How to start a wellness consultant career from home

Health and wellness coach careers are booming and from my research will continue to break all records for the foreseeable future, so should you get in void?

The main reasons for such a boom is simply because in today’s world, healthy living has become the new big thing and trending on every search engine on the planet.

The desire for a proactive healthier lifestyle seems to be more so in the west and in first world countries where many are beginning to place more importance on being healthy than on materialistic things. Even now we understand health and wellness has developed over the years from not being ill to more of a holistic approach, where our physical, emotional and mental health is apart of the goal towards a inner wellness.

There has been a massive rise in the market for products and services that offer the customers or client a healthier future, making the overall health and wellness industry a magnet for the home based business owners. The traditional companies have tried to offer similar services and products without much success, arguable because they do not have the passion or the personal relationships at evolve as a part of a home based business model.

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The downfall of the health care model

The sad reality is that the current health care model globally is not working, which is clear by the astronomical cost of health care and the fact that Americans are getting unhealthier each year.

For example there are more obese people in the US than those that are regarded as overweight. With the obesity rate among adult Americans at 32.2% for men and 35.5% for women.

This is not as though the individuals do not have the information to live a healthy lifestyle, but generally many argue that they are confused about how to begin to make changes and then give up before they see any benefit from their efforts. Society does seem to need a new health coaching models that is innovative and sustainable where the individual can with the aid of a wellness consultant pursue a  healthier lifestyle.

The state seems to have lost track and so the health and wellness industries is trying to take up the slack and filling the gap where the health care system is unable to provide. This is in many ways a good development because the wellness industries that promote good health and wellness are reducing the strain on the traditional health care system that we as a society still need, because being well and healthy will not solve everything.

Wellness consultant career

Starting a wellness consultant career

There is many option available to someone wanting to be apart of the wellness industry, such as nutritionist, herbalist or aromatherapist to name just a few, but even being a personal trainer could be argue is apart of the same genre. However, whatever area you aspire to, the key issue is that the service you are offering inspire people feel healthier and a better sense of well-being in the ongoing process.

Do you want to be healthy?

One of the main benefits of being apart of the health and wellness industry is the opportunity to promote and influence your own health and wellness as well as others. Other can include family and friends who you believe would benefit from your newly found knowledge or people that you have yet to meet.

What does being healthy mean?

For sure it means different things for different people, so there is no true definition or rule for your personal health and wellness in ones live.

However, to be somehow healthy is a desire we aspire to, because nobody wants to feel bad or unwell all the time. So being apart of an industry that considers these questions is great for the individual looking to improve one’s health as well as someone wanting to start a new career.

Do you want to enjoy wellness?

If you are reading this page I am sure your answer is YES! Well, so do most people in the world today and when people desire something, they are willing to pay for it. Yes, we all love feeling good and if we don’t other parts of our lives suffer, such as personal relationship, work, and of course health.

So, having that enjoyment in a subject such as wellness puts you in the right position to help other who want to become healthier and more passionate about their lives. And yes, people are willing and able to pay for such a service because they really want to feel better about themselves.

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Careers in health and wellness coaching

Careers in health and wellness coaching industry

Health and wellness career opportunities

If you have been searching for a career in health and wellness there is really only one company to consider for the best products, the best compensation plan, the lowest startup costs, a free webshop and no monthly fee.

They have been helping and supporting people all over the global towards a healthier lifestyle with their philosophy of sparing with the world the power of therapeutic grade essential oils and related products as well as a wellness program to improve one’s health and wellness.

This company sees health and wellness as a holistic approach to changing an individual lifestyle, the environment and community for the better. That is why the health and wellness market is a trillion dollar globally industry, such as anti-aging product sales at $679 billion and health eating, nutrition and weight loss sales ($277 billion).

Health and wellness coach careers

Become a part of one of the fastest growing industry in the world!!!

In the US alone, women invest $125 billion for nutrition and wellness products and $40 billion for alternative medicine such therapeutic grade essential oils.

Careers in health and wellness coaching industry are the most lucrative opportunities in the world today and why the smart money follows the wellness consultant career track.

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Health and wellness consultant career opportunities and their benefits

When you start as a Wellness Advocate it is difficult to know where to begin but fortunately we make the early stages a little easier with a few tips and suggestions that may help. Such as:

  • The important of learning from the experience
  • Experimenting with the oils every day
  • Make essential oils and wellness apart of your daily life
  • Use the oils around people other people will invite questions or comments

Don’t be shy in asking

  • Reach out to your mentor as soon as possible
  • Reach out to your upline because they are full of information
  • Ask as many questions as you can
  • Your enroller and sponsor will always be happy to help and support you in anyway they can

What’s next…

In the first month arrange to teach a class either in person or online via Zoom or even Facebook live. If possible having your mentor attending and even running your first class will help you see how it is done, so later you can do it yourself.  However, maybe the hardest part is building your own wellness team of advocates, but let me assure you that it is so possible because the is so many people with large and productive team.

Building a wellness team

If you want to build a team, talk about the business opportunity with other people. You don’t have to pressure anyone into doing the business, just let them know that the option is available. It will be impossible to find someone to do the business with you if you never tell anyone that it exists. If you feel hesitant at first, simply mention something small at the end of every class.

Even though a wellness consultant career is about helping people to a healthier lifestyle it is also a business and a business that allows you to be healthy. In addition, it can give you an income that will give you the opportunity to decide where and how you live and the type of freedoms and assets you want to offer you and your family.

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