The truth about doTERRA is here

The truth about doTERRA is that anyone who works hard and really wants to be successful can be

From my doTERRA home office I have seen individuals with no prior experience in business or the MLM industry become successful in doTERRA.

Most of them really don’t believe it when they begin, but once they realize that it is possible the transformation is unbelievable. It begins when they start selling the oils and moving slowly up the doTERRA ranks, at this time a massive mindset change begins.



When someone joins doTERRA, they either love the products and start sharing them with family and friends or consider doTERRA as a great business opportunity. However, this does not mean that someone who starts from a business minded position is going to be any more successful than someone simply wants to share the products. Yes, if someone start seeing the financial potential of doTERRA from day one, they may have some advantage, but really being successful as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate is a process of changing our mindset towards doTERRA and the business opportunity and being persistent.

The starting point is when we join doTERRA and buy our first enrollment kit, we straight away say to ourselves, these products are special and over time we sell a few to family and friends and eventually gain the rank of Elite. This is the point that there is a mindset shift and we say to ourselves:

“I believe in the oils”

Believing that doTERRA oils are a great product that can help people all over the world is a fundamental milestone for your business, because from now on there will be a sense of confidence in your voice when you offer the next essential oil to a customer or friend.

doTERRA ranks will define you

The rank of Premier in many ways is one of the most important stages of your business, it will be the turning point that will define you. One day you are a Elite Wellness Advocate, selling some products and sponsoring a few people and enjoying the experience. Then it happens, two of your team have achieved their own rank of Executive and everything changes and you notice that you have a doTERRA commission of about 400$ and the belief in the business begins.

There will be a sense of achievement and satisfaction that you have started on the road to becoming a leader. Your team will look up to you and will be looking for guidance to allow them to also gain new ranks and earning, so stepping up to the plate and being that person will be a important part of your image from now on.

doTERRA pay scale to Silver and beyond

I personally consider the doTERRA ranks of Premier as a leadership training course. Your mentor should be working with you to help and support you towards the rank of Silver and during that time given you the skills and knowledge needed to continue the journey onward with a clearer sense of meaning and leadership qualities.

Once achieving Silver, you should be a much wiser individual with three Elite’s in your team. You could be earning anything between 800$ to 1200$ a month with a overall volume of over 10000 ov. At this point you should be working very closely with your team leaders and helping them to achieve new ranks.

Every new rank achieved in doTERRA means another mindset change and psychological reinforcement that it is possible to be a doTERRA blue diamond wellness advocate in the future, because once you have achieved Silver there is no going back.

Below I have created a chart of doTERRA ranks and incomes

Doterra ranks

If I want to join, how does doTERRA membership work?

Doterra is simply a home based business that uses a MLM direct sales business model allowing people like you and me to start a business from home for just 35$ / 20€ / £20 including a free webshop, backoffice and no monthly fee.

The Wellness Advocate can choose to market doTERRA products through family and friends by the means of classes or run their business online through social media.

doTERRA offers various tools to help the new distributor to promote their business to a global customer base. One of its main tools is it Webshop, each doTERRA consultant has there own individual affiliate link and code unique to them, so be sure you are joining the right person, because the process of changing enrollers is not easy or in some cases possible.

Learning the truth about doTERRA has been an unbelievable experience that has taken me and my family to another level, so for more information about doTERRA – Click Here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….

Doterra pay scale

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