I want to start a business but have no ideas

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I want to start a business but have no ideas

Anyone who is thinking big as an entrepreneur dreams of starting a international business that competes with the best, but to be frank this is unrealistic, fortunately there is a real alternative.

More of us have decided that we need options in life that exclude working 24/7 for the man. In many cases we are looking at the opportunities available around world and asking if starting a international business is really possible.

The main issue that hold us back are things like:

  • What type of small profitable business ideas are available to us?
  • What type of education or training will I need?
  • Will I need to invest a lot of money into my business?
  • And what are the chances that I will be successful?

If you are asking these questions then you are already in the right mindset for starting a international business.

Does starting a international business mean I need to travel all the time?

Absolutely not unless you really want to.

The internet has seriously changed everything in our lives. To be an international entrepreneur you do not need to go far from your kitchen table and laptop. Running a global operation means having your brand or product available globally. If you are new to this concept, the key is to partner up with a company that offers a global platform for their customers already.


What type of company offers a global platform to someone new to global marketing?

The best type of company to run a global business is direct sales.

The main reason is because direct sales is:

  • Affordable to get started
  • There is no educational prerequisites
  • Direct sales does not prejudge
  • Direct sales is not racist, ageist or care what gender you believe you are
  • Direct sales allows anyone to learn while they earn
  • Direct sales allows you to choose your own hours
  • Finally, the earning perpetual is limitless (So, the more you work the more you earn)

What is direct sales?

Being someone in direct sales means you are selling products or services directly to the customer. This type of business is normally run by a part-time or maybe full-time sales distributor, from their home or online. The products or services are usually niche in nature which create a higher level of demand, because you are the only rep available selling that product.

Is there more than one type of direct sales?

Yes, generally direct sales businesses tailored to the marketing plans in relation to what works best for their products or service.

There is three basic direct sales marketing plans and they are:

  • Single-level direct sales
  • Host or party-plan sales
  • Multi-level or network marketing

Single-level direct sales

Single-level direct sales is the most basic and simplest method of sharing products and services. The distributor sells to the customer face to face.

This may be done various ways such as:

  • In person or online presentations
  • In person or online meetings
  • Sharing product or service catalogs with friends
  • Doing trade shows
  • Host parties or coffee mornings
  • Or even doing door to door sales

Whatever method is used, the sales process is singular in the sense that the customer buys your products and you build a relationship for repeat sales. So, generally, the product will be something that the customer needs to purchase regularly.

Host or party-plan sales

Host or party-plan sales are similar to single-level direct sales with a slight twist. Party-plan is an old concept that has sustained itself because it really does work. The only marketing method that has started to beat party planning is online marketing.

The main concept of hosting a party is that the host arranges a house party in a customer’s home. The customer invites her or his family and friends and the host presents the products in a fun and interesting way. Party plan is a fun and social event. The customer who shares their home for a party plan event normally receives 10% of the hosts taking in products. This is an incentive for sharing their home as well as a thank you.

Party plans in some cases use multi-level or network marketing in the business plan depending on the product or service.

Multi-level or network marketing

Multi-level or network marketing is my preferred method of running a business. After over 20 years in the industry I have enjoyed the success of running a MLM business. The main reason why I have been successful is because I run it like a business.

The list below are just a few reason for running a MLM business:

  • The financial risks are minimal.
  • There is a high demand for high quality and niche products and services.
  • You can work part-time and make a residual income.
  • Unlimited income potential.
  • Overheads are almost nothing because you do not need to employ anyone.
  • No inventory mean more cost cutting because there is no warehouse space needed.
  • If you are working from home the operating costs are very low.
  • When you build your own team you will gain leverage from their sales.
  • You can choose to work wherever you please, however the internet is generally needed.
  • The most important, gain personal and financial freedom.

There are a few misconceptions regarding multi-level or network marketing. The main one is when a company says they are direct sales this simply refers to the relationship the distributor has with the customer. So, MLM is direct sales because the rep is directly talking and selling to the customer while the compensation plan allows for the rep to build their own business network to leverage their income.

The other misconception is that direct sales and multi-level marketing are some kind of pyramid schemes.

So, to make it clear pyramid schemes are illegal and have been for some years.

The simple way to assess if a direct sales operation is really a pyramid scheme is if there is no real product or service. This means if your customer is not going to benefit from their purchase in any meaningful way, it is likely to be a pyramid scheme. Fortunately, the law is so strict that it is very difficult for any pyramid scheme to even get started.

Other signs that you are getting involved with a pyramid scheme:

  • You will be told that you will get rich quickly.
  • You will be told that recruiting is more important than selling the products.
  • You will be asked to pay a lot of money to join.
  • You will not understand what the hell you are being asked to sell.

Is Multi-level or network marketing legal?

Yes, it is a legitimate business model which has been around for years. It has suffered from bad press in the past, but the new age of MLM has allowed it to flourish globally and gain a better reputation.

The key to finding a legitimate direct sales business in the MLM industry is to work with well established company. The newer ones were generally founded using the stricter laws and so have a more honest and transparent business mindset.

World top network marketing company

What is the world top network marketing company?

If you are new to network marketing or have been flirting around the concept consider some of the newer companies. The reason is, the newer companies have been founded with the new laws and standards brought in over the last 20 years. In addition, they have the best business ideas to make money.

The new laws were created to standardize the industry and to give the affiliates a better legal standing. Some of the older companies, even though they are meant to incorporate their business with these new laws, find it very difficult to let go of the old dogmas of the past. The newer network marketing businesses were founded with the understanding they were starting a company with these new laws.

Out of all of these companies, one that shines above the rest is doTERRA. doTERRA is an essential oils company that was founded in 2008 and consequently became a multi million dollar business. The main reason for its success is quite simple.

They are:

  • An honest and respected company by both the industry, the customers and the affiliates.
  • Their products are of the highest quality and sorted out by a vast customer base.
  • doTERRA offers a very low start up fee of only $35 / 20€ / £20 which includes a FREE webshop, 25% off all products and no monthly fee.

I believe that these are the three main aspects that made doTERRA what it is today. However, in addition doTERRA offers a great compensation plan that allows everyone to make money from day one.

Is starting a international business with doTERRA an easy process?

Simple answer is yes!

To make the process as easy as possible I have laid out the enrollment instructions below. These instructions will allow someone to enroll from anywhere in the world even in countries that are not yet fully open. So, if you cannot find your country in the enrollment form, try the next two options:

If you believe you live in a European / EU country click on Europe on the form see if your country is under Europe.

If you are not in Europe or any other country showing on the form click on “Global access” countries. Your country should be there. It is slightly more involved becoming a Global access partner, but finally worth it if you want to be a global leader and founder in a new zone.

How to enroll as a doTERRA affiliate?

  1. Click here
  2. Choose your country and language – Click to continue
  3. Select “Wellness advocate” (The Wellness advocate option means you are interested in running doTERRA as a business) – Click to continue
  4. Fill in the enrollment form
  5. The enroller and sponsor ID is: 930175
  6. Once you have filled in the form correctly, select your products or kits
  7. Purchase your choosing products (wire transfer and all major credit cards can be used)
  8. Add your delivery address
  9. Finalize your order

Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email confirming your order. Then within three days you will receive another email from your enroller and sponsor. Their role is to help and support you in any way they can.

Starting a international business

Starting a international business is not as hard as it sounds

During my journey with doTERRA and MLM I have realized a few profound things that defined weather I was going to be successful not not.

And that is:

Family and friends do not want to sell my products or build a business with me.

Is it personal?

Of course it is. That doesn’t mean you should be offended or unhappy with your nearest and dearest. In fact it should be a relief. This means you can stop wasting possibly months of your time convincing them to buy your products and even partner up with you and run a business.

At the end of the day, it is more important to have a good relationship with people you love rather than risk it over a business.

So, what is the solution?

You have found one of the top hot new business ideas, hopefully doTERRA and you need to branch out beyond your close circle of friends.

How is this possible?

This internet is the only way to go and that is why I published an eBook for all of my team to resolve the family and friend issue.

Sharing any business online requires new skills. However, even though many online marketers want to give the impression that it is too difficult for the little folks in direct sales it really is not. It simply needs a clear and logical instruction manual to break the tasks down into simple bites.

And that is exactly what this eBook does.

To find out more about running a direct sales business online click on the button below and check out “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing” by Steven Jackson.


Conclusion to “I want to start a business but have no ideas”

At the moment there is no doubt that the best business to start with little money is doTERRA. It is the whole package. doTERRA is a simple, honest and reliable opportunity with high quality products that customers want to buy.  In addition, it is affordable to start and its members support is the best available in any direct sales company.

So, the next time you say to yourself, “I want to start a business but have no ideas” from now on you know that the choices are vast. Direct sales has much to offer at a price we can all afford.


Are the best paid jobs in the world in the MLM industry?

I was searching for the best high paying jobs near me without luck until a friend told me that there were more millionaires in the MLM industry than any other

My name is Steve Jackson and some years ago I looked at MLM for the first time. I had a simple goal to make enough money to travel the world. I didn’t want much, but enough to pay for my flights and somewhere clean to sleep. I wasn’t looking for a five star lifestyle and definitely see it as being one of the best paid jobs in the world. I just wanted more from life and definitely more than my parents. Even today I am surprised that a shy and nerdy individual like myself could make enough money to change his life forever as a MLM online marketer.

The turning point, when things got really interesting was during the rise of the internet. This created a new professional class called the online or affiliate marketer, which I wanted to be a part of. I jumped in feet first and learnt everything about how I would get paid making money online. This gave me the idea that online marketing could be integrated into MLM. I was so excited at the idea that I could automate a MLM business from home and online.


Why does MLM claim to have the best paid jobs in the world?

In my opinion, beyond the financial benefits it gives people like you and me without prior skills or education to take control of our lives. MLM will take you on a journey of discovery where you will find out what you are really made of. At the same time, learning new skills that will branch out into all parts of your life outside the MLM industry.

Unlike the traditional business model where the owner is physically stuck in his or her business. MLM allows you to work when you wish, so you can live the life you deserve.

The network marketers main and in my view only role is to market their products. Meaning you get paid for moving products. However this is not the most important element of this business. The real power comes from the leverage you get from building a team. This allows you to maximize the amount of time you can work in a week.

Best paid jobs in the world

What does leverage mean in MLM?

In reality we can only work so many hours a week. I guess if we really push ourselves we could do 14 hours a day 7 days a week which is 98 hours a week. However, we would burn out quickly and end up doing nothing for the next month. In terms of the MLM industry, leverage means sharing the burden with others who also benefit financially from the jobs and work they do.

If you have 60 distributors in your business all working 10 hours a week you would have 600 hours of productivity going into your business every week. That is 502 hours more than you could ever achieve working 14 hours a day 7 days a week.

The main reason why people joining this industry see it as one of the best paid jobs in the world is because there is no limit to how much you can earn. If we include that tax exemption included and how much of that money you can keep.

The power of the internet

Now, consider the power of leverage in MLM and add the ultimate power of the internet and online marketing methods. In the past, MLM was about local leverage with the occasional international connection, but now the internet has given us unlimited global leverage from day one.

Just consider for a second how many people are on the interest. At the last count it was over 3 billion compared to your social circle of about 200 possible prospects. 

Is there any literature on how to build a world class MLM business online? 

Yes, there is a very informative eBook by Steven Jackson called “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. 

The eBook is for the total beginner or even someone just starting an MLM business online. It takes the student through all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed online in MLM.

To keep the student on track the eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks.  It allows you to keep track of your progress and learn while you earn online. The final goal of this eBook is to empower someone new to the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.

If you would like to purchase this eBook, click on the “eBook preview” button below.

eBook Preview

MLM industry

MLM industry and the rise of the internet

The virtual world of the internet and social media is simply an extension of the physical world. This is a quote I have used many times before in regard to the relationship between traditional MLM methods and the online hybrid method.

This is not to say that everyone is happy with the changing world of MLM. Many in the MLM industry still believe that the traditional methods are best.

Personally, I am not so dogmatic on the subject and I still believe that building that relationship with my team is the basis of building a successful business. The days when a network marketer needed to have a dynamic and magnetic personality to attach people into their business has gone. It is more unusual to meet a Colgate smiling network marketer, wearing a suit like a secondhand car salesman. It is more normal to find a relaxed and quiet home based business owner creating content online. In many ways this is a good thing to bring more respect into the industry.

As I have already mentioned, the additional leverage of the internet has made it possible for even the most antisocial nerd to be successful. The main reason for this is because most of our jobs involves sharing the products or the business to the public. If we consider the traditional MLM recruiting method of sharing the products and business with family and friends we have a maximum of 200 prospects. Out of them maybe a handful will buy your products or join your business. The last research done on how many people were on the internet in 2015 by the International Telecommunication Union was estimated at about 3.2 billion people. So, there is no better place than the internet to build an outstanding business.

I am not saying you must be on the internet to be successful, my question is, why wouldn’t you be on the internet? The top ranking leaders do not recruit family and friends, but they do understand that they need to do one important thing. That is to take control of their lead generation where they have an independent and continuous stream of warm leads on a daily basis. Most traditional MLM methods cannot do that unless they are working full-time or on the internet.

Lead Generation

Why is the MLM industry going to create even more high earners?

Returning to the original question and the high amount of big earners in this industry. The internet has made it an easier income possibility for anyone with access to the internet and some basic online skills. This allows the individual to develop themselves into an online marketing professional. Nobody is saying that learning to work online is going to make you a millionaire, however the global reach of the internet has made that possibly far more achievable than in the past.

In addition, the low cost startup and low risk element makes this affordable to almost anyone in the western world. If you compare the price of a franchise with McDonald’s it is a steal. However, the most empowering and equalizing factor of this industry is regardless of your age, gender, race, education or experience you can start a MLM business online or not. So, arguable there is online few high paying jobs without a degree or experience and that is MLM.

Is there training and support in online marketing in the MLM industry?

Not as much as you would think. There is a lot of fear and even doubt among new and old network marketers. The main issue seems to be that they simply don’t believe that online marketing even works or don’t understand how it works. I do understand their apprehension with online marketing methods. However, running a MLM business the traditional way needs more than sharing products with friends and family to be successful.

For many years I have been running my MLM business exclusively online with much success. So, people joining my team get the opportunity to learn the finer skills of working online in the network marketing industry. I tell all of my team from day one, that a lot of work is required. However, many realize quickly that even though the online methods work well there is more work than they are willing to commit. The paradox is that there is still less work than if they ran their MLM business the traditional way.

Best high paying jobs near me

The best high paying jobs near me meant opening my laptop!

I realized that searching for a local job was an observed idea. Working from home as an online entrepreneur sounded far more interesting, so I accepted my fate and absorbed myself into the industry.

My working week starts at about 7 am when I raise and make some breakfast and feed the dog, which is like a normal job. Then I watch the news and take my dog for a morning walk, which I love doing. When I return, I sit and watch my wife who insists on working, run around in a panic because she is going to be late for a meeting. When my wife has left for work, I make another coffee and quietly walk to my home office to write some content for my blog, reply to emails or speak to team members that need my attention.

What I love about running an MLM business online is:

  • If I walk down to a riverside cafe for lunch and a chat with a few friends or locals. I am still running my business 24/7
  • While I am sitting there enjoying my life I know that I am still sharing the business opportunity and products with the world 24/7.
  • If I want to take a last minute trip aboard with my wife. I am still promoting the business opportunity and products online 24/7.
  • And if I personally do nothing to promote my business for a few days, I know my system will still be working its magic 24/7.

This is the power and the freedom when the MLM industry moves online.

Online marketing

Can anyone become an online network marketer?

Whoever you are and whatever you do the MLM industry could be for you. If you have a laptop, PC or Mac gathering dust and you have the time and energy to start one of the best paid jobs in the world.  You should be considering joining the fastest growing MLM company in the world. This article has expand what is possible. so to make it possible to action today. 

Take Action

Is the doTERRA business opportunity worth the fuss and hype?

If someone asked you to, “start essential oil business with doTERRA” the first step should be to research what type of business it is, consider your options and read more about the company

This page should give you a full overview about what you should know before you start essential oil business such as doTERRA.

I personally believe that any new opportunity needs time to consider, review and be informed. So, below I have laid out all the facts to set you straight about this business opportunity called doTERRA.


doTERRA business overview

The company is called doTERRA and it was founded in 2008 with the goal of creating and developing the purest essential oil in the world. This idea was developed into a legitimate direct sales and network marketing company.

The cost to enroll as a wellness advocate / distributor is about 35$ in the US and 20€ or £20 in Europe and the UK. It is possible to get started with larger doTERRA distributor kits at a drastically reduced price.

doTERRA is a private network marketing company, started by former employees, executives and distributors of Young Living and Nuskin. Their main product line is therapeutic grade essential oils, but they also have related products that use essential oils.

doTERRA has been a massive success story from the start and since then has gone global employing over 1700 staff in the US, Europe and Asia. In fact in their first year they did over a million dollars in sales.

doTERRA business opportunity

doTERRA product overview

At the moment, doTERRA has over 100 different products, ranging from therapeutic grade essential oils and blends, weight management products, supplements, hair, face and body products, diffusers and other accessories.

If you would like to see the whole product list and browse the price list – click on the download button below:


The doTERRA Compensation Plan

As usual and doTERRA is no exception, there is more than one way to earn from the doTERRA business opportunity, such as retail sales, the power of 3 bonus and the uni-level bonus and so on. However, to learn far more I have embed a video that explains everything:

How to get the best out of your doTERRA Comp Plan

doTERRA is a relationship business, so building relationships will be a big part of your business. However, a key element of most MLM business opportunities is recruiting and training new members to your team and then training them to do the same with their downline.

The mastering of the classic duplication method through the enrollment and educating process will help maximize your income, however since the advancement of the internet, many prefer to use online methods of recruitment and training such as podcasts, webinars and online groups.

The online method of enrollment is making the duplication method also automated using platforms and marketing methods such as blogging, article marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, podcast and video. These methods, many have argued, are not duplicatable, but personally, with most of us working and living online most of our lives, this marketing technique is as duplicatable as the old marketing model in MLM.

doTERRA ranks

What are the doTERRA ranks?

Nearly all MLM companies have a ranking system to allow members to achieve new levels and better earnings by achieving new ranks. It is possible to rise up a few levels via retail sales but if you want the big money you will need to enroll new members.

The list of doTERRA ranks are:

  • Wellness Associate
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Executive
  • Elite
  • Premier
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Presidential Diamond

To find out more about the doTERRA ranks click on the learn more button below


What type of people join doTERRA?

When the words essential oils, wellness and personal development appear in the description of a company and business we are mindful of professions such as yoga teacher, aromatherapists, nutritionists and therapists. And yes, there is a lot of the above, but there are also network marketing professionals and online marketers that see doTERRA as a great vehicle for making a passive income. However, regardless if the wellness advocate is a hippy or a geek, success comes from building a team, using and sharing the products.

Start essential oil business

Is it possible to start essential oil business like doTERRA and then build it successfully online?

I have added this question because it has become increasingly important to many people. Since 2020-21 the amount of people searching for home based work options have increased by a large amount. However, building a doTERRA business online requires some knowledge of the internet or willingness to learn about online marketing.

With this in mind, I would suggest checking out my eBook “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. This eBook is designed for the total beginner who wants to build a doTERRA business online. It comes from years of experience building my own doTERRA business online.

What will you find in this eBook?

It will take the student through all the skills and knowledge needed to build a doTERRA business online. The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks with subjects ranging from keyword optimization, content writing and building a warm leads list. The final goal of this eBook is to empower someone new to doTERRA and the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.

To find out more about this eBook, click on the “eBook Preview” button below:


What are the pros and cons of doTERRA?


doTERRA is a well established company

His company has been around since 2008 and I don’t believe it is going anywhere soon, because in 2016 doTERRA became a billion dollar company. There are only a few MLM companies who have achieved a similar milestone, one being Herbalife.

doTERRA products are high quality

You can never totally trust negative reviews because they could easily be written by distributors in other companies, however regarding doTERRA, 80% of the reviews on Amazon rate their products at 5 stars, which is impressive.

doTERRA is an international company

This has become less of an issue but in the past many MLM companies wanted its distributor to work in one country or zone. This was very annoying when we may have had friends, family or connections in other countries, but I believe since the internet clearly opened the world to everyone, companies such as doTERRA has seen the world as its playground.

doTERRA allows the wellness advocate to enroll members in almost every country in the world, either as an open country or a global access country.

Corporate global charity work

I was surprised how big doTERRA’s charity work was and how much the owners were personally involved. You have got to hand it to doTERRA because it is rare for a large corporation to finance and contribute to over 50 causes and community outreach programs around the world.

Here is just a few of their charity programs below:

  • Bring Aid to Children Worldwide
  • Help Those Infected With HIV
  • Global Relief Fund
  • H.O.P.E. For The Hungry
  • Wellness Advocate Through Social Work
  • Pregnancy Resource Center
  • United Angels Foundation
  • Helping Hands Resource Center


This personally not a Con for me, but many it maybe

The strange paradox is that no matter how great the product is, how much a customer loves them and how much the customer would love to sell them, the MLM concept puts them off. I think network marketing and MLM has become more acceptable than it was 20-30 years ago, but still totally misunderstood as a business model.

In reality, some will be happy with the MLM model and others will not, so from the start it is best to get that sorted your head.


Many new wellness advocates will say sponsoring new members is a challenge and yes it may be a challenge. As a friend in the industry would tell me that day, “Some will, some won’t, so what, Next!” because it is a part of the work.

Often, they have asked everyone they know such as family and friends to start essential oil business with them and then nothing. The art of sponsoring new people into their MLM business is an art that needs someone who can help and mentor them to success.


The final conclusion about a doTERRA Business Opportunity

Finally, with all the pros and cons that every business and jobs has, doTERRA is a legitimate business opportunity and certainly not a scam. Consider this, if doTERRA was less than 100% legitimate, the FTC or other regulatory bodies in the US, the EU and Australia would have closed them down.

The main reason for people to call an MLM business such as doTERRA a scam is normally because the person does not fully understand how it works, expects the money to flow into their bank account even when they have done nothing or simply they are unable to make the MLM model work for them.

What is the doTERRA average earnings?

doTERRA is regarded by many as the best MLM business opportunity available online at the moment. The main reason is that doTERRA is a stable business which was established in 2008 and offers consultants an unlimited earning potential. doTERRA also has a high retention rate (65%) and offers 25% off all doTERRA Products. In addition, 62% of Leaders achieve the rank of Silver with the average annual earnings of about $26,600 and 23% of Leaders achieve the rank of Gold with the average annual earnings of about $59,000. (doTERRA cannot guarantee earnings)

However, the doTERRA opportunity has one major advantage over many of the other MLM companies and that is the high quality of their products.

Once someone becomes a doTERRA consultant they will be joining a team of experienced leaders that will help them gain knowledge and the skills needed to gain success. Some teams have a free training program available starting with the doTERRA edge training, which is very effective in fast starting the new consultants business.

How to join doTERRA?

It is possible to become a doTERRA wellness advocate for as little as 35$ (20€ / £20 / 50 AUD) which includes a free webshop for marketing, back office for admin and no monthly fee.

Below I have set out full enrollment instructions to make the whole process as simple as possible:

  1. Click here (Technical advice: Mobile devices can have glitches, for best results use the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer)
  2. Choose your preferred language and country of residence.
  3. Choose your kit (When you purchase a product enrollment the enrollment fee is waived)
    • To purchase the 35$ enrollment, click on the “Individual Products” button and then click on the Bag button on the top right hand side of the page.
  4. Review your order and proceed to checkout
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Choose Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer
  7. Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  8. All Wellness Advocate packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  9. Fill in your Shipping details
  10. Pay for your order

In a few minutes you will receive an email welcoming you to your business and access to your Membership.

Hope you have enjoyed this doTERRA business opportunity review. If you would like to know more about doTERRA click on the “Learn More” button below and add your name and email address on the form and I will send you details asap…..


How to start freelancing online work from home in Finland

Have you been searching for jobs in Finland for English speakers for a long time without much success? So, what is your alternative?

This is a big issue for lots of people who try to live and work in Finland and consequently we become frustrated and angry. I am not sure who we are angry with. Maybe ourselves or Finnish society itself. However, when I speak to new arrivals I hear the same argument, that everyone speaks good English, but I can’t get a job in English apart from crappy cleaning jobs in Helsinki. The reason for this is that you are living in Helsinki or another major Finnish city where English is used more often for tourism and international business. So, unless you are in one of these professions the Finnish job market needs you are going to end up struggling to find employment.


What options do I have in regards to finding work in Finland for foreigners?

One option that many foreigners use to get their foot in the door is starting their own business. Often they start pizza kebab restaurants which is a lot of work and very long hours. The main issue with this business model is like any traditional business model. There is a high financial commitment in loans. In addition, the failure rate of these businesses is massive. For example, in my small town in the south of Finland in the main center there are about ten pizza kebab restaurants which seem to be empty most evenings. 

Freelancing online work from home

Why are so many foreigners failing in business in Finland?

Arguably the language is an issue, but also racism, not fully understanding their business model and not seeing that so many similar businesses in one area. The supply outweighs the demand by a massive amount and so the only winners are the property renters and the banks and not the business owners.

Finally, the financial outlay and commitment is so stressful for many when they realize that once their business has failed they will still need to repay the loans and debts created during the operation of their business. Sadly, there are too many ex foreign business owner doing dishwashing jobs in Helsinki wishing they had tried something more affordable such as freelance work online.


What is the alternative to finding jobs in Finland for English speakers?

About fifteen years ago after a failed attempt at running a traditional business I decided to try an alternative route to business success. I had begun to learn Finnish and was starting to cope with everyday situations and doing small jobs in Helsinki for English speakers here and there. However for me it was not enough, in fact, I can remember my wife telling me to stop complaining about everything and do something about it.

In general, I know that our partners give us all the support they can, but really in my mind I just didn’t want someone else paying the bills for me. Yes, we have all been there and most of us hate it. We want our own money, so we don’t need to ask for a sub every time we want or need to buy something for ourselves.

One day I had had enough, I needed to find a solution to my financial situation and find work in Finland. However, it was so frustrating, my Finnish skills were just not good enough even though I had been attending Finnish language classes at the local Folk school .

Understanding that learning Finnish was going to be a long term project I began to realize that I needed an alternative way of earning a living. This meant I needed to think out of the box. My past disaster of running a business has put me off of investing large amounts of money, so I started to consider a low cost business models and if it was even possible.

Searching for home based work in Finland for foreigners

I had thought about working from home before, because I had all the tools at home such as a PC and a small office. However, I needed to find the right business that would work for me. That meant an opportunity that I could trust and share globally as well as in Finland.

In my mind the global aspect was going to be the key and since the internet had become the doorway to the world I was sure that I could create a business at a very low cost. At the time, my frustration with using Finnish had made it clear to me that Finland itself was not going to bring in enough money. 

English is the language of the internet and international business and much of the world uses it as a first, second or even third language. In addition, rich western countries were already accustomed to using and buying products and building relationships online, such as the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.


What type of freelancing online work from home businesses are available in Finland?

I was surprised how much is available in Finland and relatively cheap to start. So, I started wondering why more Finnish people were not involved. The reason seems to be the difference between speaking English in social situations and speaking English at work or in business. This is a real advantage for the English speaking foreigners wanting to make a success of living in Finland.

After days of researching hundreds of home based work in Finland for foreigners businesses on the internet, I found what I was looking for. There were only a few major things I felt were a must and that was:

  • Low startup fee
  • Available globally as well as in Finland
  • No monthly costs
  • Respected company

However, in the end I found a company that gave me everything and more.

  • They were available globally as well as in Finland
  • They had a low registration fee of 20€ + taxes and postage
  • They offered a free webshop and back office as apart of the business package
  • There was no monthly fee
  • And there was free training available online

Everything seemed to click into place, even the registration was easy and so within minutes I was up and going. Within a month I was earning a small income which was paid straight into my company account allowing me to access it as and when I wanted Within a year a nice income that even my wife could not really believe.

The main key to running a home business is to run it as a business. Work the hours you say you are going to work because in reality “Work is required” and be sure that your wife and children understand that you are at work even though you are at home.

Jobs in Finland for English speakers

There are no excuses, because there is always work in Finland for foreigners

The best freelance work from home jobs for those serious about working are here. It may mean creating your own success story as an entrepreneur and doing freelancing online work from home.  But frankly, what have you got to loose, because in Finland it is possible to get start from as little as 20€.

Here is what you get for your money:

  • A stable and reliable opportunity that was Founded in 2008 and available in Finland
  • A company that is debt free with no outside funding
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • A company that has a high retention rate of over 65% meaning that return sales are high which is one of the best in the industry
  • You will gets 25% off all products
  • You will get a Free webshop and a Free back office
  • You will pay no monthly fee
  • You will receive bonuses and commissions

Final words about online working from home

Nobody is saying that running a business in Finland is easy.

Clearly it is not!

If you have been here a while you already know that. However, the ability to create your own wealth is empowering and will give you the freedom to choose where and how you live your lives. In addition,  your family and friends will see you so differently you can not believe it.

If you have any questions about alternatives for jobs in Finland for English speakers add your name and email address on the form below and we will get back to you asap…..


How to sell essential oils from home and make money

The fact I have been able to make money selling essential oils over the last few years has been a great sense of pride for me

I have worked on many online, direct marketing and network marketing businesses in my time with modest success. One day I was suggested by a friend of mine that therapeutic grade essential oils was going to be the next gold rush in the home based business industry. Yes, firstly, I was a bit skeptical, but at the same time curious what she was talking about.

She assured me that people will want to purchase high quality oils. She believed that the public was becoming more and more irritated and disillusioned with the large pharmaceutical companies and doctors pushing drugs onto the public rather than offer more people friendly alternatives.


Why essential oils?

The way she was going on about essential oils and their benefits was a big surprise until I casually mentioned it to a colleague of mine at work. She told me she loves using essential oils and they were very beneficial for her autistic daughter. Her main problem was finding good quality oils in her local area. So, of course, I wanted to know what she meant by good quality and that is when the penny dropped.

She told me that the most important characteristic of an essential oil was its purity. In addition, the local stores that sell essential oils did not offer such a high standard. The marketer in me realized that there was a niche in the essential oils market. This existed and so I quickly returned to my friend for more information.

Sell essential oils from home

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural compounds found in various parts of plants. They give plants not only their fragrance but also their immunity. This is the root of their wellness capabilities for humans.

I personally knew very little about essential oils apart from adding them to my diffuser, so my friend suggested I try some of the oils. I started to diffuse Lavender, Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang essential oils to see if they could possibly help me relax in the evening. After about 30 minutes, I could feel my mood change to a more relaxed and focused feeling. I was also having a few nights where I was finding it hard to fall asleep and staying asleep.


Why should you get involved in essential oils direct sales and network marketing?

Home businesses in the direct sales industry have not been as passionately received for years as they have with essential oils. The main reason is essential oils are so versatile such as home remedies and an alternative to using medication for small ailments to name a few. In addition, many people are looking for alternative and safer methods to treat minor ailments. This ideology has developed into a rise in the use of essential oils over the last few years.

So, this is the prime time to become an essential oil distributor and earn some of that money you have always wanted. However, because essential oils are so popular the next stage is to consider the ways that someone new to the industry can learn how to make money selling them online and in person.


How to make money selling essential oils?

There are many ways to run an essential oils business and really it should be a choice for you and your personal circumstance. For example, if you are a yoga teacher, integrating the oils into your yoga classes is a great way to introduce the oils to an already respective audience. Or if you are an online marketer then you already have some skills and knowledge to market your business globally. However, everybody needs to look at themselves and decide what knowledge they already have and where new skills need to be developed.

The main methods of selling essential oils is:

  • Running essential oil classes
  • Using essential oils in your yoga classes
  • Party plan and house parties
  • Coffee mornings and chat about the oils
  • Meetings and events
  • Blogging
  • Online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Sales table in health and wellness shows

These are just a few ideas but thinking out of the box is a great way to share the oils where they would not normally be seen.

Is it really possible to do essential oils direct sales as a blogger and online marketer?

Yes, of course, the main issue for most people considering starting an essential oils direct sales are their lack of skills. Fortunately, the skills and knowledge needed to share your oil business online is easier than you would imagine. That isn’t to say it is any easier and work of month advertising.

Online marketing and blogging is hard work and needs at least an element of creativity and writing skills. However, if this method of building an essential oils business seems to be your thing you will need to read this eBook.

The best eBook for building an essential oils business online is the “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing” by Steven Jackson.

This eBook is for the total beginner who wants to build an essential oils business online. It will take you through all the skills and knowledge needed to successfully sell essential oils from home and online. The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks. The subjects are ranging from keyword optimization, content writing and building a warm leads list. The final goal of this eBook is to empower someone new to the essential oils and MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.


Make money selling essential oils

How to choose a essential oils direct sales company

When choosing an essential oils company, the products should be the best quality therapeutic grade essential oils. The next priority is how the business pays its bonuses and how it operates.

The main concept in direct sales and network marketing is the importance of building relationships and networking. It is also paramount in regards to recruiting new consultants and earning money. The reason for this is because when someone joins your team in your choosing company,  you will receive a percentage of their sales in bonuses. The same is true for the person that enrolled you into the company. Most of the essential oils direct sales companies run a similar business model so it will be in the end your choice.

At the end of the day, your earnings will be defined by how much time and effort you are willing to put into your business as an essential oils consultant. So, before embarking on this journey, click on the “Learn More” button below and find out what it’s all about.


What does it mean to become an Essential oils Consultant?

Becoming an essential oils consultant may not be for everyone. In theory it should be a flexible and easy way to start a business from home. However, to make money, work is required. So if you do not have at least a few hours a day to commit to this business you are unlikely to make it a success. Like running any business the hours need to be put in and it is very possible you will need to step outside your comfort zone.

I believe the best mindset to have when starting an essential oils business start up is to imagine that you have invested 20000$ into your business rather than 35$. 35$ is the normal start up fee for an essential oils direct sales businesses.

Essential oils direct sales

Information about the best company to sell essential oils from home

This company offers a range of products starting from therapeutic grade essential oils to essential oil infused toothpaste and supplements. They are sold on a philosophy of natural living by essential oil consultants that speaks very loudly to millions of people around the world.

  • A stable and reliable company, founded in 2008
  • A debt free company with no outside funding
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • A company that has a high retention rate of over 65%
  • The essential oils consultant gets 25% off all products
  • The essential oils consultant gets a free webshop and a Free back office
  • No monthly fee
  • Low start up fee (35$ / 20€ / £20)
  • Receive bonuses on their sales
  • Free online training


Final Words

Not surprisingly since becoming an essential oils consultant I am a massive advocate for essential oils. We have been using them everyday for everything. We have cleared out our home from any toxic chemical cleaning and replaced them with essential oils cleaning products. Any small ailments we go straight to the oils where we know we will find a simple and safe solution.

We have found that since joining an essential oils direct sales business that our whole life has changed dramatically. Not just financially, but also our lifestyle, because it ticks all the boxes to what we have always wanted in life.

If you want more information about how to make money selling essential oils – Click on the “Learn More” button below and I will get back to you asap…..


How to become a direct sales oils distributor

There are many direct sales consultant opportunities available all over the world, but choosing the right one for you can sometimes be a bit of a challenging

It’s funny when I think back to my first few direct sales opportunities  many years ago, there was no internet, no online training and the business opportunity meeting was held in hotels business lounges. Looking back I wonder how we ever made things works, but somehow we made money and enjoying a high end lifestyle.


Since those days the direct sales and MLM industry has changed. We no longer need to attend hotel meetings, because everything is online with a weekly webinar, social media marketing, podcasts and one on one Skype calls.

Even selling products to the customer has changed. Generally, most companies give their distributors a free personalized webshop allowing the distributor to share their products with family, friends and prospective customers. This concept reduces the working time for the distributor, allowing their customers to do the orders independently unlike it was in the passed.

Direct sales oils

The small business and the direct sales consultant opportunities

What I find amazing is that 52% of all small businesses in the U.S. are running their businesses directly from their homes. This is of course good financial sense, because most people understand the financial and personal freedom of running a business from their home.

It is clear that if you live in the middle of nowhere the last thing someone should be doing is travelling all day. Nobody needs to be wasting time and energy driving into the nearest town or city, rent some office space and driving back home again. Money and time saved by working from home does not need explaining.

The environmental reasons for working form home as a direct sales oils distributor

For most of us, we have a new sense of responsibility that our impact on the world is something we can do rectify. In the past, maybe not so much, but today there are three simply things we can do the help the environment and help and support our family at the same time. 

The three things that direct sales oils are doing for the environment:

  1. Stop commuting to your work place or office
  2. Transferring your paper waste into digital formats
  3. Reduce your energy usage by working at home rather than working in a large office 

Stop commuting to your work place or office

This is a no brainer, because you are saving so much money and time from not driving to the city or town. The technology in communication will reduce your carbon footprint by a massive degree. In addition, if you are commuting over an hour a day it could be argued that you are getting back over 20 hours a month for you and your family. 

Transferring your paper waste into digital formats

Paper waste in most cases are unnecessary., even though I have heard that some people are still using fax machines.  Most of the top independent sales consultant companies have taking paper out of their system. This not only saves the company money, it also saves the environment, if we consider the amount of tree needs and the chemicals used to make paper in the first place. Finally, think about the amount of paper that is simply thrown into the bin in only one day and then divide that into a month. You will be shocked how much is wasted.

Reduce your energy usage by working at home rather than working in a large office 

Apart from driving or using public transport, the energy used in the office is massive. However, we shouldn’t forget the water wastage, the construction of the office and other environment damage even before it is being used as an office.

Working form home as a direct sales consultant will reduce your carbon footprint and even you own cost by a considerable amount. Consider how many coffee’s and snaked you buy in a day and how much you would save just going to your fridge.

Anyone can be a direct sales consultant

However, what may need clarifying is that the home based direct selling concept gives individuals who otherwise would not have work at all the opportunity to start a business from home. So, if you are a parent looking after children, disabled and unable to travel far from home, unemployed, caring for an elderly parent or simply needing some extra money, direct sales consultant opportunities could be for you.


What is the best products to sell?

The title of this page has already given you a clue of what one of the best product is for the home based market and that is therapeutic grade essential oils. The most popular items to sell online at the moment is health and wellness products which essential oils is apart of. The main reason is because most of us are all looking towards a healthier lifestyle, OK Bob down my local bar isn’t but most of us are looking to feel better.

With this in mind the internet is full of people search for products such as essential oils for small ailments rather than yet another drug or medicine from the pharmacist. In addition, essential oils are trending on Google trends by a massive amount, even out trending other health and wellness products consistently. And because the internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week it gives the home based business a global audience allowing them to become a very profitable company in the essential oils genre.

Most profitable direct sales companies

Where can I find the most profitable direct sales companies if I want to become a direct sales oils distributor?

I understand that before someone decides to become an essential oil distributor they want to know if they are joining the most profitable one. So let me assure you that there is only one company that stands out from the rest of the direct sales consultant opportunities.

As a distributor you will be able to get started for only 35$ which includes a FREE personalized webshop and back office, 25% off all their products, and unlimited earning potential.

In addition,  starting a direct sales oils business doesn’t require the same high admin costs of a traditional brick and mortar business, so when you decide to take action be assured that you will not be laying out a lot of cash.

The fact is, working from home has much more flexibility and control than starting a traditional business, so for the stay at home parents that wished they could contribute something to the household finances as well as caring for your family a direct sales distributor opportunity may tick the boxes for you.

This essential oils opportunity is one of the best in the world and so the income potential is unlimited. However the most empowering factor is  when you learn how to generate money online, you are educating yourself to become financially independent. Being financially independent means freedom to do and be whatever you want.

Direct sales consultant opportunities

What is the beauty of running direct sales consultant opportunities?

Finally, running your own essential oils business is very rewarding and positive experience you and your customers. Yes, the motto means a lot to some people but the benefits that come from the oils out-weigh almost anything else you will do in your life, because the oils will be the first place you will go for all your aches and pains, now and in the future.  

If you have any questions about becoming a direct sales oils distributor or you would like me to send you a our essential oils catalog and guide, click on the “Learn More” button below and I will get back to you asap.


How to become a doTERRA essential oils consultant

doTERRA essential oils

Selling doTERRA oils is a great way to make money on the side or over time as a full time career, but is it really possible to make a living from doTERRA?

Anyone reading this page or listening to my podcasts has already a desire for a healthier lifestyle and to earn extra money. If you haven’t already realized, your actions when searching to become a doTERRA wellness advocate, consultant or rep means that you have already made a decision to be more than you are.

My name is Steven Jackson and I am a wellness advocate leader with doTERRA. I am also an online marketer, eBook author and podcaster for many years. I saw doTERRA as a great opportunity to bring all my skills and knowledge together in one goal. The goal was to become financially independent and live and work wherever I pleased, (as long as my wife said it was OK).

Fortunately, for me and my marriage, my wife does think it’s OK, because now she enjoys the fruits of my labour and the sunshine that comes with it.

So, lets say for argument sake, you have been searching the internet to become a Wellness Advocate and you have found me.


Why join a doTERRA leader rather than someone else?

Unfortunately,  not all Wellness Advocates are equal. Most wellness advocates do not consider themselves or even want to see themselves as leaders. So it not surprising why searching for a good mentor and supportive leader is difficult to do.

However, a deeper question needs to be asked of yourself and what your motivations are for joining doTERRA. I don’t believe that anyone expects someone new to doTERRA to be a confident, knowledgeable and a focused leader for day one. However, there needs to be a desire to be more than you are. So, to find out what you want from doTERRA you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want to:
    • Join doTERRA to earn extra money?
    • Just purchase oils at 25% below retail?
  2. Do you see doTERRA as a:
    • Serious business?
    • A nice little part time hobby?
  3. Do you want to:
    • Learn new skills and be proactive?
    • Learn nothing, because you are not interested in being too involved?
  4. Do you want to:
    • Invest 20 or more hours a week in your business?
    • Do a few funny hours here and there?
  5. Do you want to:
    • Be a leader and run a large team?
    • Do you want to just run a few parties with no responsibilities?
  6. Do you want to:
    • Be mentored by an experienced leader in doTERRA?
    • Do you want to do it in your own time?

As you might have noticed the questions are loaded and very black and white. There is no wrong answers but your answers will tell you what you want from doTERRA.

Results: If you have answered with all “A” statements then it is possible you are a leader. However, if you have answered with all “B” statements you are not ready to commit to the business. This does not mean you will not be in the future, but at this time you are not. This means you may be more interested in becoming a wholesale customer. A mix of “A” and “B” statements could indicate that you would be more comfortable as a low key and part time wellness advocate.

As you can see, not all Wellness Advocates are equal because we all don’t want the same thing. However, if you have joined doTERRA to make extra money and to build a business you are in the right place. However, you will need to be willing to invest your time in learning and working on your business. This means you seriously need to consider carefully who you are joining. It will make a difference between success and failure.

Selling doTERRA oils

Why join my doTERRA essential oils team?

After over 20 years in the network marketing and later in the online marketing industry, I have a track record of helping and supporting new members to success.


How I help and support a new leader

As I hinted, not every doTERRA essential oils consultant wants to become a leader.  Some just want to sell essential oils and buy doTERRA essential oils wholesale, which is completely fine. However, for those who want more, I am committed to give you 110% of my time and energy towards your success. In addition, I will educate and train you on how to become successful in your doTERRA business. This will include one on one training, additional online and regional training and personally help to build your team if I see potential.

This is my commitment to you.

What do I expect from my leaders

Simply, I expect commitment. Starting a doTERRA business means putting in the time and energy into making your business work. Even though the startup fee is only 35$ (20€ / £20) it does not mean it is less of a business. So commit yourself to 15 – 20 hours a week and over time you will be successful.

These are some traits and actions that need to be taken for someone to be a successful leader:

  • Be a serious dreamer
  • Aim for your goals
  • Aim high!
  • Know your WHY!
  • List all the possible changes you will need to make in your life
  • Clarify all skills needed to achieve your set of goals
  • Make your goals achievable
  • Make a 1-year plan
  • Specify the moves you need to make to achieve your goals
  • Mark all the things you will do within a year on your calendar
  • Always make assessments on your business plan
  • Become a Leader

How much can someone earn selling doTERRA products and what does doTERRA income disclosure mean?

A good question and one that everyone should ask from day one. My wife is a real estate agent and she knows exactly what she is earning. So, to make it clear, this is not a job and you do not earn wages. When you join doTERRA you are self employed or for a better word a freelancer. So, the money earned comes from the work you do as commissions. The income disclosure just means that the average annual earnings shown on the chart are not guaranteed wages, but commissions for the work you have done.

Below are the three types of wellness advocate we find in this business and what their earn potentials are:

Wellness advocates that simply love the oils

Many wellness advocates that join doTERRA, because they love the oils and they can purchase them at the wholesale price. However, they may never earn commissions. The main reason is dependent on many factors including investment of time, interpersonal skills and leadership abilities. This may factor for almost 70% of all the Wellness Advocates globally.

Part-time Wellness advocates

On the other hand, wellness advocates that work part time and achieve the lower ranks may earn a small income. These are people who have reached Manager, Director and Executive pay ranks. Those who achieve these lower ranks, could earn anything between $700 and $1700 a year depending on their rank and how much they commit to their business.

In the mid range ranks such as Elite and Premier earn an average annual part-time income of between $4,281 to $10,507.

Wellness Advocate leaders

Anyone achieving the Silver rank or above are considered leaders. When someone achieves these ranks they already understand the power and the income possibilities of being with doTERRA. About 62% of the active members will achieve the rank of Silver and have an average annual income of about $28,205.

For the full doTERRA income disclosure pay details for ranks Silver and about please refer to the chart below:

So, what do the different types of Wellness Advocate tell us?

Of course, it tells us that we are all different and we all want different things in life. We may all want some kind of success in life, but we may not want to be a successful Wellness Advocate.

However, those of you who want to become successful here is the last peace to the puzzle to make it clear. The most important factor for the part-time reps and leaders are customers.

  • Are there enough customers?
  • Will they return for more products?
  • Will they want to become wholesale customers or wellness advocates at a later date?

Fortunately, 80% of all new members in the United States join as wholesale customers or retail customers. This means that there is a massive customer base which provides a very stable income for the wellness advocate. In addition, doTERRA enjoys a 65 percent retention rate, compared to the direct sell industry average which is nearer 10 percent. This means when someone becomes a doTERRA customer, 65 percent of them reorder, share the products, or build a business.

doTERRA income disclosure: The earnings disclosure provides solid figures about the real earnings of the average distributor. All earnings are made on a freelance basis and so is achieved by the work the distributor puts into their business.


Why join doTERRA?

This is a question I was asked recently when I was doing a prospecting call. He was looking to join doTERRA because he had heard good things about them.

He simply asked me,”What do you think, honestly?”

I told him that “doTERRA is one of the best businesses of its type”. doTERRA is an honest, reliable and a safe company and the best I have ever worked with. They help bring the best out of people regardless of their gender, race or social class. I believe that doTERRA is one of the best home based businesses around and offers the best essential oils available in the world today.

The process I went through before I joined doTERRA was quite simple. I wanted to join an essential oils business, so that I could make money. The products needed to be sellable and high quality while the company needed to be honest, reliable and professional. Of course, before joining any business we need to have faith and a belief that the company is legitimate. However, we can’t be 100% sure until we have enrolled in the system.

I was lucky

doTERRA is a great example of how a network marketing company should be run, because everything on the whole works.

How about their essential oils?

For many, the oils are the prime reason for joining doTERRA. Words I consistently hear since being with doTERRA is sustainability,  purity and quality. This starts from the harvesting of the raw product and how the workers are treated. This continues into the testing and the quality protocol and onto the customer.

This has been doTERRA’s vision from the very start when they were founded in 2008. Today they still ensure that their oils are at the highest standard possible via their quality protocol.  The quality protocol was created to guarantee the therapeutic grade standard of the oils. This means the oils are undiluted and pure, free from artificial ingredients, fillers, contaminants, pesticides or other chemical residues.

Tell me more about doTERRA’s sustainability policy

Sourcing of the raw products and creating sustainable harvesting as well as living and working conditions of the workers is an important measurement of doTERRA’s global success. doTERRA works in many developing countries and has developed long term, mutually beneficial partnerships. This has helped create sustainable jobs and provide reliable incomes in underdeveloped areas.

doTERRA sources to date 130 oils from 40 countries worldwide. This ensures that the plants are grown where they are meant to be grown while given back to society.

Does selling doTERRA products mean I need to have full knowledge of essential oils?

Of course, it would be great if you were an aromatherapist, but having full knowledge of the oils is not necessary at the start. Over time everybody involved with doTERRA learns about the oils because they are immersed into the essential oils culture.

What are essential oils?

They can be used topically, aromatically and internally for various ailments and conditions. Essential oils contain antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Their benefits have been shared with the world for over 4000 years in health care, food preparation, beauty treatments and even religious ceremonies. This means for many who believe that nature is best and a chemical free home is a healthy home. Using essential oils is not only a pleasant aroma, but also a must have addition to their home.

What are the benefits of using essential oils?

My first experience with essential oils was some years ago when my wife started using them. She was using them for diffusing our home as an air refresher because we had a dog. She would normally use lavender, orange or even peppermint from the local health shop, but complained that they were sickly sweet and not always pleasant.

Since, I was working online and in network marketing I promised I would search for something better. That is when I was introduced to doTERRA. The first thing we noticed about doTERRA’s products was the quality. This is when we realized that the quality of the oil was connected to their benefits. In doTERRA the quality protocol ensures that the oils are of a high quality.

What can essential oils be used for in everyday life?

The uses are vast, for example you can create a first aid kit with essential oils at its base, insect repellent and even on horses when they have colic. Essential oils can also aid digestion, lessen pain, boost mood and memory, decrease inflammation and support a healthy immune response.

Some other uses of essential oils are:

  • They can be used to clean cuts and grazes
  • For those who wants to detox the homes, essential oils are great as household cleaning products
  • They can be diffused as a air refresher at home or at work
  • They can be used in cooking
  • Lavender oil can be diffused next to the bed as a great way to promote sleep
  • And my personal favorite because I suffer from sinuses is peppermint oil

These are just a few examples of how to use essential oils. If you would like more information and a free essential oils guide . Click on the download button below.


How do you use doTERRA essential oils?

Generally, essential oils come in two types; they are single oil and blended oils. A single oil is as it says, an oil that has only one raw product in its makeup, for example, lavender oil only uses lavender plants in the oil. On the other hand, a blended oil may continue many oils and may even continue a carrier oil given it a shorter shelf life. One example of a doTERRA blend is the AromaTouch blend. Its ingredients include Cypress Leaf, Peppermint Plant, Marjoram Leaf, Basil Leaf, Grapefruit Peel, Lavender Flower essential oils. and should be used with a carrier oils.

There are three methods of using essential oils, they are aromatically, topically and internally.


The aroma method of using the oils is the most common and if you have ever used the low quality oils you have used a candle diffuser to create an aroma at home.

However, when you use doTERRA oils in these methods you can use it also as a facial steamer to clear your airway and skin or even in a sauna to detox the body. Even inhaling the oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus will clear your airways fast.


When we use the word topically it means to put the oil onto the skin, such as in a massage, in a bath or rubbed into your hair. It is suggested that oils applied topically should be used with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. The therapeutic benefits of the oils travels around the bloodstream to support skin conditions as well as muscular and joint pain.


The idea of consuming essential oils is something of a personal choice. However, let me assure you, it is OK, doTERRA oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, which means there are no impurities. At the same time, do not use any essential oils internally apart from those that guarantee 100% purity such as doTERRA. I personally don’t have an issue with it and my wife uses the oils internally all the time for various reasons.

Here are a few common examples:

  • Peppermint oil: A few drops in green tea to create a peppermint green tea
  • Oregano oil: A few drops in Italian food to give it a real strong Oregano flavor
  • Lemon oil: A few drops of ice and water for a refreshing lift you up.

How to become a doTERRA essential oils consultant?

If you have read the whole of this page, congratulations! You are ready and committed to know more about doTERRA, their products and this great opportunity.

You have two choice from here onward:

  1. Click on the enrollment link below and get started (I will reach out to you in a few day via email)
  2. Add your name and email address on the form below and I will get back to you asap with your FREE doTERRA guide and price list. If you live outside the US click the appropriate link below (If you do not receive an email check your spam box or send me a WhatsApp message)

doTERRA Enrollment instruction

These instructions are generic because some countries have slightly different enrollment instructions, however these ones are the most commonly used.

  1. Click Here (Technical advice: Mobile devices can have glitches, for best results use the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer)
  2. Choose your preferred language and the country you reside.
  3. Choose your enrollment package (The basic enrollment kit is 35$ however if you purchase one of the many doTERRA enrollment kits such as “Natural Solutions Kit” the enrollment fee is waived as well as addition benefits, refer to Natural Solutions Kit description for details)
  4. To purchase only the 35$ enrollment, click on the “Individual Products” button and then click on the Bag button on the top right hand side of the page.
  5. Review your order and proceed to checkout
  6. Fill in your details
  7. Choose Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer
  8. Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  9. All Wellness Advocate packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  10. Fill in your Shipping details
  11. Pay for your order

Within a short while you will receive an email from doTERRA confirming your enrollment. Then within about 3 days or earlier you will receive another email from your Enroller welcoming you to doTERRA. The email will give you the opportunity to speak to your enroller and learn more about the products and business.

For more information about becoming a doTERRA essential oils consultant with my team click on the “Learn More” button below and add your name and email address on the form. We will get back to you asap.



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