How to start a business from home and online

Some of the best business ideas to make money are online because it is simple, affordable and for the willing, available to anyone with an internet connection

When I look back at my personal journey as a successful online marketer, apart from the skills and knowledge needed to work online. More importantly, I had the desire to create an income that would sustain me and my family wherever I lived in the world and whatever life threw at us.

Yes, it sounds very cliche, young and trendy to have the belief that we can sit on the beach or just at home and create an income from my laptop. But, without spending a vast amount of money getting my own business started, it was a massive relief to understand what was possible if only I stuck at it.

Think of a easy online business to start before anything

I have many friends who have had the passion and the desire to start a business and then realizing that things are not going as well as expected. Of course, most of us have been in this situations and ending by losing our shirt in the project. That is why I simply recommend to anyone thinking about starting a business to see if it’s possible to find a easy online business to start from home. Rather than with bricks and mortar because as I said at the start of this article the best business ideas to make money are online.


What are the best business ideas to make money and what are their main benefits?

This was the first question I asked when someone, in fact a good friend suggested to me about starting online businesses. I was a bit out of my depth and really not ready for what was expected of me. However, that first encounter into the world of home businesses, network marketing and the MLM industry was an eye opener. It allowed me to see for the first time that there really was an alternative to the daily drudge.

I had started my life as a metal worker but soon found that even though I enjoyed the friendships I had in the workplaces, I could see no future. The long working hours took the toil and finally pushed me into a more positive direction.

To be honest with you all, my first home business did not go as well as I wanted. I learnt a lot about myself and what makes me tick. But as they say life is a journey and during that journey we have the time to develop skills and knowledge. It allows ourselves to become the person we want to be, which in my case was to become a successful internet marketer.

So, what my main interest was for me, was the benefits of running a home business, what I was going to gain from it and I mean more than money even though I hoped that money would be a part of the benefits.

Yes, I want to know how to start a business from home but I also want to know the benefits

  • Unlimited earning potential: The idea of having no limits to what I could earn excited me from the very start. I know I said it not about the money which it isn’t, but it is about the freedom it brings.
  • More time with the family: Having the chance to be with my family more than I was is important. Watching the children grow and watching them develop on a daily basis is just great.
  • Low overheads: Having less to payout every month was again exciting to me, I had owned an engineering company some years ago and understood how much money I needed to pay towards everything. Working online bought my costs down to the bare minimum.
  • No daily commute: The idea that I could walk from my bedroom to my home office without two hours commuting to the office and back everyday was the clincher for me. It was costing me a massive amount of money a year to run a car, which in the end was sold, because it was just sitting in the driveway waiting to be used.
  • More Free time: If I needed to do something when I was employed I needed to ask and then sometimes it was not convenient. Being able to choose when I worked and when I was free to be free was so empowering that I think it would be difficult to work for someone else ever again.
  • Global living: I know that this is not for everyone, but this was really important for me and my wife to be able to say, “OK, let go and live in Thailand for a few months”  or “Let go and live in Spain for a year”. We wanted to have the freedom to be where we wanted as long as there was the internet.

There are of course many other benefits and maybe you will find your own as you go on this journey, but whatever you feel you want from this business I am sure we can offer it to you.

How to start a business from home and online


Where to find a affordable and easy online business to start from home?

In reality, you can spend as much as you like on your business. However, from my experience as well as for prudence reasons, I would suggest starting at the cheaper end of the market at about 35 – 50$ or 20 – 40€ if you live in Europe. The main reason is because in the early stages of any business keeping the costs down is a good policy. There will be other expenses as time goes on, so think as a business and keep costs down.

In addition, look for a company that has products you would personally use because even though you may prefer the online method of marketing the products and business opportunity. But, also, you may want others to feel the passion and belief you have when you talk about your business. This belief aspect will also come through during your online marketing method, which we will discuss later in the page.

What are the business and product characteristics for the best business ideas to make money:

  • Niche in the market: In other words the product is not available locally, for example in the customers local supermarket.
  • Regular purchase: The product should be disposable and something the customer needs or wants to buy on a regular basis so you create a residue income and return to the customer base.
  • High quality products: You should be looking at high quality, even high end products because this is always a good marketing mantra and the individuals who purchase high quality products generally have the money in the first place
  • No cheap or low cost products: Low cost products means you need to sell more to achieve the same results, as if the products were more expensive. If the customer is getting a high quality product they are expecting to pay a reasonable price for it. So, do not concern yourself with an expensive product line.

For more details about our very affordable business opportunity that offer high quality and very sellable products that will give you a residue income at a price that everyone can afford, click on the button below for more details.


What is the best marketing method to use when starting a small online business from home?

From my personal experience and a lot of failed attempts at marketing online I have found that the best business ideas to make money is a blended approach in regards to sustainability of your future business. What I mean is that there is a life cycle to online marketing and so spreading yourself a bit is better than just concentrating on one platform or method.

I would suggest your marketing system should include the following tools, platforms or methods:

An auto reply system

Getting back to your customers or prospects is vital to keep them in the loop and reminding them who you are and what you are offering. Depending on who has subscribed to your newsletter will depend on the type of email they should receive. For example, if your blog or website is offering information about new products, then the subscriber should receive emails about the benefits of the products and how to buy them. If on the other hand you have a web page that shares information about starting a business, you should send your subscribers emails about the benefits of running a home and online business.

Regardless how you look at it, answering every email personally will take a massive amount of time and effort out of your working day, so automating this part of your marketing system is vital. However, if someone does reply to your emails it is also important that you do reply personally allowing the customer or prospect to feel that there is someone interested in their needs.  

Content marketing

Content marketing is my main method of marketing, it can be used for promoting almost anything online. According to the people who know, 88% of business to business and 76% of business to customer marketing is content marketing via the internet. The main reason is that it works and even though it is time consuming to create the content, the visible longevity of your content online and the possibility of automating your business is a powerful and time freeing marketing method.

Creating content on a blog platform, landing page or on social media is a very powerful method of marketing your business and products. As I mentioned, this is a very time consuming method in the start, however once you have created the content and placed it online your content is speaking to prospects about what you have to offer 24 / 7. Content marketing really needs to be integrated into your auto reply system to get the best results out of this method.

The negative aspect of content marketing is that it does not provide instant results, however don’t worry it does arrive in the end and when it does it is surprising how well it works.

Content marketing is still one of the most successful and affordable marketing methods around. It is one of those marketing methods that has sustained the track of time and will give you a sustainable and long term online success in the future.

So, my final words on content marketing is that if you want to be successful online “suck it up” and start writing and sharing some content.

Social media marketing

We all understand what social media is, but this is very different when marketing a business or products. There are a vast amount of platforms available online, but the importance of the platform is less important than the influence you have on them.

The key to social media success is having “informational social influence” which simply means that your social media actions and behaviors are influential and are followed by others around you.

For example, you are walking down the street looking for a nice restaurant for lunch and see two places next door to each other, however one is full with people sitting outside eating alfresco and enjoying the experience and the other is empty.

Which restaurant do you choose?

I am sure you all say, the full restaurant because all those people can not be wrong, they must offer great food and a great service.  

This also applies to social media marketing. The most successful online marketers support and back up their products, businesses or services with social reinforcement. This is achieved by liking, rating, commenting or product reviews helping to confirm to others that the products offered are great and should be purchased. Done correctly, this method is powerful and achieves great results.  

SEO for online traffic

The same old story I have been hearing for years is that SEO does not work or even dead, but personally I believe that it is propaganda put around by the search engines companies such as Google to discredit the practice and hoping to reduce the amount of marketers using this method.

The fact is optimizing your content using keywords and SEO methods to help rank your landing page or blog is still working and will be for some time to come. We will still be searching for stuff online and even though there will be new and improved smart algorithms and artificial intelligence we will still be able to optimize our content so we have the edge on our competitors.

This is not an easy method but it is worth the time and effort to learn how to do it because it will save you money and when perfected time.

Best business ideas to make money

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a bit old school, but I believe that it still has a place if we integrate it with a newsletter system. Most auto reply platforms have a newsletter broadcast option allowing you to send a mass newsletter to your subscribers independent of the auto reply service.  Email marketing is a powerful tool and being responsible for 16% of all customers acquired by this method compared with 1% via Facebook. So don’t think this is out of date.

Creative and Persuasive Content

I often explain to my team that the words they use are important, so regardless of what you are putting online the persuasive element of your content is vital for success. So, if you are creating an eBook, a PDF, blog or social media articles, webinars, podcasts, infographics, webpages / landing pages or any other type of content you are offering the prospect the opportunity to take action.

Taking action can mean anything but mainly you will be asking the prospect to subscribe, buy, more details, download, learn more or even enroll / join. The best method is to add an image link with the action you want. You may have noticed on this page a few examples such as the “Learn More” and “More details” buttons. This implies that I am asking you to take action, so for more information click on one of the take action buttons on this page.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Yes, I know that word of mouth marketing is not online, but to remind the geeks out there, the real world is the one with people walking and talking to real people. There are many situations when someone will ask you, “What do you do for a living?” This is the point when we tell another person about our product, service, or business. Even though this is very old school it still works, even though we are working online we are still building relationships with others.

We can also put a modern spin on the 21st century version of word-of-mouth marketing, when promoting products, services, or businesses online. It can be seen by using social media platforms by sharing experiences, rating products, and writing reviews. This is a powerful marketing method that will reach out to your customers globally.


If I have no or little experience, is there an easy online business to start?

Yes, of course, but there will be a learning process, so work is required. If someone is willing to learn and take advice it is completely possible for anyone to use these methods in an online business. When someone joins this industry I simply suggest starting from the beginning and try not to use every tool and platform from day one. Consider using one platform such as the auto reply system and then start building towards online success.

eBook suggestion on how to start online business

Over the last few years I have begun suggesting this eBook. The reason is because this eBook is affordable and it gives the newbie working from home a tool that works. It is of course quite possible to just try and learn everything yourself, having a system already set out for you is critical for success.

The eBook I would suggest is by Steven Jackson called “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. The eBook was developed for total beginners in mind. Unlike other eBooks of a similar genre this one is task based. This means that you are not just expected to read this eBook, but also complete tasks. Every step and task completed brings the reader closer to the goal of being a successful home based business owner and online marketing professional.

The information in this eBook will not only empower you in the business opportunity on this page, but all businesses.

For more information, click on the “eBook preview” button below for details.


If I am interested in learning how to start a business from home and online, will I get help and support?

Without question, if you join the business available on this page, my role is to help and support you until you understand as much as we do about running an online business and being successful.

As a part of my support system for my team, I help and support them individually to build their businesses online. However, not everyone wants to or even need to run their business in this way, but for those who do I will be available to you.

It will be a long road, but you will over time feel empowered that you are able to create your own wealth and income from home or anywhere else you want to be and support your family and yourself to a better life.

Is there any criteria needed to start a new small business online from home?

No, this type of business is for everyone. So, do not concern yourself about your social class, gender, race, disability or education, as long as you are determined and motivated to succeed you have the qualities to become a successful online marketer. 

What does your business have to offer?

Below I have put a short overview of what our business opportunity is offering, however if you would like further details click on the “Learn More” buttons on this page and we will share more concise details with you asap….

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • High retention rate (65%)
  • 25% off all Products as a wellness advocates and distributor
  • Free products
  • Loyalty program
  • Free webshop to market your products and business
  • Free back office to manage your business
  • No monthly fee
  • Receive bonuses on your sales and your team’s sales
  • Additional bonuses for training and supporting your own teams
  • Online marketing training
  • Support and experience of your sponsor and mentor

Easy online business to start

how to start a home based business online?

If you are still reading this page you have read my brief overview on how to start a business from home online and I am guessing you are still interested in pursuing this journey and learning how to start your first online business. 

I have put simple steps to starting your own business below.

  1. Click here (Technical advice: Mobile devices can have glitches, for best results use the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer)
  2. Note: If you are enrolling from outside the US – Click Here and choose your language and country
  3. Choose your kit (When you purchase a product enrollment the enrollment fee is waived)
    • To purchase the 35$ enrollment, click on the “Individual Products” button and then click on the Bag button on the top right hand side of the page.
  4. Review your order and proceed to checkout
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Choose Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer
  7. Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  8. All Wellness Advocate packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  9. Fill in your Shipping details
  10. Pay for your order

In a few minutes you will receive a welcome email giving you access to your back office and membership. Then within three days you will receive an email from me inviting you to training, however feel free to reach out to me earlier if you wish once you have received my details in your back office.

Thank you for your time, if you have any further questions about how to start a business from home click on the “Learn More” button below and add your name and email address on the form. We will get back to you asap and answer your questions.


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