How to open your own business as a online advertising marketer

The most successful home based businesses available today is in the essential oils industry which over the last ten years has been trending higher than the other home business

Online advertising and marketing is one of the most effective ways for a home business to expand its reach, find new customers, and diversify their revenue streams. So, merging the home based business model with online advertising is the logical development of expanding their business for the online advertising marketer.

However, the reasons for building a online business from home varies from person to person. It may be children, an elderly parent or a disability, it maybe as simple as financial. Regardless for your reason we still need to feel that we are making an income, contributing to society and the household finances.


What choice does the online advertising marketer have?

One option is to find some kind of home employment opportunity or business that will allow you to integrate your home life into your working life. This is not always easy but with some forethought and planning it is very possible to create a good income from home and online. However, when people come to me for the first time considering self employment, I tell them to ask themselves one very important question:

“Should I start my own business from home?”

I mean really think about it. Do you have the time? The motivation and the support to start such a journey as running a business?

Advice for starting a small business  as a online advertising marketer?

The key to becoming a successful online advertising marketer and home business owner needs is the same skills and mindset as any other business. As a home business owner you can learn while you earn, because you will not need to invest large amounts of money as you would in a bricks and mortar model. The home business model will give you time to plan and learn considering you have minimal business costs and outgoing from day one.

Below, there is a list of skills you will need to acquire to be proficient in this industry:

Financial management skills: Managing your finances is one of the most important aspects of running a business. This means monitoring profit and loss as well as the ability of being able to forecast your cash flow and sales as needed. This is not just for you, but for the tax office when you declare your expenditure and  income.

If your home finances are sound the likelihood your business finances will be the same and your business overall will be more profitable. I personally avoid conventions or conferences where I can see no profit unless there is great networking opportunity, so keep a strict fiscal policy in your business.

Marketing, sales and customer service skills: Learning how to create an effective marketing strategy via the internet, social media and in person to generate sales is a vital element to keeping ahead of the competition and being successful.

Again, I personally use ever trick in the book, from landing pages, blogs, content marketing, social media marketing and of course a auto mailing service so I have always available, if not in person.

Communication skills: Learning how to communicate with others regardless if in person or via other online methods will help build trust and a good working relationship with anyone in contact with your business.  Being an effective writer and speaker will reflect your personal brand and image. Furthermore, written, audio, visual and video content if created to a high standard work for you for many years 24/7.

Leadership skills: Learning to be a leader seems to be difficult for many of us. If you have a sales team like many home based business have learn how to motivate them. It is a vital aspect of your business. A good leader will influence, mentor and coach their team to get the best out of them and improve productivity and earnings for both you and your team.

Planning skills: It is shocking how many people do not believe in planning anything in their business by using expression such as, “I want my business to develop organically” meaning “No plan and lets wing it”. Now this is great for a night out on the town, but business needs a plan, such as setting up a website, arranging meetings with prospects and customers, effectively using your time, and finally most effectively using your money you have invested. Without a plan the day will get away from you and nothing will get done, so learning to make a plan and set achievable goals is the key.

Responsibility and time management skills: Learning to allow your team to take responsibility rather than trying to do everything for them should be your mantra. This method will create a better time management system delegating responsibility to someone else in the business. The key is to identify team members that you feel would like to do more and even earn more by offering more responsibility.

Solving problems: Personally, I plan for everything and still problem solving is needed. It may be website issues, customer complaints, product returns and even personality issues with team members. Whatever it may be you need to be able to make good decisions and sometimes under pressure. I have found the best method is to take each problem at a time and resolve it. Looking at everything is just overwhelming, so priorities and work on the biggest problem first without considering the others until the first task is completed.

Networking and building relationships: Business is finally about people and the relationships we have with them. We don’t need to like everyone and not everyone is going to like us, but in business we need to have a relationship. So, creating a good relationships through networking will help your business grow. In addition, relationships will allow you to learn new methods and develop ideas with other in a similar industry that may be integrated into your business.

Please don’t believe that you need all of these skills from day one, this is just our step by step business startup guide. This will take you through the process of what will be expected of anyone embarking on this journey.

How to open your own business


What is the most successful home based businesses available today?

If you are on a budget and you can’t see yourself getting a loan to start your own business, there are still have a few options such as a low cost startup business, but the rules above still apply.

The main issue for people wanting to start a low cost business is that the low investment impedes the financial motivation. Having a large loan and the process needed to gain it such as appointment in the bank, a business plan and a cost assessment is a powerful influence. The fact is this process is a massive motivator, so when starting a low cost startup a different mindset is needed to impact and motivate the passion needed to succeed.

The steps to starting your own business online and from home

Anyone starting a business should recognize that “work in required” and also the investment of time and some money. The main fundamentals steps to starting a business and being successful goes something like this:

  1. Take Action: By going through the fundamentals of starting a business. Be sure that everyone in your family understands what you have planned and that you may need time to achieve success.
  2. Setting goals: By deciding and write down what your short and long term goals are and what you want to achieve as a business owner and entrepreneur. These are very personal, dig deep and reflex of what you really desire from this process, but as a tip, look beyond money to what you want to do with it.
  3. Make a plan: By writing down how you intend achieving your said goals it makes the whole experience concrete. Deciding what you intend to do and how long it will take in a daily, weekly and monthly plan.
  4. Work everyday until success: Of course weekends are free for family and friends, but finding time to work on your business everyday is crucial if you want real success. Whatever, you intend to earmark make it count. So, if you can work two hours a day, commit to it and make them two hour count.

Online advertising marketer

The best low cost and most successful home based businesses available today is:

  • Niche and High Quality Product – Click here for product guide
  • A product your customer need and value and would purchase on a monthly basis
  • Low cost turnkey business package with no monthly fee
  • Free webshop and back office
  • Global reach
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Sustainable compensation plan
  • Free one on one training and support

Learn how to open your own business as a online advertising marketer from home

There are hundreds of profitable work from home businesses available online but one I would suggest is a high end essential oils company which provide the customer with an outstanding product which a retention rate of 68%.

The startup fee is so low that anyone can afford to get started today, so for more information about being an online advertising marketer click on the “Learn More” button below and add your name and email address on the form below and we will get back to you asap….


I want to start a business but have no ideas

I want to start a business but have no ideas

Anyone who is thinking big as an entrepreneur dreams of starting a international business that competes with the best, but to be frank this is unrealistic, fortunately there is a real alternative.

More of us have decided that we need options in life that exclude working 24/7 for the man. In many cases we are looking at the opportunities available around world and asking if starting a international business is really possible.

The main issue that hold us back are things like:

  • What type of small profitable business ideas are available to us?
  • What type of education or training will I need?
  • Will I need to invest a lot of money into my business?
  • And what are the chances that I will be successful?

If you are asking these questions then you are already in the right mindset for starting a international business.

Does starting a international business mean I need to travel all the time?

Absolutely not unless you really want to.

The internet has seriously changed everything in our lives. To be an international entrepreneur you do not need to go far from your kitchen table and laptop. Running a global operation means having your brand or product available globally. If you are new to this concept, the key is to partner up with a company that offers a global platform for their customers already.


What type of company offers a global platform to someone new to global marketing?

The best type of company to run a global business is direct sales.

The main reason is because direct sales is:

  • Affordable to get started
  • There is no educational prerequisites
  • Direct sales does not prejudge
  • Direct sales is not racist, ageist or care what gender you believe you are
  • Direct sales allows anyone to learn while they earn
  • Direct sales allows you to choose your own hours
  • Finally, the earning perpetual is limitless (So, the more you work the more you earn)

What is direct sales?

Being someone in direct sales means you are selling products or services directly to the customer. This type of business is normally run by a part-time or maybe full-time sales distributor, from their home or online. The products or services are usually niche in nature which create a higher level of demand, because you are the only rep available selling that product.

Is there more than one type of direct sales?

Yes, generally direct sales businesses tailored to the marketing plans in relation to what works best for their products or service.

There is three basic direct sales marketing plans and they are:

  • Single-level direct sales
  • Host or party-plan sales
  • Multi-level or network marketing

Single-level direct sales

Single-level direct sales is the most basic and simplest method of sharing products and services. The distributor sells to the customer face to face.

This may be done various ways such as:

  • In person or online presentations
  • In person or online meetings
  • Sharing product or service catalogs with friends
  • Doing trade shows
  • Host parties or coffee mornings
  • Or even doing door to door sales

Whatever method is used, the sales process is singular in the sense that the customer buys your products and you build a relationship for repeat sales. So, generally, the product will be something that the customer needs to purchase regularly.

Host or party-plan sales

Host or party-plan sales are similar to single-level direct sales with a slight twist. Party-plan is an old concept that has sustained itself because it really does work. The only marketing method that has started to beat party planning is online marketing.

The main concept of hosting a party is that the host arranges a house party in a customer’s home. The customer invites her or his family and friends and the host presents the products in a fun and interesting way. Party plan is a fun and social event. The customer who shares their home for a party plan event normally receives 10% of the hosts taking in products. This is an incentive for sharing their home as well as a thank you.

Party plans in some cases use multi-level or network marketing in the business plan depending on the product or service.

Multi-level or network marketing

Multi-level or network marketing is my preferred method of running a business. After over 20 years in the industry I have enjoyed the success of running a MLM business. The main reason why I have been successful is because I run it like a business.

The list below are just a few reason for running a MLM business:

  • The financial risks are minimal.
  • There is a high demand for high quality and niche products and services.
  • You can work part-time and make a residual income.
  • Unlimited income potential.
  • Overheads are almost nothing because you do not need to employ anyone.
  • No inventory mean more cost cutting because there is no warehouse space needed.
  • If you are working from home the operating costs are very low.
  • When you build your own team you will gain leverage from their sales.
  • You can choose to work wherever you please, however the internet is generally needed.
  • The most important, gain personal and financial freedom.

There are a few misconceptions regarding multi-level or network marketing. The main one is when a company says they are direct sales this simply refers to the relationship the distributor has with the customer. So, MLM is direct sales because the rep is directly talking and selling to the customer while the compensation plan allows for the rep to build their own business network to leverage their income.

The other misconception is that direct sales and multi-level marketing are some kind of pyramid schemes.

So, to make it clear pyramid schemes are illegal and have been for some years.

The simple way to assess if a direct sales operation is really a pyramid scheme is if there is no real product or service. This means if your customer is not going to benefit from their purchase in any meaningful way, it is likely to be a pyramid scheme. Fortunately, the law is so strict that it is very difficult for any pyramid scheme to even get started.

Other signs that you are getting involved with a pyramid scheme:

  • You will be told that you will get rich quickly.
  • You will be told that recruiting is more important than selling the products.
  • You will be asked to pay a lot of money to join.
  • You will not understand what the hell you are being asked to sell.

Is Multi-level or network marketing legal?

Yes, it is a legitimate business model which has been around for years. It has suffered from bad press in the past, but the new age of MLM has allowed it to flourish globally and gain a better reputation.

The key to finding a legitimate direct sales business in the MLM industry is to work with well established company. The newer ones were generally founded using the stricter laws and so have a more honest and transparent business mindset.

World top network marketing company

What is the world top network marketing company?

If you are new to network marketing or have been flirting around the concept consider some of the newer companies. The reason is, the newer companies have been founded with the new laws and standards brought in over the last 20 years. In addition, they have the best business ideas to make money.

The new laws were created to standardize the industry and to give the affiliates a better legal standing. Some of the older companies, even though they are meant to incorporate their business with these new laws, find it very difficult to let go of the old dogmas of the past. The newer network marketing businesses were founded with the understanding they were starting a company with these new laws.

Out of all of these companies, one that shines above the rest is doTERRA. doTERRA is an essential oils company that was founded in 2008 and consequently became a multi million dollar business. The main reason for its success is quite simple.

They are:

  • An honest and respected company by both the industry, the customers and the affiliates.
  • Their products are of the highest quality and sorted out by a vast customer base.
  • doTERRA offers a very low start up fee of only $35 / 20€ / £20 which includes a FREE webshop, 25% off all products and no monthly fee.

I believe that these are the three main aspects that made doTERRA what it is today. However, in addition doTERRA offers a great compensation plan that allows everyone to make money from day one.

Is starting a international business with doTERRA an easy process?

Simple answer is yes!

To make the process as easy as possible I have laid out the enrollment instructions below. These instructions will allow someone to enroll from anywhere in the world even in countries that are not yet fully open. So, if you cannot find your country in the enrollment form, try the next two options:

If you believe you live in a European / EU country click on Europe on the form see if your country is under Europe.

If you are not in Europe or any other country showing on the form click on “Global access” countries. Your country should be there. It is slightly more involved becoming a Global access partner, but finally worth it if you want to be a global leader and founder in a new zone.

How to enroll as a doTERRA affiliate?

  1. Click here
  2. Choose your country and language – Click to continue
  3. Select “Wellness advocate” (The Wellness advocate option means you are interested in running doTERRA as a business) – Click to continue
  4. Fill in the enrollment form
  5. The enroller and sponsor ID is: 930175
  6. Once you have filled in the form correctly, select your products or kits
  7. Purchase your choosing products (wire transfer and all major credit cards can be used)
  8. Add your delivery address
  9. Finalize your order

Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email confirming your order. Then within three days you will receive another email from your enroller and sponsor. Their role is to help and support you in any way they can.

Starting a international business

Starting a international business is not as hard as it sounds

During my journey with doTERRA and MLM I have realized a few profound things that defined weather I was going to be successful not not.

And that is:

Family and friends do not want to sell my products or build a business with me.

Is it personal?

Of course it is. That doesn’t mean you should be offended or unhappy with your nearest and dearest. In fact it should be a relief. This means you can stop wasting possibly months of your time convincing them to buy your products and even partner up with you and run a business.

At the end of the day, it is more important to have a good relationship with people you love rather than risk it over a business.

So, what is the solution?

You have found one of the top hot new business ideas, hopefully doTERRA and you need to branch out beyond your close circle of friends.

How is this possible?

This internet is the only way to go and that is why I published an eBook for all of my team to resolve the family and friend issue.

Sharing any business online requires new skills. However, even though many online marketers want to give the impression that it is too difficult for the little folks in direct sales it really is not. It simply needs a clear and logical instruction manual to break the tasks down into simple bites.

And that is exactly what this eBook does.

To find out more about running a direct sales business online click on the button below and check out “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing” by Steven Jackson.


Conclusion to “I want to start a business but have no ideas”

At the moment there is no doubt that the best business to start with little money is doTERRA. It is the whole package. doTERRA is a simple, honest and reliable opportunity with high quality products that customers want to buy.  In addition, it is affordable to start and its members support is the best available in any direct sales company.

So, the next time you say to yourself, “I want to start a business but have no ideas” from now on you know that the choices are vast. Direct sales has much to offer at a price we can all afford.


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