Check my doTERRA price list & save on your medication costs

When doTERRA wholesale prices are so competitive  it is possible for anyone to create their own toxin free pharmacy in their home

Most of us today are merely hoping that our insurance policy will pay for at least some of our medication we receive from the doctor.  However, most of us know how much our prescriptions can cost when we need to pay full price.

Most medicines can be as much as $25, which is the cheapest prescriptions available, however, it can be as high as a hundred dollars or more for some other medications. These sort of costs are simply unsustainable for any family or individual, so having an alternative is vital for survival. 


What does this mean?

It means that in addition to the increase of insurance premiums, you will be paying hundreds of dollars more every time you get sick. Just for a simple sinus infection or bad throat could cost  you $50 or more just for medicine.

I am not sure about you, but I had children and every time one would become ill, everyone would become sick. So multiply one medicine times all your children or worse. Everyone in your household will be paying the price of being sick. This does not take into account of the time off work and the headache of going without sleep because your children are up all night sick.

So what is the answer?

Well, after you have browsed our doTERRA oils list you may understand that you can literally make my own toxic free pharmacy in my home. You can treat nearly any of the simple ailments from my doTERRA oils list. I have not been to the doctor for small ailments for over three years since I started using the oils. The savings have been massive, because therapeutic oils are so strong only a very small amount is needed. 

On the doTERRA wholesale prices list and guide there are recipes to treat 90% of all ailments. I don’t know about you, but there are some wonderful benefits of having a doTERRA oils guide on your shelf:

doTERRA oils list, guide and benefits

  • I am able to stop any sickness from becoming really bad, simply by taking doTERRA oils as soon as symptoms start to show. Therefore, I never feel the full impact of my ailment.
  • Essential oils have no side effects. You can’t overdose on them, and you can take them as often as needed. They will only make you more healthy.
  • The therapeutic grade oils don’t never expire. Once you purchase them, use them whenever you need them, even if it is 10 years later.
  • Therapeutic grade oils are as if not more effective and efficient than anything you will get at your pharmacy.
  • The Essential Oils can penetrate the cell wall enabling them to treat bacterial and viral issues.
  • Therapeutic grade oils are safe for children. If your children get into the medicine cabinet, there is nothing there that will hurt them.
  • They are safe for woman who are pregnant as well, however pregnant women should consultant their doctor before hand.
  • They can replace everything over-the-counter as well as most medications you get from the doctor for a fraction of the cost from our doTERRA oils list. They don’t treat symptoms, they eliminate them.

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doTERRA has growers and distillers across the globe from Oman to Corsica, Sri Lanka to France to create their high quality essential oils. This enables doTERRA to create and develop the most purest and most potent essential oils on the market. This allows doTERRA to meet their strict standards.

Many argue that doTERRA is the best essential oils on the market because doTERRA accepts nothing less from their essential oil products except the best quality.

Only purest materials can work in a truly therapeutic partnership with the body. Using the best quality plant oils will resonate with the body’s own restorative process, while scents from essential oils offers a scientifically proven pathway to emotional and physiological well-being.

doTERRA Essential Oils and related doTERRA products are sold exclusively by distributors through person-to-person sharing, personalized websites, in wellness centers and spas throughout the United States and abroad.

doTERRA wholesale price list for single essential oils

Doterra price list

doTERRA wholesale price list for blended essential oils

Doterra wholesale prices

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