How to sell VeloVita with a digital campaign strategy that works

My name is Steven Jackson and I want to show you how you can have one of the most profitable online businesses without speaking to family and friends

If you have been in network marketing in the passed you already know what I’m talking about. However, if you are considering a leap of faith into this industry you may not know. So, for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, it goes something like this.


Traditional network marketing business scenario 

  1. You have joined your first network marketing business
  2. You have read through all the information in your back office and company page
  3. Then you ask yourself, “hang on, what do I do next?”
  4. You call the person who enrolled you and you ask, “OK, I have joined your business, what do I do next?”
  5. They are likely to direct you to the company training information somewhere in your back office. Then ask you to write a list of people who you think would be interested in buying the products or joining your business
  6. You read the training information and write your list
  7. Your enroller suggests that you contact everyone on your list and if needed arrange a three way.
  8. You proceed to go through your list and no-one wants to buy your product or join your business
  9. You become disillusioned with the industry, but try and carry on without much success
  10. Your enroller tells you that the timing was not right for the people on your list and they may join later
  11. You carry on for a few more months until your motivation lags until you stop all together

If this seems familiar, it is not surprising, because family and friends do not want to join your business.

  • They don’t want to buy your products
  • They don’t want to work with you
  • They don’t want to support you

It is unfortunate that MLM leaders are still offering this as a solution to running a business. In fact, a large percentage are unlikely to sell any products or recruit anyone into the business.

The reason why your enroller suggest writing a list is because you have just join their business. At this point you have no skills and need to learn how to run a home based business. In many cases your enroller will not even tell you that you need to treat this as a business. I personally like to inform prospect before they join that, “work is required” to make money, to be profitable and to be successful.

I have never introduced any family member or friend to any of my businesses. I believe it simply creates more problems than its worth. Most family member, if they join expect you to build the business from them and when it fails you are to blame. And to be honest, when you become successful in your MLM business they will start asking you questions anyway.


VeloVita and my online digital campaign strategy

If you have been looking at it as a profitable business opportunity consider carefully, how you want to run your business and who you want to work with. Yes, some of the traditionalist of the industry argue their points well in regards to building personal relationships. However, the world has changed and the marketing strategy needs to change also.

In my opinion, the key to success is to find a digital strategy that is compatible with your skill set.  However, if you have no level of understand how online or social selling works it is going to be very challenging for you. This does not mean it can not be learnt, however, the learning curve is going to be sharp. So, if this interests you there is no better place than here.


For those believing they can build a profitable VeloVita MLM business using a traditional direct sales strategy

Traditionalist will tell you that they have a system that allows you to share products easily via your social circle. So, if you still know about and believe in this method, carry on as usual.  For them, the information I am going to share with you on this page will not change anything in any of your businesses. However, after reading this page they may see some benefit in modifying there system by adding an online presence.

What is the traditional method of running a VeloVita business?

When I originally wrote this page, I received an email asking me what was the traditional method, so below I have added that information.

In the past, in addition to writing our list, we were told that we needed to speak to everyone within arm length.  That really was the second stage, when we had understood that family and friends were not that interested. However, many of the product based businesses have become house parties or coffee mornings. This is really an adaptation of reaching out to people at the bus stop or the shopping line. Coffee morning mean you have a group of people with a social connection allowing the distributor to discuss and present the products. In many case party plan guests become customers and over time distributor. They see how you have made money and want to do the same.

So, why is this strategy so bad?

It is not bad, but it is very time consuming and you need to be there. However, many online marketer have started running online parties via Zoom and Facebook live with great success.

So, how do we duplicate something that is normally a social event into an online event?

In theory, the method is the same. Whatever turned you on and made you excited about working in direct sales, just simply translate that to an online platform. However, for those that enjoy the party plan method, there is a hybrid method that many of my team have found very useful.

The hybrid method

The main issue for most of my team who insist on doing some kind of party plan is the follow up. They forget or lose the paper it was written on or don’t want to ask or simply too afraid to reach out to the prospect. Below I have shared a simply solution to that problem.

As your customers and prospects arrive at your sales party ask them to add their name and email address to a list as a part of a competition. Inform them, that within a few days they will receive an email telling them if the have won a free products gift or not.

Then add their names to a mailing list such a Aweber, so you can follow up with your customers in the future. This is a simply, but power marketing method that blends email marketing and traditional MLM. Many of my team have found that once they have started using this  digital campaign strategy other parts of online marketing become clear.

Why are network marketers using a digital campaign strategy for their business?

That is a great question and one that I ponder over myself when I was struggling many years ago with my MLM businesses.

Simply answer. I was struggling to build a team and make money so I needed to find an alternative strategy that worked!

Online making at the time gave me the solution to all the problems I was having in my business, such as recruiting, selling the products and even branding myself.

The online method is so exciting when you realize that your businesses are growing because of your online actions. When we sell our first product or enroll our first distributor solely online, it is a buzz. The penny drops that this system works.

How does an online strategy work?

Without understand the fundamentals of both the sales funnel methods, it will be hard to explain the online method and its benefit. Below I will explain  the traditional party plan funnel method and the online method in relation to running a VeloVita business.

Traditional party plan funnel method

Firstly, I would like to mention that this method does work. The customer get to see and feel the products. There is personal relationship during the function which is more difficult to build online. The negative aspect of this method is the time and effort spent on running a party.

Refer to the diagram below:

Most profitable online businesses

The best digital campaign strategy for VeloVita

If you read through any of the VeloVita reviews you will find the same story of it being the first in social selling with a  strategy that works. The main aspect of this business is fine, such as:

  1. Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack being the owner
  2. They have everything in house
  3. Great support
  4. Products work and work fast
  5. Realistic pricing
  6. It’s simply business
  7. Affordable delivery

Everything is working for the VeloVita distributor, but how do they create a workable and profitable strategy for success?

Unlike the party plan method we may not know who will be arriving and what type of guesses they will be. However, online methods do allow us to have some influence on who will be reading our content. For example, if I am creating content that aims at selling VeloVita products to auto mechanics. Maybe, I would have a image of a tired man working on a automobile. It may say, “Are you tired of being tired? VeloVita bran reimagined will give you the energy to see the dawn”. This is just an example, but I am sure you know what I mean, find your own genre that fits your understanding of the customer and prospect.


What is a profitable sales funnel digital campaign strategy for VeloVita?

The basic strategy means having a system setup that allows the marketing to share interesting and informative content. This in turn encourages the reader to ask for more information via a capture page or popup. Once the prospect and customer are on your mailing list they will receive more interest and informative information about products they may want to buy. Or a business they may want to join. Over time a percentage of prospects will join your business or buy your products.

This whole process is done automatically will adjustment as and when needed. There is still the same issues of prospect receiving your newsletter for as much as a year before deciding to join. I don’t believe that a traditional MLM method  would be able to follow up after all that time.

Digital campaign strategy

When is the time right for someone to buy your products or join your business?

Another good question, but one that sadly can not be answered, because nobody knows when the time is right. It could be today or tomorrow, because a prospects life circumstances change all the time. That is why i am a massive advocate for the online method, because the strategy allows us to follow up automatically and forever.

Who will want to start an online business?

This is another open question, but there is some concepts that are quite universal. I can recall a friend of mine complaining that a friend of his was unemployed and bitching about money, but still dismissed his offer of running a business. This is not as surprising as you may think, because its about wanting to make money rather than needing to make money. Complaining about not having money is different to wanting to do anything about it.

The key is to inspire the reader to be more than they are and to want more than they have. The main issue for most people wanting to have more is the fear that they will not achieve the goals they have put down for themselves.


My final words about using a profitable digital campaign strategy to market VeloVita

I have some very good friends in MLM that go back over 20 years. They have been using the traditional network marketing methods with great success and profitable. However, lets be honest, they started doing MLM when there was no other strategy. Furthermore, if they are still working in the industry today, they have a warm leads list going into the tens of thousands. They will even admit secretly that their methods are getting very time consuming. The main problem is the online marketers continuously stealing their leads from right under them.

On a recent podcast a network marketer from the Netherlands, Europe became very angry about online marketers taking leads she felt was hers. As I tried to explain without much success, network marketing is a global business. I also told her, that believing that online marketers were the only reason she was not successful is irrational.

In my opinion, trying to write your list and doing home parties is like denying the existence of the wheel. Nobody would say, “They didn’t use the wheel in the past, so why are we using it today?” This is the same running MLM businesses. There is a fully functioning and affordable strategy ready and waiting for you to use. Nevertheless, most of the traditional network marketers pretend the internet doesn’t exist. In fact, most believe that its not really possible to share MLM businesses online.

The internet for the network marketer is the best thing that ever happen to the industry if people only understood how to use it. Once a online marketer creates a digital campaign they can get on with other things in life, because the campaign is still online and still speaking to people 24/7.

How amazing is that?

Cold calling and prospecting is a thing of the past. Again a quote I use a lot, but I am going to say it again. Do not be afraid of the internet, because “it is simply an extension of the physical world” The whole point of marketing and branding is to be found, so embrace it and be successful.

It is not easy to be a successful network marketer or business owner when there is a 95% failure rate. So, the next time you join a MLM business and the enroll says, “write a list of a 100 people you think would be interested in your business or products”. Ask them is that all they have to offer you? If their answer is yes, find someone that can and will help with an online digital strategy that works. Meaning, be successful  and join one of the most profitable online businesses are the moment.

100% Free Product Guide

Even though you may be totally committed to running a online business with me, I am sure you would like to know what type of products we will be marketing. For more details click on the download button below and receive a 100% free product guide which will explain the everything you will need to know about the products and company.

If you have any question or you simply want to learn more about VeloVita and my digital strategy add your name, email address and short message below and I will get back to you asap.


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