How to make money from selling essential oils from home

Selling essential oils from home

One question that many people have asked me prior to starting an essential oils home business is, “Can I really make money from essential oils?”

It is not such a stupid question, because no-one would start a job even a freelance job without knowing how much they are expected to earn. My wife is a real estate agent and she understands how her earnings are calculated such as the percentage she will receive from the sale of a property. Also, if there are any extras she will earn on top of the deal.

Of course someone who wants to start an essential oils home business wants to know the full details on how they will make money and if the commission plan really works.


In this article I will constraint on the two questions new essential oils home business owners ask:

  1. Can I make money from selling essential oils?
  2. Essential oils and online marketing

How much money can you make selling essential oils from home?

Firstly, you can start selling directly to the customer. It is a great way to make instant cash simply by buying wholesale and selling at the retail price. This is a concept we all understand. However, there is also another way of selling directly to the customer rather than passing products psychically and that is by using a free web-shop which our company offers to all new distributors. In this case the customer can buy independently or enroll as a wholesale customer and get a 25% discount.

If a distributor is working hard at selling the products in this way he or she can make a good living. The methods often used are by doing party plan, essential oil classes, health and wellness shows, county fairs and so on.

The second way of making money from an essential oils is building your team of distributors and teaching them to do what you do. Many of you are asking, “Who do I speak to who may be interested in running their own essential oils home based business?”


The only real and truthful answer is:

Speak to people you know and people you don’t know.

How do you make that first contact?

It is a different question especially when you are exited about your new business. You feel that everyone will want to make money selling essential oils from their homes. At the same time you already know that not everybody will be as passionate as you are about essential oils and running a home business.

Should I be afraid to talk to people?

There is a definite fear of asking someone to start their own business. You feel that you have a responsibility for them to succeed and make money. However, this is not true. Any success in running a business is your responsibility and no-one else.   So, the starting point is pushing through that wall. If you are exited about what you are doing tell people about it. Tell them how much you enjoy working for yourself. Tell them how much you love using the products. And tell them how much you enjoy the extra money. Once you have expressed yourself a few times, it does become easier. The more you do it and the more success you have and the easier it is to do.

Essential oils and online marketing

There is no easy way of enrolling new distributors at anytime, however the internet has changed a lot of things. In the past a direct sales rep would need to setup meetings and drive all over the place to speak to people. 

I have been personally running my direct sales business online for about 10 years with massive success. The key advantage in my opinion is that while you are marketing online you are available 24 / 7. Nobody can work those sorts of hour in the real world, however, the internet allows us to do so. 

The main criticism I get from other marketers is that I am a specialist. And my answer is “So what”. We all need to learn new skills and running a business online may involve some training. Another criticism is more to do with the fear of the internet itself or the fear of social media. The reality is if you want to work online you need to change your mindset. Social media and the internet are simply a virtual extension of the physical world. So, you need to be as security minded online as you would be in the physical world.

For those interested I have written a complete guide to running a direct sales business online. It is called “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing” by Steven Jackson. 

This eBook is for the total beginner who wants to build a direct sales business online. So, almost anyone will understand the method the eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks to empower someone new to direct sells to become successful by having a plan that works.

What tools do you need to work successfully online as an essential oils distributor?

  • Auto-reply system on your website
  • Affordable advertising online
  • Blog marketing
  • Article marketing

If you are already working online.

If you are a child of the internet I would suggest blog marketing or article marketing. It is a great and cheap way to build a team fast. If you are not, it means getting the eBook.

Or chatting to your customers when you do your classes and handing out business cards. It is also a very effective way of building a great sales team and customer base. Both of these methods will create wealth and a very good passive income.


Essential oils home business

What type of essential oils home business marketing method will work for you?

The simple process of selling the products and creating a team is really all there is to it. It just depend how much you are will to learn and what skills you already have. 

Regardless, what method fits you, it is still down to:

  • Sharing the benefits of essential oils
  • Sharing the benefits of running a home business
  • Sharing with other how great your life is since using essential oils and running a home business

For more information about what stores sell essential oils and how to become an essential oils direct sales rep. Click on the “Learn More” button below and we will send you a FREE product catalog asap.


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