best MLM to join. The training you have and the system you use is central to your success and this depends on you, not on your organization.

Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing

There is a fear of doing anything online. However, if something does not work it doesn’t. Even today I listen to successful MLM leaders keeping to the same mantra. Asking their new downline to write a list of all the family and friends and then reach out to them. The success rate is low while the argument it that the method can be duplicated. Unfortunately, this method does not work.

Fortunately, for those who want to understand how to build an MLM business online, click on the download button below: 



In conclusion, the world best opportunity in network marketing is the one that does not need you to lay out too much money every month on auto-shipping or monthly fees . In addition, it should offer extras such as webshops and so on.

I would suggest a company that has a low start up fee of about 35$, with no monthly fee, free webshop, free back office and even the possibility to get free products.

To get started with one of the top network marketing companies click on the button below and get a FREE guide and product review,


How to start a multi level marketing business

Why choose network marketing if you want to be successful in business? Well, because more millionaires were created in the MLM  industry than in any other.

Learning how to be successful in MLM business industry is no different then finding success in any other industry. To be successful in any business you need persistence and focus. To become a doctor or a lawyer years of schooling is needed, but a successful home business can be created within the first year with consistent action.


How to be successful in MLM business?

It is about finding your motivation and reason for starting any business, it could be simply money or in most cases it is something deeper. However when you have figured out your reason and why you are starting this journey in the first place it will be easier to achieve. The fact is you will need to find your goal to allow you to persevere during the hard times when you really want to give up. Also you will need the determination to face any business challenge at the start and in the future. The key to success in MLM is learning to be successful and believing that you are already a member of the global millionaires club.

How to start a multi level marketing business

5 reasons why people choose to start an MLM business

  1. They want lots of money and the time to spend it
  2. They hate their job and want more from life
  3. They want to travel and see the world on their terms
  4. They want to be with their family rather than working 24/7
  5. They want to enjoy retirement before it is too late

We all have our own reasons for starting an MLM business, but as a bit of advise, do not believe it is about the money. That maybe you first thoughts on the matter, but you will realize quite fast that money is not emotional in regards to motivation someone to do something hard. So, focus on the bigger picture such as family, a personal cause or a life goal.

How to build network marketing business online

How to build network marketing business online

As an addition to this article and because the world is changing so much. I felt that I should mention best places to prospect for network marketing leads and customers. 

If I every mention the internet and network marketing I get screams for the traditionalist telling me that MLM is a relationship business, which it is. However,  “social media and the internet are simply a virtual extension of the physical world” so building relationship has just become a global affair.

Of course, many people that start a home based MLM business start it without any skills or knowledge of running a business or even how to start a network marketing business online. That can be a problem, but I don’t believe that anyone who starts a new career or business is expecting to start with studying the subject. 

The often used quote we hear from many MLM leaders is “earn while you learn”, which again is a great when you think about the process and journey you will be travelling on. However, having a jump start is always a good thing, which motivated me to create a eBook the help kick start the network marketer new to this industry and online marketing.

How to build network marketing business online

Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing

The role of this eBook is to lay out a basic plan on how to build network marketing business online. If you are new to MLM your enroller may be using the more traditional methods such as reaching out to family, friends and colleges.

This eBook will simply show you how to grow your MLM business online.

To help the total beginner to build an MLM business online this eBook will take the reader through all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks with subject ranging from keyword optimization, content writing and building a warm leads list. The final goal of the eBook is to empower someone new to the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.

eBook Preview

Here are some ideas on how to start a multi level marketing business and be successful:

In addition, to the other information I have shared on this page, I believe that is is good to have as many network marketing tips and tricks as possible. 

  1. Find a company that offers good, quality advertising resources such as a website, marketing tools, online meetings and more. You should be able to recruit members without spending a lot of money
  2. Know all there is to know about your company, it’s products and comp plan. Knowledge about your business and company will help you with answering any questions from prospects.
  3. Get help from your sponsor, since it will benefit them if you are successful.
  4. Once you find a good company, put together a plan, set some goals and then keep working your plan until you make progress.
  5. There are many lead sources available, make sure to test any leads before investing a lot of money. Leads are a great way to build your business.
  6. Before joining any company check to make sure they have been around for a while and that they are dependable. Your companies products should be well made and easy to promote.
  7. Avoid wasting your time and cash on advertising that brings in no results. Track your marketing campaigns so you know what is working. If it’s working, then keep it going!
  8. Get a few good people on your team and then help them do the same. The sooner you get your team to understand this technique the quicker your business will grow.

Lastly, if you find something that works, you should show your team how to do it, so you can teach them how to succeed in network marketing today.


Those who can successfully balance their work and family time will find that an MLM business can be very rewarding while also provide a much better lifestyle.

For more information about how to start a multi level marketing business click on the “Learn More” button below and I will send you details of one of the best opportunities around at the moment.


Check my doTERRA price list & save on your medication costs

When doTERRA wholesale prices are so competitive  it is possible for anyone to create their own toxin free pharmacy in their home

Most of us today are merely hoping that our insurance policy will pay for at least some of our medication we receive from the doctor.  However, most of us know how much our prescriptions can cost when we need to pay full price.

Most medicines can be as much as $25, which is the cheapest prescriptions available, however, it can be as high as a hundred dollars or more for some other medications. These sort of costs are simply unsustainable for any family or individual, so having an alternative is vital for survival. 


What does this mean?

It means that in addition to the increase of insurance premiums, you will be paying hundreds of dollars more every time you get sick. Just for a simple sinus infection or bad throat could cost  you $50 or more just for medicine.

I am not sure about you, but I had children and every time one would become ill, everyone would become sick. So multiply one medicine times all your children or worse. Everyone in your household will be paying the price of being sick. This does not take into account of the time off work and the headache of going without sleep because your children are up all night sick.

So what is the answer?

Well, after you have browsed our doTERRA oils list you may understand that you can literally make my own toxic free pharmacy in my home. You can treat nearly any of the simple ailments from my doTERRA oils list. I have not been to the doctor for small ailments for over three years since I started using the oils. The savings have been massive, because therapeutic oils are so strong only a very small amount is needed. 

On the doTERRA wholesale prices list and guide there are recipes to treat 90% of all ailments. I don’t know about you, but there are some wonderful benefits of having a doTERRA oils guide on your shelf:

doTERRA oils list, guide and benefits

  • I am able to stop any sickness from becoming really bad, simply by taking doTERRA oils as soon as symptoms start to show. Therefore, I never feel the full impact of my ailment.
  • Essential oils have no side effects. You can’t overdose on them, and you can take them as often as needed. They will only make you more healthy.
  • The therapeutic grade oils don’t never expire. Once you purchase them, use them whenever you need them, even if it is 10 years later.
  • Therapeutic grade oils are as if not more effective and efficient than anything you will get at your pharmacy.
  • The Essential Oils can penetrate the cell wall enabling them to treat bacterial and viral issues.
  • Therapeutic grade oils are safe for children. If your children get into the medicine cabinet, there is nothing there that will hurt them.
  • They are safe for woman who are pregnant as well, however pregnant women should consultant their doctor before hand.
  • They can replace everything over-the-counter as well as most medications you get from the doctor for a fraction of the cost from our doTERRA oils list. They don’t treat symptoms, they eliminate them.

Download your free doTERRA wholesale prices Guide and get access to the doTERRA shop


doTERRA has growers and distillers across the globe from Oman to Corsica, Sri Lanka to France to create their high quality essential oils. This enables doTERRA to create and develop the most purest and most potent essential oils on the market. This allows doTERRA to meet their strict standards.

Many argue that doTERRA is the best essential oils on the market because doTERRA accepts nothing less from their essential oil products except the best quality.

Only purest materials can work in a truly therapeutic partnership with the body. Using the best quality plant oils will resonate with the body’s own restorative process, while scents from essential oils offers a scientifically proven pathway to emotional and physiological well-being.

doTERRA Essential Oils and related doTERRA products are sold exclusively by distributors through person-to-person sharing, personalized websites, in wellness centers and spas throughout the United States and abroad.

doTERRA wholesale price list for single essential oils

Doterra price list

doTERRA wholesale price list for blended essential oils

Doterra wholesale prices

To purchase products from our doTERRA price list click on the “Learn More” button below and get a free doTERRA oils uses guide and catalog.


Have you seen the new doTERRA Catalog for 2022?

The doTERRA catalog will tell you all about the benefits of doTERRA oils and how they will promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family today

The catalog regardless if it is paper or on PDF, we all love a catalog. We have the excitement of the new and the familiarity of the what came before. The doTERRA essential oils catalog is no different.

The doTERRA catalog is one of the best ways to find out more about essential oils without actually purchasing them. The guide will take you through the history of doTERRA essential oils and how they have revolutionized the industry. Doing so they created a new and higher standard of quality and purity.


The doTERRA product catalog explains that essential oils can be both a beautiful and powerful part of our lives. While also having the ability to lift the mood, calm the senses, and uplift our emotions. We can almost feel the power of essential oils even before we have them in our hand.

The doTERRA essential oils catalog will explain how essential oils are extracted, via a low-heat steam distillation process. This process circulates steam under pressure through the plant material, transforming the raw material into steam. As the steam mixture cools, the water and oils are separated and the oil is collected in its purest form. This process insures that the oil extracted is the highest quality and clear of impurities and toxins.

doTERRA catalog

The doTERRA catalog as a educational guide

When it comes to learning how to use and share essential oils, the doTERRA product catalog is simply a must-have guide. The catalog is beautifully designed and well written so the reader can understand what makes their oils unique. The catalog is simply a tool to help you teach others as well as yourself how the products are used. There are digital versions available, but having a printed guide on-hand is always a good idea!

If I subscribe to this page what else will I get with the doTERRA essential oils catalog?

I will give you a clear overview of the benefits of become a member and what my role as your enroller. In addition, I have added a doTERRA price list and a product enrollment kit guide so you can get the most for your money.


Below I have created a list of some of the oils available in the doTERRA online catalog

These are the two types of oils doTERRA offers and they are single oils and blended oils. I choose these oils because they are my personal favorites and ones that our family uses all the time. If I had to choose one oils it would have to be On Guard. It has multiple uses from helping with a sore throat to purifying a musty room or area.

Single Oils

Wild orange: Wild orange is cold pressed from the peel and has become one of the most popular and best selling essential oils. Wild orange has an energizing aroma and many health and wellness benefits. Diffusing Wild Orange will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying the air. It will also enhance any essential oil blend with a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma.

Peppermint: doTERRA peppermint oil has a high menthol content which sets it apart from others. Frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral hygiene, Peppermint also helps alleviate occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function.

Lavender: doTERRA Lavender oil has been used and cherished for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and myriad benefits. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a perfume. Today, it is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities which continues to be Lavender’s most notable qualities.

Blended Oils

AromaTouch Massage Blend: AromaTouch, doTERRA’s main massage blend, combines the unique benefits of oils known to provide relaxing and comforting effects. AromaTouch combines cypress, peppermint, marjoram, basil, grapefruit, and lavender essential oils in a perfect blend. This adds many important benefits to various massage techniques that uses AromaTouch. This popular blend is a vital part of the AromaTouch technique, a proprietary method for applying essential oils to produce a profound whole-body wellness experience.

Balance Grounding Blend: The warm, woody aroma of Balance grounding blend creates a sense of calm and well-being. The essential oil blends spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, and blue chamomile with fractionated coconut oil. This offers  an enticing fragrance that promotes tranquility and relaxation. Spruce, one of the oils in Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body. Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile can ease anxious feelings, while frankincense provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions.

On Guard Protective Blend: On Guard, another essential oil blend, provides a natural and effective alternative for immune support when used internally. As one of doTERRA’s best-selling blends, On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system when ingested. On Guard can be taken internally on a daily basis to maintain healthy immune function and support healthy cardiovascular function.  It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaner. When diffused, On Guard helps purify the air, and can be very energizing and uplifting.

Find out in the doTERRA online catalog why therapeutic grade essential oils are a innovative standard

Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world today. For an oil to be Therapeutic Grade the oil must be:

  • Pure and natural, with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants
  • Free from fillers or artificial ingredients; no dilution of active qualities
  • Free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues
  • Rigorously tested for standards of chemical composition
  • Cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure exact purity and composition potency
  • Sourced by a global network of leading essential oil chemists and growers to ensure correct species, growth in ideal environments, and that raw plant materials were carefully harvested at the right time

doTERRA online catalog

How to purchase products from the doTERRA online catalog or become a distributor?

If you just want to buy doTERRA oils at retail click on the doTERRA shop button below. However, I would not recommend it because you are paying the full price. 


My suggestion is decide between wholesale customer, if you just want to buy the products at wholesale. Or the second option,  become a wellness advocate and get all the benefits of being a wholesale customer, but with your own personal webshop.

  1. Click here 
  2. If you live outside the US – Click here
  3. Choose your product kit or click on “Individual products” (Basic enrollment kit is 35$ however if you purchase the product enrollment kit the enrollment fee is waived)
  4. Choose your products (Enrollment kit is already in your shopping bag)
  5. Proceed to checkout
  6. Fill in your details
  7. Select to “Wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate” options
  8. Enroller and Sponsor ID: 930175
  9. Pay for your order

Within a short while you will receive an email from doTERRA confirming your enrollment and then in about 3 days you will receive another email from your Enroller welcoming you to doTERRA.

Note for those countries outside the US: For Countries outside the United States you will be asked to select either “Wellness Advocate or Wholesale customer” before continuing to fill in your details.

Is the doTERRA catalog outside the US different?

Yes, there is a few language alternatives, product name changes for example Breathe in Europe is Air and of course prices in some local currencies. In addition some countries may not have all the US products at the same time as the US. This is because the legal or import requirements have not been completed. Sometimes it takes between 6 months and a year for new products to be available in Europe.

The enrollment price is outside the US is the equivalent to the US. These prices do not include taxes and delivery. The main reason for the prices showing without VAT is because almost every country has a different level of value added tax (VAT) on their products.

  • Enrollment in Europe: 20€
  • Enrollment in the UK: £20
  • Enrollment in Australia: 50$

If you have any question about the doTERRA Catalog, the quality of doTERRA products or becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate click on the contact me button below and add your name and email address on the form  and I will get back to you asap…..


Using a MLM lead generation system and get paid to blog daily

As many network marketers have realized, the industry is changing, so I have hammered home to my downline the concept of how to generate leads organically online

Unfortunately, most are stuck in a belief that their close friends are going to support them. Sadly, apart from very rare situations, most of our important partners will come from online platforms.

During a recent podcast I heard a MLM leader tell a new distributor why they should be making warm leads list of everyone they know. I fully understand the reason for the list, but I am not fully convinced that it works anymore.

I believe that the creation of the list contributes to our disappointment and lack of success in network marketing. We just don’t understand why others do not want to join our business. The simple reason is they know you too well and do not respect or trust you enough as a business person. Unfortunately, nobody is a profit in his home town.

The only way to bring the people you love and care about into your business is to prove to them that you are a force to be reckoned with. At that point they will come to you with respect.


Is it possible to do our own lead prospecting online?

The internet has change everything so finding leads online is not just possible it is essential. However taking that journey from understanding what is needed is a challenge for someone new to MLM. Even after long discussions and training some distributors become crushed by the massive responsibility. I have found that most new distributors join and retreat behind silence.  The reason is that starting any business is hard-work, but for some reason nobody believes it until its too late.

The main key is to always reach out to your enroller and internalize the information and take everyday as a learning experience.

My role as a leader when generating leads for network marketing

As a leader it is vital that everyone in my team is offered all my knowledge and experience to help them to be successful. That includes getting my team to understand that leads are an important part of advancing their business. Unfortunately, most have no plans to market their business beyond their social circle. However, enough ask for help and support and for those I give 110% to helping them create a warm leads list using online methods. As a part of the support program, I have published an eBook that allows anyone new to online marketing of their MLM business a plan and knowledge to succeed. Check out the details below.

MLM lead generation

Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing | May 2021

The role of this eBook is to lay out a basic plan for running a MLM business online and learn how to generate leads organically. This type of method is so much better than using the more traditional methods such as reaching out to family, friends and colleges.

To help the total beginner to build an MLM business and generate leads online this eBook will take the reader through all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks with subject ranging from keyword optimization, content writing and lead generation. The final goal of the eBook is to empower someone new to the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.

For anyone who is in any of my main businesses will get 50% off the retail price. Also, if you refer a friend or share the purchasing page on Facebook the customer will get 25% off the purchase price.


What is a warm leads list and how will it benefit my business?

An MLM warm lead is an individual that you believe will be profitable to your business. This could be from retail sales or by joining your MLM business. When somebody joins us, our hopes are that they will build a business themselves and we benefit from their actions. We can identify and enroll a network marketing lead via networking, social media, marketing or another method. Another important factor is to determine the level of interest they have in our business or product.

Four steps in qualifying a lead or prospect

A quality lead needs to qualify which means that they should have the motivation, skills and knowledge to be apart of your team. Wasting time and energy on people who do not qualify can be a hard work and frustrating.

Below I have created my qualifying questions that has help me identify who should join my team:

  1. Do they need or want my products or want extra money? The answer should be YES!
  2. Are they interested in getting the products for free? The answer should be YES!
  3. Are they interested in subsidizing their income? The answer should be YES!
  4. Are they interested in a full-time income from home? The answer should be YES!

Understanding how someone is going to subscribe to your list in the first place is the key. Let’s consider blogging or landing page marketing and the topics we use:

Who would want to buy your products or join your business?

Someone searching the internet for welding standards and methods are unlikely to find your article or subscribe to a blog on online marketing or essential oils. This means the people that do subscribe are somewhat qualified and more likely to be interested in your offer.

Solution based lead prospecting

Prospects are looking for one thing and that is a solution to a problem. They need extra money, some essential oils or they may be interested in the time freedom element of running a business. Whatever it is my online method of sharing will be the solution to your problem.

When prospects find your page, they will also find a solution available to them. This will create trust and the relationship can begin. We are more likely to get a sale or a business partnership with a prospect that trusts and believes in what we stand for. When someone embarks on a new venture they want the relationships to be honest and safe. So, consider how your prospect feels and try to accommodate them in the process.   

Get paid to blog daily

How to generate leads organically for your network marketing business online

The organic aspect of working online is the part I enjoy the most. It is because the automated process is complete free. The goal is to get paid to blog daily and to share content via social media platforms. Below there is a list of my ideas for building a list online.

Using social media for more network marketing leads

LinkedIn is my personal social media favorite, because network marketing pros use it as their own personal warm leads service. The main reason is because most people on LinkedIn are high value prospects. Prospects on LinkedIn are highly valued because they are educated, motivated, business minded, professional and confident of who they are and what they want. 

For more details on how to create a high quality and professional LinkedIn profile – Click here

How to increase your warm leads list via blog sites?

I have been blogging for years with great success. I have tried to bring more of my team into blogging, however they look at me as though I have asked them to walk naked up the high street. The main benefit for the blogger is that we are always marketing our business. The blogger is taken action and sharing with the world their business and products 24 / 7. 

The content on your blog should answer the prospects questions and give them solutions. So, keep it simple and very readable such as a guide to something or a top ten ideas. 

Reconnect with your informal network to create a lead prospecting machine

Building a business with family and friends can get stressful and frankly unnecessary. I would suggest reaching out to your informal friends. Informal friends may come from your yoga or Pilates class, old work friends, or even a tradesman you regularly visit. Whatever your relationship is, this is a power lead generating machine in the making. It is all about making that connection in your informal relationships and branding yourself as an authority, so take advantage of this powerful group.

MLM lead generation at networking events

Last year I received an invitation to a local networking event. As you can imagine as an online marketer, I was not accustomed to live events. However, I decided to go and found that it was a unique and interesting experience.

I was there to find new business partners and ended up with a massive warm leads list. I personally found beyond the classic business card, connecting on LinkedIn worked well especially with business women.

I do networking event once every few months. However, as a serious note, the fortune is in the follow up.  So, if your do not achieve results you want the first time try again.

How to generate leads organically

How to generate leads organically and get paid to write articles at home?

Network marketers should be blogging,  because they are telling their story to the world 24 / 7. The reality is that no individual network marketer can achieve such a massive reach. In my option,  society is ready and far more accustomed to building relationship online than they ever have before.

The blog topics are limitless, but whatever subject you decide on, get writing and sharing on social media platforms. Another method which is really effective is sharing your content on your newsletter platform to your existing warm leads list. If you are offering solutions to existing issues, your prospects will see you as a trusted authority that offers welcomed solutions to their problems.

The blog should reflect your authority and knowledge of the topic while being valued and interesting to the reader.  I offer online SEO, article and blog marketing  training for my team with the goal to help them get paid to blog daily.

Using live chat and WhatsApp for lead prospecting and mentoring

When I started using WhatsApp my relationship with my prospects changed. The best when to reach out to prospects is to add a WhatsApp link on your blog or landing page. This gives the reader the opportunity to reach out to you straight away.

Once a prospect reaches out to you via WhatsApp, ask for their email address add then to you newsletter list and send them information about your business.

This is when the follow up emails are so important and powerful that in some cases it has been over 12 months before someone has finally joined my business or purchased my products.


Why is MLM lead generation so important for your success?

In a recent webinar I was shocked to hear that people are still not understanding that a continue flow of leads are the key to their success. Chasing individuals around town with a belief that one-day they join your business is unworkable. If you believe that a friend will join your business, add them to your newsletter list and get on with more important work.

In the end whatever system you use it must include a flow of warm and targeted leads and a follow up process. At the end of the day your goal is to sale your products, enroll people into your business while you get paid to blog daily.

Would you like more details on how to generate leads organically online?

The best way to learn more about how to generate leads organically is to become a team member in my business. Anyone building a business with me will receive free training and support in using my online lead prospecting methods.

However, I would like to make it clear from the start, that working online in MLM is no less easy than running a MLM business the traditional way. The main benefits of blogging is that once your content is online you are telling your story 24 / 7 globally while enrolling and selling automatically, which is very power. You then are in the position to get paid to blog daily via the commissions you receive from the company you are working with.

So, for more secrets about MLM lead generation and working with one of the top companies in the world today. Click on the “Learn More” button below and add your email address on the form and I will get back to you asap.


Is there a easy business to start for little money?

There are many things to do at home to make money, but most people argue that they do not have the time or energy, but for those of you who want more read on.

There is some fundamental truths that most of us go through before we really commit to making money on the internet and starting on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Even the word entrepreneur is difficult for many of us to acknowledge as something we could aspire to. It personally took me some years of soul searching and failures before I begun to realize that I was an entrepreneur and not someone who simply worked from home and online.

The path to personal and financial success is not the easiest road to travel even if it is one of the easiest ways to make money online and become self employed. Nevertheless, the victory is sweet when we achieve the results we want and become self sufficient to that level where we can work less and earn more.


If there is a easy business to start out there, what are the pitfalls?    

Those reading this page are likely pondering the idea of starting a business, but as usual we have jumped before we have thought things through.

Fortunately, most of the best small businesses to start have taken this into account, understanding that starting a business is a big deal, so help and support is at hand. However, the likelihood is that there is three factors that needs to be considered before signing up for anything new.  

Easy business to start

The three things that are holding you back from starting a business:

Time management

The day is filled with distractions. You want to get things done but something is getting in the way. At the end of the day you have no time for your family, your friend or even yourself. And most of all, you have forgotten why you started running a business in the first place. Time management will define your business, because stuff needs to get done and so planning your day is vital to avoid internet click and believing it is work.

  1. Define what you need to do
  2. Create a plan on how you are going to achieve it
  3. Then commit to the project until completion  

Skills and Knowledge

So, you tell yourself that you know what you are doing, but suddenly you realize you really don’t. Not knowing how to do something is very frustrating, why isn’t it simple? Well, everything is when you know how. I am guessing, but maybe that is why we are impressed with individuals that can do things that we cannot do, like watch a bricklayer building a wall in our garden. They build it effortlessly, with a style that we say to ourselves, I could never do that. Making money from home is just the same. So, before starting a home business consider what you will need to learn and if you are going to be self taught remember you will be swapping time for money until you have the knowledge needed. The best way to learn fast is to find a mentor that will help you achieve the goals you are going to give yourself.  

The fear of failure

This may discourage some and not others, but failure is inevitable. You are going to need to accept the possibility of failure and ridicule, as Eloise Ristad said, “When we give ourselves permission to fail, we, at the same time, give ourselves permission to excel”. The alternative is staying still, not trying anything and then finally dying after achieving nothing in life, which for some may sound fine. However, I am sure there is many saying, “I really want more, but I am truly afraid where it will take me” and so be afraid, this will not be apart of your happy comfort zone because you will walking into the unknown.

How do I find success from online careers from home?

I like to call it a journey because this will be no destination and the road will be least traveled. However, a plan will still be needed to allow you to break free from the burden that will come from the financial stresses, the exchanging of time for money and the fear that when things are going well something will stop you in your tracks.

When I talk about an easy business to start, the keyword is “Start”. Finding an easy online business to start from almost nothing is very possible. However, don’t believe that starting a business is big cars, a flashy lifestyle and large international investments. Furthermore, this is not a 9 to 5 job where you will get less than you are worth from day one.

Below we are offering a guide for an online careers from home, which gives you the platform to excel in the online business world with no experience needed and yes, it is a very easy business to start.


We will take you through even stage of making money from home or online and create a passive income where overtime you will work less and earn more. So, we will take you through the steps to starting a small business from home and build your business without fear of failure and for the world to see.

Why would I want to start careers that allow you to work from home?

Personally, it is about freedom. Not really the freedom to do what the hell you want, because then you would not earn a penny. Freedom is about working when you need to and enjoying life because you can afford to, like taking your partner away for a last minute trip to where ever you want.

The main reason why people find it difficult to start a business from home:

  • They don’t believe they are entrepreneurs
  • They don’t believe they have the strength to handle the risk of running a home and online business

These believes are completely fine, so, own the fear and do it anyway and never stop trying to find online things to do at home to make money. In my opinion, fear and doubt is a good thing, it is apart of our survival system, but ask yourself how badly can failure be? If death is zero and total success is ten, where does failure fall, maybe five or six, so not bad, you are not dead yet.  

What can I do to make money from home

What can I do to make money from home and online?

There is many thing you can do from home and online to make money, but we do have something to offer you. We cannot say that this is the right business for you. We are not sure if you have the skills to pull it off or willing to learn the skills. We cannot even tell you if you will fail.

However, one thing we can guarantee, achieving anything in life or business entails taken action, because even in the safest environment, relationships and employment failure still acute. Anything from natural disasters, to divorce and even you life long job becoming obsolete. Who is to know what the future bring.   

Most people try to push these things to the back of our minds believing that everything will be fine and convince themselves that they have no regrets.


How can I avoid regrets?

I would suggest that we start small and build on your confidence and take control of your time and money, so start small and think big. However, as a final word, this is not a get rich quick business, work is required and in fact a lot of hard work, but also a profitable business that will give you the freedom we all want.

If you want more information about what can I do to make money from home click on the button below and add your name and email address in the form and we will get back to you asap…..


How to open your own business as a online advertising marketer

The most successful home based businesses available today is in the essential oils industry which over the last ten years has been trending higher than the other home business

Online advertising and marketing is one of the most effective ways for a home business to expand its reach, find new customers, and diversify their revenue streams. So, merging the home based business model with online advertising is the logical development of expanding their business for the online advertising marketer.

However, the reasons for building a online business from home varies from person to person. It may be children, an elderly parent or a disability, it maybe as simple as financial. Regardless for your reason we still need to feel that we are making an income, contributing to society and the household finances.


What choice does the online advertising marketer have?

One option is to find some kind of home employment opportunity or business that will allow you to integrate your home life into your working life. This is not always easy but with some forethought and planning it is very possible to create a good income from home and online. However, when people come to me for the first time considering self employment, I tell them to ask themselves one very important question:

“Should I start my own business from home?”

I mean really think about it. Do you have the time? The motivation and the support to start such a journey as running a business?

Advice for starting a small business  as a online advertising marketer?

The key to becoming a successful online advertising marketer and home business owner needs is the same skills and mindset as any other business. As a home business owner you can learn while you earn, because you will not need to invest large amounts of money as you would in a bricks and mortar model. The home business model will give you time to plan and learn considering you have minimal business costs and outgoing from day one.

Below, there is a list of skills you will need to acquire to be proficient in this industry:

Financial management skills: Managing your finances is one of the most important aspects of running a business. This means monitoring profit and loss as well as the ability of being able to forecast your cash flow and sales as needed. This is not just for you, but for the tax office when you declare your expenditure and  income.

If your home finances are sound the likelihood your business finances will be the same and your business overall will be more profitable. I personally avoid conventions or conferences where I can see no profit unless there is great networking opportunity, so keep a strict fiscal policy in your business.

Marketing, sales and customer service skills: Learning how to create an effective marketing strategy via the internet, social media and in person to generate sales is a vital element to keeping ahead of the competition and being successful.

Again, I personally use ever trick in the book, from landing pages, blogs, content marketing, social media marketing and of course a auto mailing service so I have always available, if not in person.

Communication skills: Learning how to communicate with others regardless if in person or via other online methods will help build trust and a good working relationship with anyone in contact with your business.  Being an effective writer and speaker will reflect your personal brand and image. Furthermore, written, audio, visual and video content if created to a high standard work for you for many years 24/7.

Leadership skills: Learning to be a leader seems to be difficult for many of us. If you have a sales team like many home based business have learn how to motivate them. It is a vital aspect of your business. A good leader will influence, mentor and coach their team to get the best out of them and improve productivity and earnings for both you and your team.

Planning skills: It is shocking how many people do not believe in planning anything in their business by using expression such as, “I want my business to develop organically” meaning “No plan and lets wing it”. Now this is great for a night out on the town, but business needs a plan, such as setting up a website, arranging meetings with prospects and customers, effectively using your time, and finally most effectively using your money you have invested. Without a plan the day will get away from you and nothing will get done, so learning to make a plan and set achievable goals is the key.

Responsibility and time management skills: Learning to allow your team to take responsibility rather than trying to do everything for them should be your mantra. This method will create a better time management system delegating responsibility to someone else in the business. The key is to identify team members that you feel would like to do more and even earn more by offering more responsibility.

Solving problems: Personally, I plan for everything and still problem solving is needed. It may be website issues, customer complaints, product returns and even personality issues with team members. Whatever it may be you need to be able to make good decisions and sometimes under pressure. I have found the best method is to take each problem at a time and resolve it. Looking at everything is just overwhelming, so priorities and work on the biggest problem first without considering the others until the first task is completed.

Networking and building relationships: Business is finally about people and the relationships we have with them. We don’t need to like everyone and not everyone is going to like us, but in business we need to have a relationship. So, creating a good relationships through networking will help your business grow. In addition, relationships will allow you to learn new methods and develop ideas with other in a similar industry that may be integrated into your business.

Please don’t believe that you need all of these skills from day one, this is just our step by step business startup guide. This will take you through the process of what will be expected of anyone embarking on this journey.

How to open your own business


What is the most successful home based businesses available today?

If you are on a budget and you can’t see yourself getting a loan to start your own business, there are still have a few options such as a low cost startup business, but the rules above still apply.

The main issue for people wanting to start a low cost business is that the low investment impedes the financial motivation. Having a large loan and the process needed to gain it such as appointment in the bank, a business plan and a cost assessment is a powerful influence. The fact is this process is a massive motivator, so when starting a low cost startup a different mindset is needed to impact and motivate the passion needed to succeed.

The steps to starting your own business online and from home

Anyone starting a business should recognize that “work in required” and also the investment of time and some money. The main fundamentals steps to starting a business and being successful goes something like this:

  1. Take Action: By going through the fundamentals of starting a business. Be sure that everyone in your family understands what you have planned and that you may need time to achieve success.
  2. Setting goals: By deciding and write down what your short and long term goals are and what you want to achieve as a business owner and entrepreneur. These are very personal, dig deep and reflex of what you really desire from this process, but as a tip, look beyond money to what you want to do with it.
  3. Make a plan: By writing down how you intend achieving your said goals it makes the whole experience concrete. Deciding what you intend to do and how long it will take in a daily, weekly and monthly plan.
  4. Work everyday until success: Of course weekends are free for family and friends, but finding time to work on your business everyday is crucial if you want real success. Whatever, you intend to earmark make it count. So, if you can work two hours a day, commit to it and make them two hour count.

Online advertising marketer

The best low cost and most successful home based businesses available today is:

  • Niche and High Quality Product – Click here for product guide
  • A product your customer need and value and would purchase on a monthly basis
  • Low cost turnkey business package with no monthly fee
  • Free webshop and back office
  • Global reach
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Sustainable compensation plan
  • Free one on one training and support

Learn how to open your own business as a online advertising marketer from home

There are hundreds of profitable work from home businesses available online but one I would suggest is a high end essential oils company which provide the customer with an outstanding product which a retention rate of 68%.

The startup fee is so low that anyone can afford to get started today, so for more information about being an online advertising marketer click on the “Learn More” button below and add your name and email address on the form below and we will get back to you asap….


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