Top tips on starting a small business from home that succeeds

If you have ever considered online business ideas from home, I am sure like most people you are wondering how to get started

Starting any business regardless if you want to start a big or small business is making that decision. Yes, an unusual opening statement, but procrastination and the unwillingness to take action is the fundamental reason why most individuals do not start their businesses.

The dream is all it becomes and not the reality, misconceptions about financing and investing in a business becomes the overwhelming fear. The fact is that with quite a small investment it is very easy to start a home based business. The main reason is that we already have most of the hardware in our homes such as a computer and a smartphone and in addition, we do not need to rent an office or travel to work.


Can you start a business from home, if I am already employed?     

Yes, this is very possible and in most cases the home business concept was formed when people needed to earn some extra money while working. Many choose to work part time from home in the evening or whenever they can structure it into their day. If their business becomes bigger and more lucrative than their employment they may decide overtime to continue full time in their home business.

Why should someone consider starting a small business from home?

Below I have made a list of the most usual reasons why people want to start a home business, but of course you personally may have something deeper in mind. However, a motivator is a very important element in the drive towards a successful business from home.

Being employed can get expensive

The cost of working for someone else can be expensive. Everyday an employee may need to drive to work, pay for parking and vehicle maintenance / repair, buy lunch, buy coffee, and even purchase bus or train tickets.

When someone works from home all these payments stop. If you want proof, sit down and calculate how much you spend a month on going to work, you will be amazed how much you are spending and how much you are really earning from your employment.   

Work when you want

Most of us have been working 9 to 5 or even more for many years so the idea of having flexible working hours can be great for the homemaker who may have the responsibility of their children.

No more desperately seeking time off to take your children to the dentist or take that trip you have always wanted to take at the last minute. The hours you choose to work is simply down to how much you want to earn.

I hate being told what to do

Some people just don’t like being told, so really the only option is to become your own boss. There is a kind of freedom and empowering element of being in charge but also a responsibility, because if no-one is telling you what to do, it means you need to tell yourself.  

The negative side of being the boss and being successful means discipline. What does that mean? It means being a self starter, self-motivated,  and taking the blame for the ups and the downs of your business, the fact is there is no-one else to blame.

It is a big issue for some so-called entrepreneurs that use the status while not actually doing anything toward their business. Treating your business lightly will ultimately kill your business so aim higher than you intend to go.

Even if you intend to simply work part time on your home business, you will still need to commit to the rules of the game by putting in the work. This means again disciplining yourself to do the work needed to become successful.

Online business ideas from home

Can you start a business from home and become successful?

Below I have set out some tips that will guide you through the confusing world of running a business from home, to help and support you towards success.

Do your research

The internet is full of home based businesses that range from tech products, costume jewellery to wellness products, so how does someone choose the right opportunity for them? The simplest way is to research and find out as much about the opportunity as possible, but in my opinion the starting point should be what type of product interests you, then research opportunities in the same genre.

Once you have decided on a product or service and created a list of half a dozen opportunities, try to put yourself in the mind of the customer. Disregard any business that tells you there is nothing to sell, because with a product or service, my alarm bells go off. However, whatever product or service you decide on you need to be passionate about it and happy sharing it with others.

Marketing your business

Many years ago marketing and advertising a business was a very time consuming and expensive pursuit. It meant advertising in the local papers, small shop adverts, even printing, distributing flyers in your local area and lets not forget word of mouth advertising. What a lot of work and in many cases the results were sketchy.

Fortunately, the internet has changed everything, advertising via Google, Facebook and other social media platforms are quite effective and affordable. However, the most effective form of marketing is a free option and that is blogging, article marketing, landing pages, SEO marketing, podcasting and social media marketing. All these options are free even if they need some skills that can be developed as someone gets into the business.  

However, regardless of how you want to promote your business opportunity, the main goal is to make the world aware of your product, service and business opportunity.

Return customer base

The most important customer is a return customer, a loyal customer and a satisfied customer, so an opportunity with a high retention rate is telling you that you have found the right business. However, once you have a high return customer base, it is important to keep them in touch with what’s new, what deals you have and what the future of the company will be.

In the internet age, personal contact is more unusual, but if it is, building a relationship where the customer feels important is vital in expanding your business.

Keep yourself up to date

Starting a small business from home is not difficult, but it does mean learning new skills, developing a mindset change and in some cases changing our behaviour. In a practical sense it also means keeping up with the latest trends in your genre and the company’s product line.

In addition, you will need persistence, determination and effort to commit to any action plan you have set out for yourself.

Can you start a business from home

Five simple rules for success in your online business ideas from home

As you can see, starting a business is one thing but implementing it is another, so below I have set out a simple list of rules.

  1. Take action
  2. Set goals
  3. Make a plan
  4. Work on it every day and
  5. Never give up

Take action

Any business needs a starting point and that means taking action, this is more than thinking or talking about what you would like to do, it means committing to and taking responsibility to start your business today.

Set goals

Once you have activated yourself, it is time to set down your achievable goals, for example, what do you want to achieve?

Make a plan

Even though goal setting defines the destination, how to achieve one’s goal needs a plan, because if you don’t make a plan you will fail.

Work on it every day

At this stage you should have everything together, because you have taken action, set your goals and made a plan, so now you need to work on it every day. And I mean every day!

Never give up

Finally, if someone really wants to run a successful home business, remember, your mantra should be “never give up”.

How can you start a business from home?

If you truly want to start a business from home and you have the passion and the discipline to succeed, it is simply about implementing the information on this page into your business.

Remember, you are not meant to know everything from day one, but you should be willing to learn new things regardless how difficult it may seem at the start.

If you want more information about starting a small business from home and achieving success click on the “Learn More” button below and add your name and email address in the form. We will get back to you asap.


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