Using a MLM lead generation system and get paid to blog daily

As many network marketers have realized, the industry is changing, so I have hammered home to my downline the concept of how to generate leads organically online

Unfortunately, most are stuck in a belief that their close friends are going to support them. Sadly, apart from very rare situations, most of our important partners will come from online platforms.

During a recent podcast I heard a MLM leader tell a new distributor why they should be making warm leads list of everyone they know. I fully understand the reason for the list, but I am not fully convinced that it works anymore.

I believe that the creation of the list contributes to our disappointment and lack of success in network marketing. We just don’t understand why others do not want to join our business. The simple reason is they know you too well and do not respect or trust you enough as a business person. Unfortunately, nobody is a profit in his home town.

The only way to bring the people you love and care about into your business is to prove to them that you are a force to be reckoned with. At that point they will come to you with respect.


Is it possible to do our own lead prospecting online?

The internet has change everything so finding leads online is not just possible it is essential. However taking that journey from understanding what is needed is a challenge for someone new to MLM. Even after long discussions and training some distributors become crushed by the massive responsibility. I have found that most new distributors join and retreat behind silence.  The reason is that starting any business is hard-work, but for some reason nobody believes it until its too late.

The main key is to always reach out to your enroller and internalize the information and take everyday as a learning experience.

My role as a leader when generating leads for network marketing

As a leader it is vital that everyone in my team is offered all my knowledge and experience to help them to be successful. That includes getting my team to understand that leads are an important part of advancing their business. Unfortunately, most have no plans to market their business beyond their social circle. However, enough ask for help and support and for those I give 110% to helping them create a warm leads list using online methods. As a part of the support program, I have published an eBook that allows anyone new to online marketing of their MLM business a plan and knowledge to succeed. Check out the details below.

MLM lead generation

Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing | May 2021

The role of this eBook is to lay out a basic plan for running a MLM business online and learn how to generate leads organically. This type of method is so much better than using the more traditional methods such as reaching out to family, friends and colleges.

To help the total beginner to build an MLM business and generate leads online this eBook will take the reader through all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks with subject ranging from keyword optimization, content writing and lead generation. The final goal of the eBook is to empower someone new to the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.

For anyone who is in any of my main businesses will get 50% off the retail price. Also, if you refer a friend or share the purchasing page on Facebook the customer will get 25% off the purchase price.


What is a warm leads list and how will it benefit my business?

An MLM warm lead is an individual that you believe will be profitable to your business. This could be from retail sales or by joining your MLM business. When somebody joins us, our hopes are that they will build a business themselves and we benefit from their actions. We can identify and enroll a network marketing lead via networking, social media, marketing or another method. Another important factor is to determine the level of interest they have in our business or product.

Four steps in qualifying a lead or prospect

A quality lead needs to qualify which means that they should have the motivation, skills and knowledge to be apart of your team. Wasting time and energy on people who do not qualify can be a hard work and frustrating.

Below I have created my qualifying questions that has help me identify who should join my team:

  1. Do they need or want my products or want extra money? The answer should be YES!
  2. Are they interested in getting the products for free? The answer should be YES!
  3. Are they interested in subsidizing their income? The answer should be YES!
  4. Are they interested in a full-time income from home? The answer should be YES!

Understanding how someone is going to subscribe to your list in the first place is the key. Let’s consider blogging or landing page marketing and the topics we use:

Who would want to buy your products or join your business?

Someone searching the internet for welding standards and methods are unlikely to find your article or subscribe to a blog on online marketing or essential oils. This means the people that do subscribe are somewhat qualified and more likely to be interested in your offer.

Solution based lead prospecting

Prospects are looking for one thing and that is a solution to a problem. They need extra money, some essential oils or they may be interested in the time freedom element of running a business. Whatever it is my online method of sharing will be the solution to your problem.

When prospects find your page, they will also find a solution available to them. This will create trust and the relationship can begin. We are more likely to get a sale or a business partnership with a prospect that trusts and believes in what we stand for. When someone embarks on a new venture they want the relationships to be honest and safe. So, consider how your prospect feels and try to accommodate them in the process.   

Get paid to blog daily

How to generate leads organically for your network marketing business online

The organic aspect of working online is the part I enjoy the most. It is because the automated process is complete free. The goal is to get paid to blog daily and to share content via social media platforms. Below there is a list of my ideas for building a list online.

Using social media for more network marketing leads

LinkedIn is my personal social media favorite, because network marketing pros use it as their own personal warm leads service. The main reason is because most people on LinkedIn are high value prospects. Prospects on LinkedIn are highly valued because they are educated, motivated, business minded, professional and confident of who they are and what they want. 

For more details on how to create a high quality and professional LinkedIn profile – Click here

How to increase your warm leads list via blog sites?

I have been blogging for years with great success. I have tried to bring more of my team into blogging, however they look at me as though I have asked them to walk naked up the high street. The main benefit for the blogger is that we are always marketing our business. The blogger is taken action and sharing with the world their business and products 24 / 7. 

The content on your blog should answer the prospects questions and give them solutions. So, keep it simple and very readable such as a guide to something or a top ten ideas. 

Reconnect with your informal network to create a lead prospecting machine

Building a business with family and friends can get stressful and frankly unnecessary. I would suggest reaching out to your informal friends. Informal friends may come from your yoga or Pilates class, old work friends, or even a tradesman you regularly visit. Whatever your relationship is, this is a power lead generating machine in the making. It is all about making that connection in your informal relationships and branding yourself as an authority, so take advantage of this powerful group.

MLM lead generation at networking events

Last year I received an invitation to a local networking event. As you can imagine as an online marketer, I was not accustomed to live events. However, I decided to go and found that it was a unique and interesting experience.

I was there to find new business partners and ended up with a massive warm leads list. I personally found beyond the classic business card, connecting on LinkedIn worked well especially with business women.

I do networking event once every few months. However, as a serious note, the fortune is in the follow up.  So, if your do not achieve results you want the first time try again.

How to generate leads organically

How to generate leads organically and get paid to write articles at home?

Network marketers should be blogging,  because they are telling their story to the world 24 / 7. The reality is that no individual network marketer can achieve such a massive reach. In my option,  society is ready and far more accustomed to building relationship online than they ever have before.

The blog topics are limitless, but whatever subject you decide on, get writing and sharing on social media platforms. Another method which is really effective is sharing your content on your newsletter platform to your existing warm leads list. If you are offering solutions to existing issues, your prospects will see you as a trusted authority that offers welcomed solutions to their problems.

The blog should reflect your authority and knowledge of the topic while being valued and interesting to the reader.  I offer online SEO, article and blog marketing  training for my team with the goal to help them get paid to blog daily.

Using live chat and WhatsApp for lead prospecting and mentoring

When I started using WhatsApp my relationship with my prospects changed. The best when to reach out to prospects is to add a WhatsApp link on your blog or landing page. This gives the reader the opportunity to reach out to you straight away.

Once a prospect reaches out to you via WhatsApp, ask for their email address add then to you newsletter list and send them information about your business.

This is when the follow up emails are so important and powerful that in some cases it has been over 12 months before someone has finally joined my business or purchased my products.


Why is MLM lead generation so important for your success?

In a recent webinar I was shocked to hear that people are still not understanding that a continue flow of leads are the key to their success. Chasing individuals around town with a belief that one-day they join your business is unworkable. If you believe that a friend will join your business, add them to your newsletter list and get on with more important work.

In the end whatever system you use it must include a flow of warm and targeted leads and a follow up process. At the end of the day your goal is to sale your products, enroll people into your business while you get paid to blog daily.

Would you like more details on how to generate leads organically online?

The best way to learn more about how to generate leads organically is to become a team member in my business. Anyone building a business with me will receive free training and support in using my online lead prospecting methods.

However, I would like to make it clear from the start, that working online in MLM is no less easy than running a MLM business the traditional way. The main benefits of blogging is that once your content is online you are telling your story 24 / 7 globally while enrolling and selling automatically, which is very power. You then are in the position to get paid to blog daily via the commissions you receive from the company you are working with.

So, for more secrets about MLM lead generation and working with one of the top companies in the world today. Click on the “Learn More” button below and add your email address on the form and I will get back to you asap.


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