Workplace wellness ideas for a healthier future

Factors that affect your fitness health and wellness are called to account when we find ourselves unable to complete simple daily tasks

Recently, I woke up in the night with such a painful lower back pain that I collapsed, revived later by a paramedic. Now, even though I am in my fifties I feel that I am quite fit and healthy. I attend the local gym two to three times a week and I walk to work. In addition, I try to eat healthily and taking a daily dose from the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack.

Workplace wellness ideas

Yes, I thought to myself, I am doing everything right and still I am becoming ill from bad backs and other ailments. So, I decided to go through a check list in my daily routine to see if I am doing anything that maybe of concern in for example my working, social and family life.

  • Walk to and from work (60 minutes a day)
  • Gym 2 to 3 times a week
  • Going for a drink with friends on Fridays
  • Healthy and homemade food
  • doTERRA Lifelong Vitality supplements
  • doTERRA essential oils for ailments
  • Walking the dog twice a day (Longer walks on weekend)
  • I don’t smoke

Everything seemed to be satisfactory apart from a few drinks on a Friday, which I feel the social benefits outweigh the health aspects of drinking. However, what I wasn’t thinking about was my work activates, when I started to look at my daily work life I realized that I was mainly slumped over a computer for most of the day. This position was not helpful in anyway and I am sure I was not at my best while sitting in this way.


How to develop wellness activities at work

Amazingly, the solution was quite simple. I purchased a standing table which I realized also I needed to do at home. Also, starting a few daily table workouts during the day has also helped.

In addition to a slight change in my daily wellness plan I also see that even though I became very ill, because of my past fitness and wellness routine my recovery rate was very fast and in a short time I was back at the gym and enjoying a normal life as I was before.

Wellness activities at work

Other workplace wellness ideas

Other issues for me in my work place is the amount of sweet sugary snacks available, I simply try to avoid them by bring a apple or some other fruit to work. If you have some weight issues also, I would suggest Slim and sassy blend in a bottle of water to reduce cravings.

The reality is having a healthier lifestyle is a matter of being realistic as well as proactive. If you are in you twenties you are of course fit or if you are not you should be, however, once we become forty and onward, we need to step up and stop procrastinating and work on maintaining a healthier routine.

  • Walking rather than going by car
  • Attend a gym or start a sport rather than sitting and watch sports on the television
  • Eating homemade food rather than proceed food
  • Choosing the healthy option rather than sugary donuts

These will not have a massive impact in itself, but it will over time make you feel better and when you are ill, you will have the strength to recover far quickly that others of your age and situation.


So, next time the factors that affect your fitness health and wellness are called into question after an illness, think about what you can do for your own well-being. Consider, what activities you can modify such as the activities you do at home while promoting better wellness activities at work and in your daily life.

Since becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate I have found that creating a healthier lifestyle does not mean completely living a sad and unhappy life of daily workout and tasteless health foods. It simply means making changes that suits you while helping you feel healthier.

If you would like to come on this journey with me and learn more about workplace wellness ideas and healthier living – Click here and consider becoming a doTERRA wholesale customer or better still a Wellness Advocate. Also, you can contact me for more details about anything on this blog.