Is there a new age store near me for all my aroma oil needs?

Most holistic stores sell aromatherapy products, but the best new age wholesale suppliers are online

If you are reading this page you already have an interest in new age issues. You are also likely to understand the holistic approach to health and wellness in relation to essential oils. Over the last 15-20 years essential oils have become a large part of both the new age and the holistic approach ideologies. This in my opinion has created a new mindset for many in the 21st century.


What does New Age mean and how does it affect you?

New age is a broad concept characterizing an alternative approach to our traditional Western culture. It includes spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism, in addition this also considers the holistic and alternative approach to health and wellness as we move further into the next century.

I am personally not a hippy or a new age traveler. I am just a middle classed and educated type that has realized that the world is moving further away from a rational path that will allow a sustainable future. Why the exploitation of the worlds resources without some kind of plan for sustaining it for the next generation.

New age store near me

What is the holistic approach?

The holistic approach in its simplest form mean thinking of and considering the big picture. While the holistic approach in health and medicine refers to addressing the individual as a whole including their physical, mental, and emotional health. This may also includes any social factors which in many cases have a larger impact that anything else.

The holistic approach may consider the overuse of traditional medication and the peddling prescription drugs by uninformed doctors as not looking at the personal as a whole. This does mean that traditional methods should not me used but the holistic and new age alternatives should be available. For those looking for a real alternative sees  new age and holistic ideologies ever more important to their lives. More and more people have become excited about having an alternative health and wellness solutions that works and is not intrusive to their bodies and souls.

The history of the holistic healing methods with essential oils  

Most of us like to know where this all started because there is no doubt that essential oils have a long history. The first evidence found that essential oils were used as holistic medication. This goes back to the cave drawings in France over 20000 years ago. However the Egyptians perfected the use of essential oils when they developed them into cosmetics, ointments, incense, and medicines about 6500 years ago. Followed by the China’s who began to document and study the medical uses of over 300 plants. All the ancient cultures used essential oils in one form or another. 

I think it would be very difficult to talk about the history of essential oils without discussing the biblical connection. The fact is that essential oils are mentioned 33 times in the bible. Oils that are mentioned in the bible are cinnamon, cassia and of course frankincense and myrrh all would have been used and kept by the Hebrews for their health and well-being.

How to become a holistic healer

How to become a holistic healer with essential oils

Products that seem to have taking the holistic and new age approach by storm is essential oils. The users seem to be looking for two things and that is the power that comes from the purity and strength of the oils. For example, oregano oil has been shown to be a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. It is known to support a healthy immune system as well as helping to remove warts and quelling tooth aches. While peppermint oil has been seen to support healthy digestion, respiratory function and powerful antioxidants.

Taking the holistic approach to yours and others health and wellness in modern times needs a slight mindset change. It is not easy after many years using traditional health services and then one day use a new age approach. This does mean finding the right company that can offer you essential oil and other holistic products at wholesale is important. Also having the right training that will fulfill your needs is vital for you to branch out into the holistic and new age world of essential oils. 

New age wholesale suppliers

What should I be looking for when considering an essential oils new age wholesale suppliers?

If this is your first time and you want to get it right, then let me guide you in the right direction. I have researched many companies over the years and so I have managed to break it down to one company.

  • They are Utah-based company, which has been around since 2008, offers essential oils for variety holistic applications, including personal use, therapy, cooking, and ingestion
  • Their products are all natural and 100% pure
  • You can find their products online – Click here

How does someone become an essential oils consultant?

It is very simple and affordable to become an essential oils consultant. You can start for as little as 35$. This includes a personal webshop, back office, business material and the ability to price their products at the wholesale price of 25% below the retail price.

For more details click on the link below:


What are the pros and cons:


  • High quality products that does not disappoint
  • Their products are all natural and 100% pure.
  • They work with small farmers in countries like Bulgaria, Kenya, Madagascar, and Nepal and purchase their products under a fair trade agreement
  • The top essential oil and holistic wholesale suppliers


  • High end products
  • Some may see their essential oils as expensive

Is it possible to find an essential oils new age store near me?

There maybe a local new age store near you, but to insure the best quality and purest oils available, it is advisable to buy directly from an essential oil new age online store. You then will have a guarantee that the products will be delivered directly to your door at the quality you will expect. However, if you are not completely happy with the products, they can be sent back with in 30 days with no fuss.

If you would like to purchase essential oil products from one of our new age wholesale suppliers click on the button below and add your name and email address on the form and I will get back to you asap…..


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