How to start freelancing online work from home in Finland

Have you been searching for jobs in Finland for English speakers for a long time without much success? So, what is your alternative?

This is a big issue for lots of people who try to live and work in Finland and consequently we become frustrated and angry. I am not sure who we are angry with. Maybe ourselves or Finnish society itself. However, when I speak to new arrivals I hear the same argument, that everyone speaks good English, but I can’t get a job in English apart from crappy cleaning jobs in Helsinki. The reason for this is that you are living in Helsinki or another major Finnish city where English is used more often for tourism and international business. So, unless you are in one of these professions the Finnish job market needs you are going to end up struggling to find employment.


What options do I have in regards to finding work in Finland for foreigners?

One option that many foreigners use to get their foot in the door is starting their own business. Often they start pizza kebab restaurants which is a lot of work and very long hours. The main issue with this business model is like any traditional business model. There is a high financial commitment in loans. In addition, the failure rate of these businesses is massive. For example, in my small town in the south of Finland in the main center there are about ten pizza kebab restaurants which seem to be empty most evenings. 

Freelancing online work from home

Why are so many foreigners failing in business in Finland?

Arguably the language is an issue, but also racism, not fully understanding their business model and not seeing that so many similar businesses in one area. The supply outweighs the demand by a massive amount and so the only winners are the property renters and the banks and not the business owners.

Finally, the financial outlay and commitment is so stressful for many when they realize that once their business has failed they will still need to repay the loans and debts created during the operation of their business. Sadly, there are too many ex foreign business owner doing dishwashing jobs in Helsinki wishing they had tried something more affordable such as freelance work online.


What is the alternative to finding jobs in Finland for English speakers?

About fifteen years ago after a failed attempt at running a traditional business I decided to try an alternative route to business success. I had begun to learn Finnish and was starting to cope with everyday situations and doing small jobs in Helsinki for English speakers here and there. However for me it was not enough, in fact, I can remember my wife telling me to stop complaining about everything and do something about it.

In general, I know that our partners give us all the support they can, but really in my mind I just didn’t want someone else paying the bills for me. Yes, we have all been there and most of us hate it. We want our own money, so we don’t need to ask for a sub every time we want or need to buy something for ourselves.

One day I had had enough, I needed to find a solution to my financial situation and find work in Finland. However, it was so frustrating, my Finnish skills were just not good enough even though I had been attending Finnish language classes at the local Folk school .

Understanding that learning Finnish was going to be a long term project I began to realize that I needed an alternative way of earning a living. This meant I needed to think out of the box. My past disaster of running a business has put me off of investing large amounts of money, so I started to consider a low cost business models and if it was even possible.

Searching for home based work in Finland for foreigners

I had thought about working from home before, because I had all the tools at home such as a PC and a small office. However, I needed to find the right business that would work for me. That meant an opportunity that I could trust and share globally as well as in Finland.

In my mind the global aspect was going to be the key and since the internet had become the doorway to the world I was sure that I could create a business at a very low cost. At the time, my frustration with using Finnish had made it clear to me that Finland itself was not going to bring in enough money. 

English is the language of the internet and international business and much of the world uses it as a first, second or even third language. In addition, rich western countries were already accustomed to using and buying products and building relationships online, such as the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.


What type of freelancing online work from home businesses are available in Finland?

I was surprised how much is available in Finland and relatively cheap to start. So, I started wondering why more Finnish people were not involved. The reason seems to be the difference between speaking English in social situations and speaking English at work or in business. This is a real advantage for the English speaking foreigners wanting to make a success of living in Finland.

After days of researching hundreds of home based work in Finland for foreigners businesses on the internet, I found what I was looking for. There were only a few major things I felt were a must and that was:

  • Low startup fee
  • Available globally as well as in Finland
  • No monthly costs
  • Respected company

However, in the end I found a company that gave me everything and more.

  • They were available globally as well as in Finland
  • They had a low registration fee of 20€ + taxes and postage
  • They offered a free webshop and back office as apart of the business package
  • There was no monthly fee
  • And there was free training available online

Everything seemed to click into place, even the registration was easy and so within minutes I was up and going. Within a month I was earning a small income which was paid straight into my company account allowing me to access it as and when I wanted Within a year a nice income that even my wife could not really believe.

The main key to running a home business is to run it as a business. Work the hours you say you are going to work because in reality “Work is required” and be sure that your wife and children understand that you are at work even though you are at home.

Jobs in Finland for English speakers

There are no excuses, because there is always work in Finland for foreigners

The best freelance work from home jobs for those serious about working are here. It may mean creating your own success story as an entrepreneur and doing freelancing online work from home.  But frankly, what have you got to loose, because in Finland it is possible to get start from as little as 20€.

Here is what you get for your money:

  • A stable and reliable opportunity that was Founded in 2008 and available in Finland
  • A company that is debt free with no outside funding
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • A company that has a high retention rate of over 65% meaning that return sales are high which is one of the best in the industry
  • You will gets 25% off all products
  • You will get a Free webshop and a Free back office
  • You will pay no monthly fee
  • You will receive bonuses and commissions

Final words about online working from home

Nobody is saying that running a business in Finland is easy.

Clearly it is not!

If you have been here a while you already know that. However, the ability to create your own wealth is empowering and will give you the freedom to choose where and how you live your lives. In addition,  your family and friends will see you so differently you can not believe it.

If you have any questions about alternatives for jobs in Finland for English speakers add your name and email address on the form below and we will get back to you asap…..


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