Best way to pay off credit cards after overspend at Christmas

The average Christmas spending during the holiday season in the United State in 2019 was about 794$ per person

I would consider this a large amount of money to spend at Christmas when there could be more economical and better ways of investing in ones family. However, the reality is that large unaffordable amounts of money is being spent by people without the means of repaying it. This is creating a mountain of debt in America at over 1.022 trillion dollars. It is difficult to understand when only 38% of households in the US even have a credit card making the national average credit card debt even more perverse.  

The main reason to spend such large amounts of money is of course the winter holiday season in December. As you can imagine, it has become the busiest and the biggest sales period of the year for all the retailers on and off line. The biggest day is the ever more popular shopping weekend called Black Friday as well as other sales events such as Super Saturday which is the last Saturday before Christmas eve.

However, this article is not about the insane spending practices at Christmas, it is about the sad reality of over spending and maxing out credit cards to keep up with the Jones or the desire to give your children what our parents could not afford when you were young.


Average Christmas spending

Beyond your average Christmas spending and the downward spiral

The truth is that money management after the event is not always a reality or a solution. In reality, you have already spent all you could not afforded and now monthly repayments are due, which starts the “steal from Peter to pay Paul” scenario.

You have ended up paying the minimum monthly payments which will last 5 years with interest. Sadly, you also know that you will need to repeat the same action next Christmas creating a downward spiral forever.

We have all been in similar situations and found ourselves wondering what the hell to do and how to get out of this overwhelming mess. Fortunately for me, I saw the light early enough to avoid having my house or car repossessed or losing my credit. Regardless, there is a solution and maybe the smartest way to pay off credit cards and personal loads. It took me from being powerless to empowered and that was when I started a home based business.

I understand that this would not be the first place most would consider. However, a friend reached out to me at the right time and place in my life. And frankly, I needed to believe that I could make a success of running a business. However, I am glad I did and since then I have never looked back.

Best way to pay off credit cards

Five reasons why the best way to pay off credit cards debt is to start a home business        

  1. Financially better off: Financially, things are only going to get worse if you do not take action and confront your situation straight away. This is going to take strict financial management, personal discipline and a additional income stream. So, once you have made the decision to change something in your life you will have moved towards a better financial future. It may mean when you want to do something fun, you just can’t because you are working on your business or you have spent your budget for that week, it will be tough but in the end you will be better off.
  2. Affordable business: Working from home is going to be your best and cheapest option especially if you have children and a family, but also if you had it in mind to take another job you are likely to end up spending more time, money and energy than you are able to afford. A home business allows you to reduce household costs to the minimum by using a home computer and a kitchen table. In addition, outgoings such as travelling to work, purchasing a snack and your personal time will be reduced by a massive amount.
  3. Unlimited income possibilities: Many home business give you the opportunity to earn as little or as much as you want, so you can start by working a few hours a day when the children are asleep or in the morning before the get up. Regardless how you want to run your business, the key is commitment with the understanding that the more you work the more money you can earn. The best home businesses give every distributor the real opportunity to gain new ranks and earn far more than any normal wage earning job. 
  4. Family life: An a important aspect when considering working from home part-time or even full-time is our family and personal life. If you are away from home all the time your personal life with your partner, friends and children will suffer badly. A home business will give you the flexibility to choose when you want to work and when you want a life with the world outside business.  
  5. Feeling of being empowered: The ability to feel that you as an individual is taking control of one’s life is a empowering experience. I can recall my first 1000$ payment, I could not believe I had done it from sitting at home and sharing the products and business opportunity.  It was not the fastest way to clear my US credit card debt, though nothing is, but it was a steady and sure way that was going to put me any deeper in debt.
  1. As I have already mentioned, taken action is the key to ending the continuous cycle of using credit and repayment over the odds until next years. There is only two real choices, which is spend far less at Christmas and through the year so you need not use our credit cards. Or improve our lot by starting a home based business and paying off our existing credit card bills and save money for a raining day.

If you are going to choose the first option you do not need me. Just cut up your credit cards and spend less. However, if you want to try something out of the box, click on the learn more button below and find out how to run a home based business for as little as 35$ which will include a free webshop, back office, no monthly fee and the possibility to change your life forever.


Before you go, remember, if you continue over the next 5 years as you have in the last 5 years you will be another statistic and another cog in the national average credit card debt mountain. On the other hand, you could say right now, “I do not want to be in debt again” and take action and become a debt free entrepreneur today.  Some of you may even argue that this is not the best way to pay off credit cards or personal loads, but it is more than you have now. For more details, click on the “Learn More” button on this page and add your name and email address on the form. We will get back to you asap.  

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