How to find a essential oil affiliate programs that works?

There are many companies that offer affiliate programs but there is only one that offers such as high selling and profitable product

The main reason for the interest in essential oils and aroma products is mainly because people are looking for alternatives to traditional drugs and pharmaceuticals with the goal to live a healthier lifestyle. This has giving the raise to companies offering affiliate programs to promote and market their products using various marketing plans starting from simple affiliate marketing to MLM and network marketing.

The best and most highly respected essential oil company is doTERRA, starting for the products right the way through to their marketing plan allowing even beginners to the industry to make money straight away and for the very first time.


Essential oil affiliate programs

How does the doTERRA affiliate program work?

There is five methods of making money with doTERRA, starting from retails sales to a unilevel bonus and rank bonuses which allows everybody to earn from day one as well as high earnings for more well established affiliate marketers. Below I have layout in detail the main ways of making money from the doTERRA affiliate program.

Retail Profits

The first and most simplest way an affiliate with doTERRA can earn money is retails sales. The affiliate will earn 25% profit on all purchases made by their retail customers.  

Fast Start Bonus

As apart of the doTERRA affiliate program the affiliate can earn money from people they enroll as wholesale customers as well as other affiliate reps. The first way you can do this is via the Fast Start Bonus program. The Fast Start Bonus pays between 5-20% of a new enrollee’s personal sales for their first 60 days, however the affiliate must have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order template to participate.

The Power of three Bonus

Once someone has been an affiliate for a while the Power of Three bonus will become more apparent, because the likelihood you have begun to build a sale team and developed your business to the next level.

The main criteria to earning from this bonus is that you need a team volume of 600+ points. The  team volume comes from the orders placed by you and your first level affiliate reps and customers. To earn this bonus you and three of your first level affiliate reps must have made loyalty rewards orders of 100 personal sales (PV) or more.

Unilevel Organizational Bonus

In the early stages of your affiliate business with doTERRA, the Unilevel bonus will be small, but over time and as your business grows this bonus will be a large and significant part of your income. There are two key points that put this company above the rest in regards to attaining a strong and residual income.

Firstly and more importantly for the long term business building affiliate reps, the highest percentage is earned on lower levels. This is unusual because many companies use the opposite model with a higher percentage at the top.

But what does it mean to the affiliate?

This means the lowest percentages are earned on the smaller groups of people and the highest levels earned on the largest groups, meaning you earn more money.

The second point is that there is no breakage in the payouts, meaning if someone in your downline does not qualify for the Unilevel bonus it will roll up to the next one that does qualify on every level of your organization, so no earnings are going to the company only to the affiliates, more details in the chart below.

Companies that offer affiliate programs

Rank Bonus

The affiliate rank bonuses are for those high performers and are paid out as leadership and performance pool shares. The earnings are calculated on a set percentage from the global commission sales volume. Every month a builder achieves one of the leadership ranks they will receive a payout from the pools according to the rank they have achieved.   

What do I get in my essential oil affiliate programs package?

The affiliate package with doTERRA is quite extensive and allows affiliate to build and develop their business globally with a start up cost as little as 35$ / 20€ / £20 which free webshop, back office and no monthly fee.

In addition, the affiliate program also includes:  

  • 25% off retail prices of all doTERRA products
  • As a optional part of the Loyalty Reward Program you can receive 10–30% of orders back in points. These point can be used to purchase free doTERRA products
  • Receive shipping reward points to be used to purchase free doTERRA products
  • Again receive free products every month when you place an order above 125 personal sales
  • Receive bonuses and compensations
  • Receive a personalized webshop that can be used to share the oils with others

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How does someone new to this industry become a successful doTERRA affiliate marketer?

In the early days of being an affiliate marketer you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed, but this is not surprising, because most people who are trying to navigate a new business are going through the same thing. However, regardless where you started from the best move is to go through the checklist below so you are organized and have the right mindset to move forward with confidence.

Organizational checklist

  • Start from considering why you are doing this
  • Set out your monthly and yearly goals
  • Create a vision board on everything you want to achieve
  • Set up your personal webshop
  • Plan how you intend to earn bonuses
  • Create a contact and follow-up plan
  • Buy a calendar or use Google calendar and schedule your first classes
  • Buy an address book or use your phone to keep track of new contacts and referrals

Sharing checklist

  • Just share the oils with other
  • Use your social media profiles to post a stories about your favorite oil
  • Always carry oils and use them
  • Allow people to ask questions about the oils
  • Give out samples to those whom you know could benefit from the oils.

Training checklist

  • Get full of training, get familiar with the information there (details will be provided later)
  • Subscribe to our Facebook groups and receive and find tips for both product and business
  • Become familiar with doTERRA sites and other doTERRA social media sites

doTERRA affiliate

Finally, the best and only way to be successful as a doTERRA affiliate is to keep sharing the word, sharing the oils and sharing the business. So to break it down into small part means taken action, setting goals, making a plan and working on it everyday until success is achieved.

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