How to reduce fear of failure phobia in my doTERRA business

How to reduce fear of failure

The subject of fear of success came to light when I was preparing for my doTERRA Podcast on how to overcome fear of failure in business

I am not sure why one person fears failure or even success while another does not. It would suggest that confidence in one’s own abilities must be an important element. However, I also see our personal and business life structures playing an important role.

I can recall when I was sitting in front of my computer contemplating whether or not doTERRA was the business for me. I kept thinking, was doTERRA really going to allow me and my family to be successful and achieve everything I wanted?

I knew that I had been mildly successful in other businesses before, so why not with doTERRA?


This is an important stage in anybody’s life when the fear of failure preludes the decision whether one should commit to something important or just not bother in the first place. 

We have all done it with little things such as not going to the gym, because we may believe we are too fat or we will never lose weight anyway. The fear of failing can stop us in our tracks. So, is it really the fear of failure or the fear of change and the fear of walking towards an unknown future that is holding us back?

This is the point when opportunities pass us by!

Why do we fear failure?

First of all, we have to start from the position of what we personally define as failure. We all define personal and business failure differently because we are different. We all have different personal histories as well as different values and beliefs. One person may argue that living is about lifetime learning, while another would see the same situation as a personal failure.

The danger is when the fear of failing becomes so bad that we stop doing anything, which prevents us from moving forward to achieve our life goals. This mindset can come from anything such as critical or unsupportive parents. Maybe even in our past or routinely undermined or humiliated during our youth which creates negative feelings in later life.

The fear of failure phobia list

The fear of failing comes in many forms, so check the list against yourself as a reminder of what to avoid:

  • Not wanting to try new things
  • Not wanting to start a challenging project
  • Self-sabotage such as procrastination and a failure to follow through
  • Low self-esteem or low self-confidence
  • Perfectionism which manifest itself in people who only do what they already can do well

In reality, failure is an important part of our lives and anyone who suggests they have not experienced any kind of failure has been tiptoeing through life and simply not really living at all.

We all fall, we all walk into walls, we all shout at ourselves for making stupid decisions. It is about the character of ourselves and all the possibilities that we may miss if we do not break through the failures and march forward regardless.

But what is failure good for anyway?

  • Failure is the best teacher you will ever know, it will teach you when others have given up
  • Failure will show you what sort of a person you really are
  • Failure will tell you who your real friends are
  • Failure will give you that passion and motivation to succeed
  • Failure will show you valuable insights that you would not have know without failing

How to overcome fear of failure in business

How to overcome fear of failure in business and break the circle

Once we tell ourselves that everything we do in life, from bringing up children, getting married and attending job interviews, that there will be a possibility of failure. The trick is to face it and embrace it and during this process enjoy a fuller and more rewarding life.

My personal story of watching the fear of failure

When I arrived in Finland and decided to do a Bachelor degree in social pedagogy with the goal of improving my employment opportunities. I must admit, I did not have any fear of failing, however I watched many classmates seriously hold themselves back with the fear of finishing. The thought that they would leave the security of being a student and get a job was a massive fear. The fear of responsibility, the fear of paying their own way and the fear that they may have to take an adult role in life was too much for some.

However, those of us who did finish and were sent out into the world, it was not clear sailing. I applied for many jobs and did get some interviews with a very very high failure rate. This was down to my Finnish language skills, however with every embarrassing interview, my Finnish skills did improve until 8 weeks later I got my first job.

This taught me one thing, that the fear of failure will take you far, if you want something bad enough and are willing to fight for it.

However, for those of you who need tools to learn how to reduce fear of failure check out the list below:

  • Think about all the possible outcomes, because one of the biggest fears for many of us is the fear of the unknown
  • Have a positive mindset, because we all know that positive thinking is a very powerful way to build self confidence
  • Think about how bad it can really get, if you are intending to go skydiving, then death could be the worst-case scenario, but how bad can running a doTERRA business really be.
  • Creating a plan B can help you feel more confident about moving forward.

How do I stop living in the circle of fear?

There is no way around it, learning how to overcome fear of failure in business is about being brave enough to stand up and walk forward, so below I have put some tips that may help:

  • Set goals: Goals help us define where we are going in life and the reason is because without goals, we can not be sure of our destination.
  • Visualize your goals: Visualizing our goals is a very powerful tool for goal setting, if you imagine what your life and business will look like in the future it will give you the motivation to move forward.
  • Small daily goals:  Set goals that are not overwhelmingly or challenging, this is designed to boost your confidence.
  • Going back to the basics: This is a personal solution I use when I get stuck. Going back to basics, doing what works, keep that routine going and do it every day.

When someone starts a business such as doTERRA the fear can come in many forms, such as when you want to talk to friends and family about your business or products. The best method is to take one small step and then another, however to break through the fear and to gain confidence, steps must be made. Once you are moving forward to your next small goal, you will not become overwhelmed with the final goal, which is becoming successful in your doTERRA business and in life.

For more details about doTERRA and the fear of failure phobia click on the “Learn More” button below and add your name and email address of the form and I will get back to you asap….


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