How to know what career is right for me?

Learning how to know what career to choose after every other career seems to have gone wrong can be a difficult decision

One method is to simply sit down and do a self-assessment career test of your skills, interests, business style and values. Then correlate them with the type of business or career you would like to do. This may open up some new ideas and option yet discovered. This may also highlight some areas that need to be strengthened to allow you to take the career path you would like.  Having a belief in oneself will give you the power to know what career path is right for you and your family. 


How to know what career to choose by assessing our skills, interests, business styles and values?

As a part of the learning process a good place to start is to assess and evaluate our already existing knowledge bank. We can see what our starting point is, what we still need to learn and then what track is right for me and you.


Your strengths and weaknesses could be seen as your enthusiasm, trustworthiness, creativity, discipline, patience, respectfulness, determination, dedication, honesty and versatility, but the lack of technical knowledge such as social media marketing.

So, regardless if you feel that you are too critical of yourself and not always up to date with the latest software, these are weaknesses that can be addressed in the future. 

Typically, we resist re-education believing that what worked in the past will work today, but the fact is, it does not. Existing skills are important but learning new methods and ideas are equally important to achieve success. I fully understand that change is difficult but making the right choice and we can determine a new career path is the only way to go.


Your hobbies, activities and subjects that you find interesting can be an asset when you are trying to find best career path for you. For example, attending a gym implies you want to be fit and healthy and care about yourself hence the health and fitness industry maybe where your passion lays. The fact is anything that you are passionate about in your home and private life may easily be apart of your new career path or business.


We are all very different when we consider the type of work environment we want, some of us need lots of instructions and others are self starters. Personally, I work best alone if I need to achieve a goal and finish something important, but not everyone is in-tune with their style so a test to determine career path can be a major advantage to find the path that suits you. However, most high income careers do demand an essence of independent creative thinking as well as a self starter mindset. So, if you are looking for a high income then waiting for something to happen is not going to do it.


Our core values are very important when choosing a career path or business, because we are unlikely to choose an industry that goes directly against our beliefs. I think most would agree that an animal fur business  would not fit into a vegetarians core values and even a non-vegetarian like myself would find it a hard fit. So, considering a new career path or business that shares our core values and we would be happy to share with your family and friends could be an asset ethically, morally, financially and personally.  

What career is right for me

The test to determine career path, will help us make the right decision

1. Why do you want to charge your career and start a home business?

The usual answer we are likely to give will be very surface level and not really getting to the core of the issue, so I have added a few deeper answers to activate our business and career finder juices.  

  • I just want to make more money
  • I hate my job
  • I’m bored
  • I want to do something I am passionate about
  • I want my family to be proud of me
  • Other (In a test to determine career path we need to think about something you truly want from life)

If you get to the last answer, imagine something that touches your heart and pushes the hot button that will drive your decision to start something that reflects your WHY.

2. If I could show you a business and you were ready to get started today, what type of budget would you have in mind?

  • 35$
  • 100$
  • 500$
  • 1000$
  • 10000$

The reason to ask this question of ourselves is because if we have no money or not willing do anyway of raising some money it is best to stop reading now. Any business will cost money regardless if someone tells you it is free, it will still cost you to market, advertise and share your business and its products.

That is just the facts!

It is totally understandable that money is tight. The fact is that most people are living from hand to month which I personally believe is wrong that a first world society has allowed itself to be in this state, but let’s be honest, these are the cards we have been given. However, consider this: If it was relatively inexpensive to start, would we be interested to find out more?

  • Yes, I would like to know more
  • No, I am poor and I am just not interested in trying anything

The answers are simple, we choose have two choices, yes or no and regardless what our answer maybe the career path assessment quiz has done its job to determine your new career path. It will allow you to make a safe decision to either open the door into a new stage in your life carry on as before.

3. How much time are you willing and able to invest in a home business each week?

  • I just don’t have the time
  • 2 hours a week
  • 5 hours a week
  • 10 hours a week
  • 20 hours a week
  • 40 hours a week

If you have already said to yourself, “I just don’t have the time” then you have read far too much and wasting far too much of your time. I am sure you already know that, but not having enough time is an “OUT” meaning you are looking for a reason not to do something rather than why you should.

However, if you feel you can commit 5, 10, 20 or even 40 hours a week to a business then it is worth getting more information, if not there is no point in knowing more. The fact is the amount of time is not irrelevant, but the commitment to change one’s weekly structure and  status quo is the essence of success and personal development.


4.Have you ever run your own business or been self-employed?

  • Yes – great this is an asset
  • No – no worries, everybody needs to start sometime

If you have or have not run a business before, a good place to start is here. For the ones who have already worked for themselves they already understand how tough it is to be an entrepreneur. For those who are new to this industry and new to running a business it is a great opportunity to learn new skills that otherwise would be difficult and expensive to learn any other way.

5. If you decide to start a home business and worked let’s say 5-10 hours a week, what would you do with the free time?

Our test to determine career path can also mean testing our next reality in the world of freedom, however it takes time for some of use to understand why we are looking so far ahead, but our dreams are important, so the best time is to know them before we start.

  • Just work a whole lot harder
  • Join a country and western band
  • Move to somewhere warm
  • Move to somewhere cooler
  • Start a charity
  • Write a book
  • Other – nobody can dream our dreams, so truly knowing our why is of the utmost importance. Time – the one asset none of us are ever going to get more of, as  Gary Vaynerchuk would say, it  is what we are looking to own, so even though money has an important role, time is that precious resource we desire.  

Running any business has its ups and downs and even if everything is moving forward we can still find ourselves in a rut.  So, when the question is asked, “what you intend to do in the free time?” Do not be surprised that you need to stop for a minute and think about what you really want to do or to be in your time freedom future and how it will determine new career path. 

6. Have you had management or leadership experience in the past?

  • Yes – it is no doubt that being a manager or leader in some form will be an advantage in running a business in a new industry, because you have these prime skills to fall back on when everything else is unusual and new.
  • No – If this is the first time you have been asked to lead then the experience will change you forever, because none of us know who the person inside really is and if the leader inside is waiting to come out.  

Understanding how to know what career to choose is a leadership skill in the first place so making a decision and following through sets you apart from the average and sets you on a place to success.

7. What is the real reason you want to start a business from home?

This question is aiming to get to the deeper understanding why we are even considering becoming a home based entrepreneur, because sometimes the answers are tough to admit. The question is really returning to what is your dream job, business or career path? The WHY we are pursuing anything is life and what makes this situation or journey any more important than others.

Below I have added some suggestions, but really our WHY will be so individual that I cannot possibly guess what someone else wants:

  • Helping a sick family member
  • Paying off a large student loan
  • Renovating our home
  • Financially supporting an existing business you love
  • Send your child to a music academy
  • Other – likelihood is that this is your choice but write it down and own it

Once you have planted the why button in your mind it will take root and start to give you that impetus to take your life and business to the next level.

8. The test to determine career path of a rule breaker?

The people in the know would say that rule breakers are no good for business, but I will and do disagree. This question is asking if you are willing to take instructions, because most business trainers will tell you they have a tried and tested method that works. They will also tell you that anyone that didn’t do the system fail miserably. However, as Gary Vaynerchuk would argue, “You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.” 

  • Yes – If you are a rule breaker you also need to be sure of yourself and willing to take action and achieve your goals. Personally, I would listen to what the man says, learn from it, take the bits that work for you and then do it your way.
  • No – If you are not a rule breaker and willing to learn, then life might be easier if not as much fun as the rule breaker.

Life and business is about learning from the master and taken what you have learnt and becoming the master yourself. It is a long journey but one worth taken.

Test to determine career path

How to know what career to choose – conclusion

I know that the process seems long and tedious, but going through this process does help many to resolve the fundamental questions about whether they have what it takes to do a pursue a new home based career path. The main issue is nobody can really answer that question apart from yourself. Placing the blame of ourselves or society or the economy will not help us with the question of how to know what career to choose, but it may help use simply make that decision one way or another. 

The trick is to assess if you qualify as the right person who see themselves achieving success beyond their dreams rather than settling for the daily drudge. In reality we have all asked the question, “What career is right for me?” Then we answer them badly until we start to believe in ourselves and achieved the success we want, but like everything in life, “Work is required”


How to know what career is right for me? – Contact Form

If by the end of the test to determine career path you have a feeling of hope of a better future and the possibility that you really could become a home based entrepreneur and would like to know more. Add your name, email address and a short message and I will get back to you asap and we can discuss what career path you want to do next.  


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