How to find work from home jobs in Spain for English speakers

Home based jobs in Spain is a great alternative for those of us looking for the sun, sea and sand on the Spanish coast

However, like everything is life unless you are extraordinarily lucky living in Spain has its pros and cons to upset the dream on the Spanish coast. We have been planning to move to Spain for a few years and at the moment we are going through the process of doing just that, but as many people realise quite quickly, even though the the lifestyle is warm, relaxed and very affordable finding some kind of employment is a different matter.


Finding out everything before you leave

Knowing what you are getting yourself into is a great idea and should be something that everybody should commit to. Remember that holidaying in Spain is not living in Spain. A holiday means you have enough money with the knowledge that you will be returning home. Living in Spain is working and excepting the cultural differences even if you think they are stupid and no drinking everyday may not be the best way to start a new life in Spain.

Fortunately, I have a few very good friends already living in the Costa Del Sol and so I was able to research and understand what the best track to take when transitioning into a different country and culture. I had lived abroad before for some years so I did get the culture shock of moving and working somewhere new and different. However, I was totally willing to take advice and guided towards the best option for me in Spain.  

Jobs in Spain for English speakers

One of my friends had taken the employment option and was working as a estate agent with some success, but confidentiality he was sometimes struggling and needed to take alternative work.

On the other hand my other mate was running a home based business which interested me considering I had no knowledge of real estate and the Spanish property market. I knew he had been running a online business in the past and the fact that he transferred it to Spain lite up a few light bulbs for me. We met for dinner with his wife at their home in Marbella and I must say I was impressed.

So, considering I had no other ideas regarding making money while in Spain I research some online business opportunities myself. Shortly after that I started my own home based business with plans to export it to Spain.

The both suggested that whatever I decided to do, preparation was the key to being successful in Spain and don’t come until I was sure that I could really make a go of it.


What is the alternative to the poorly paid jobs in Spain for English speakers?

Yes, I was prepared, because I done my due diligence, but it is truly understandable why many do not, but living and working abroad does give one perspective on what can go wrong and what can go wrong will go wrong. And resolving any problem is far more difficult in Spanish.

Even though I had decided of the home business option, I felt that I should also look at employment options and what possibilities there were. During my job and employment research I found that typical employment for English speakers was very poorly paid seasonal job or telesales and even they could be difficult to find. The reality is that if you do not speak a local language regardless where it is, doors are going to be closed to you and from my experience, very few of us can pick up a new language quick enough. So, for me the home based business option was becoming more and more logical considering the future circumstance.  

How to open a business in Spain at home?

I have been running my business from home while I am still doing my other job and even though it takes up a bit of time, it has grown to the extent that I am earning almost as much as I get from my employment. 

Taking into account that because my business is online and so has no physical shop, office or building for me to care for or pay for, transferring it to Spain is simply a laptop and a phone to consider, because my outgoing are so small compared to other businesses.

So,  I realised very quickly that overall we would save money and gain benefits in the long run from working at home because:

  • I could choose my hours
  • I would be close to my family and the dog could stay at home with me
  • I would save money on:
    • Driving to work
    • Renting an office / work-space
    • Buying food in cafes while at work
  • No stress to learn Spanish enough to work

Home based jobs in Spain

There are a few rules you should consider before jumping into any home based jobs in Spain

I know these are quite logical but its good to get them down in writing

  • Start any business before you arrive in Spain, so you have some kind of income before you are in Spain
  • Try and make it a partnership between you and your partner
  • Find a place in your home in Spain where you can work quietly
  • Set out the amount of hours you wish to work everyday and then enjoy your new life in Spain
  • Make sure the place you are going to buy or rent in Spain has a good internet connection
  • Keep the business cost down as low as possible when you first arrive and keep this concept in the future

How to open a business in Spain

What are the details and solution to making an income from jobs in Spain for English speakers?

It has been a dream for many of us to move to Spain but as many expats realise quite quickly, even though housing, food and wine is cheap, the most difficult issue is that is hard to come by.

Working from home in Spain is in an opinion, mainly because you get to choose your hours, you are close to your family, there is no expenses such as driving to work, no need to rent an office or no need to learn Spanish enough to work in a Spanish work environment.

It is possible to start your own business for only 20€ / £20 which includes high quality products to retail, a free webshop / back office and no monthly fee, full online training and one on one support. I have personally never looked back and not regretted my decision to become a online home business entrepreneur.

However, before you tell me all the reasons it won’t work or can’t happen, ask yourself three reasons it can. For more information about home based jobs in Spain, add your name, email address and message to the form below and I will get back to you asap…..


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